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~FREE PDF ♃ How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! ⚇ You Are Unique The Way We Respond To Food, Exercise And Stress Varies Person To Person Just As Much As Our Fingerprints This Book Will Identify YOUR Individual Needs And Teach You How To Address Issues That May Be Preventing You From Looking And Feeling Your Best Follow This Proven Four Step Program That Has Helped Thousands Of People Look And Feel Their Best StepFill In The Questionnaires StepDevelop A Unique Eating Plan For YOU StepBuild A Personalized Exercise Program That Fits YOUR Needs StepFine Tune A Healthier Lifestyle That Fits YOUR Routine Whether You Want To Lose Weight, Change Your Body Shape, Overcome A Health Challenge, Or Optimize An Already Healthy Lifestyle, This Book Will Teach You How To Achieve All Your Goals If you want to get healthy read lose weight, rid yourself of disease, bevibrant read this book and follow it to the T That s it.It tells you how to eat, how to work out with plenty of exerecise programs for all fitness levels and tells you how to reduce stress and build energy back into your system if needed.The Questionnaires are enlightening and alone are worth the price of the book. This book isn t meant to be read cover to cover Rather it s designed so that you can jump to the sections you need to as you need them Biggest takeaways that I m applying to my life 1 Figuring out your primal pattern the idea is that each person is different, and metabolizes carbs, fats, and proteins differently Some people needcarbs, some needfats proteins, some are variable There are quizzes that help you figure out how your body responds to these things, and then recommended diet plans centered around your metabolic type It s common for your type to change as you get healthier and as you becomeaware of how your body responds to certain foods 2 Rotation diet this is a game changer for me I ve been on a rotation diet for the past month and while I m not always perfect at following it, it s made a difference in general I m expanding my palate, trying tons of new things, creating recipes easy to do when you just cook spontaneously , and shopping isfun I shop mostly at farmers markets and have enjoyed finding new places to shop I eat wayfish now The idea behind the rotation diet is to not eat the same foods over and over again He has lists of foods to eat on each rotational day It takes time to learn how to plan each rotation I m still struggling with that but it s getting better With this diet, taxonomies of animals and plants matter you don t want to eat chicken one day and then turkey the next day, because to your body, they are basically the same thing You want to give your body time in between each food family to let the food completely clear your system So every day, the idea is to eat different foods from different taxonomies, and vary your sources e.g shop at different stores, markets, different cuts of meat, etc Following this diet isn t always easy, especially when you eat out or grab a bite to eat with friends So I stick with the 80 20 plan If I m eating as best as I can 80% of the time, I m happy 3 Exercises and stretches You can do these at home or at a gym The only thing I don t like about this book is the fat shaming in the beginning That was unnecessary and uncalled for People, especially health professionals, should be less judgmental Seriously Sigh Overall a great book though, and one that I will use as a guide in my never ending journey toward optimal health. A very concise, well written, practical summary of naturopathic wisdom regarding nutrition and health 95% of the exercises need nothingthan a ball or set of steps Tai Chi facial exercises aside, I highly recommend the book and there is no recommendation that is not supported by traditional medicine practioners If you are not willing to completely change your eating, shopping and overall lifestyle habits, then go buy a Men s Health magazine If you want to feel better and take control back over your body, then take a trip to .com This was a recommended book from my Functional Fitness Tools course through UCSD Extension I flipped through the copy my instructor had on hand, and thought it seemed like a good idea since it was cheap fromI decided to go for it.I won t deny there s lots of good information some nice stretches and exercise plans, for example and some good recommendations eating foods that aren t processed no argument from me But it was just a touch on the woo woo side for me. Great book this is the essential how to stay healthy book in a simple easy to read format Well researched and well presented Wasnt so eyeopening as I had expected and had been convinced.Metabolic typing idea seems quite interesting Although it is hard to tell by the test which one I am.My energy depends somehow not only on the metabolic typing.The fungal score was the highest on the questionaire, however, before I thought I was infected, was on antifungal diet for a month, and got terribly worse and my digestive system, especially my colons started to work improperly.The only thing which was new for me was Tai Chi exercises for the body zones, core functions, and stress section.He advertises organic farming, however I think that is just that.I recently tried to experiment vegetarian for only 3 days, and my overall mood has improved, my skin got clearer, though P Chek states there were no singular culture which dieted only vegetarian.Maybe on short term vegetarian is beneficial at least at my case.Everyone is individual, for example my friend eats whatever he wants and he is not strict on exercising or etc., does not have a healthy lifestyle However his health is probably the most brightest I have ever seen, and he has an athletic phisique.Anyhow I would give it 6.5 10 I would have liked it to go intodetail about what types of food to eat for each metabolic type, including examples of meal plans and maybe some recipes of things he heats or his clients eat I really liked the basic exercises I think they are things I can do when I am not up to a full work out but still want to get some sort of exercise I also need to do them to increase my flexibility. If I could recommend only 1 book to better healththis would be it. The first chapter about what Einstein would say to you in a doctor s office was great but I was not happy with the rest of the book Obviously, he promotes eating raw food right down to raw milk I surely would not feed my kids this