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This picks up right where the book Exodus leaves off Mara is on a ship headed toward the top of the world after escaping New Mungo, the futuristic city in the sky Mara isn t completely happy with this escape because she had to leave behind her beloved boyfriend Fox Fox decides to stay behind and cyber fight the new city while Mara chooses to stay with her people and travel north one of the only areas left in the world that has not been flooded by the oceans When Mara and her people hit land, they are overjoyed until they realize that people already living there plan to capture them and sell them as slaves Meanwhile, Tuck is on board a ship that is chasing Mara s ship north because he and his people want revenge for an accident Mara s ship caused When they see Mara s ship being attacked, Tuck and his people use their weapons to fight the land dwellers When the battle is over, they head away but Tuck decides to stay on the land Eventually, he joins Mara s group as they all search for a livable space on this strange new land at the top of the world.This is a good story describing what Mara and the others go through as they fight for survival in a world that is nearly completely covered in water Although they endure many hardships and lives are lost, they don t give up We ll see what becomes of them in the upcoming final book in this series. great, easy to read, light in some ways but thought provoking. @Download Book Ä Zenith Ú The World Is Gradually Drowning, As Mighty Arctic Ice Floes Melt, The Seas Rise, And Land Disappears Forever Beneath Storm Tossed Waves Sixteen Year Old Mara And Her Ship Of Refugees Are Tracking The North Star, Desperate To Find A Homeland In The Melted Ice Mountains Of Greenland The Vast, Floating City Of Pomperoy Is Just One Of The Shocks That Are Not In Their Navigation Plans Unwittingly, The Refugees Bring Catastrophe In Their Wake For Tuck, A Gypsea Pirate Boy, And Also For Ilira A Land Whose Inhabitants Exist In A State Of Terror At The Top Of The WorldBack In The Drowned Ruins At The Feet Of The Towering Sky City, Fox Is Beginning His Battle With The Cruel, Corrupt Forces That Rule The New World But Separated From Mara, His Resolve Begins To Waver Exodus 1 sucked so I m not wasting time on this one either. Reviewed by JodiG for TeensReadToo.comOnce again, Mara is setting sail, fleeing from one unstable place to the promise of others Again she is headed north and again she is bringing bedraggled and hopeful survivors with her Everyone is searching for the same thing A safe place A home Land.In a world where global warming has melted all of the polar ice caps and the world has been flooded, there doesn t seem to be much to hope for any Mara led her family and friends north only to find that the New World city of New Mungo wasn t the salvation they had hoped for Mara s cyberworld friend, Fox, has stayed behind to battle the corruption, while she sails north with Rowan, the Treenesters, the Urchins, and other escapees from New Mungo in search of the land Mara is sure exists.Along the way, Mara will meet Tuck, a boy who has only ever lived on the sea He lives on a floating city of connected boats, barges, and bridges, among people with a history of piracy The navigational course that Fox programmed for Mara s ship didn t include such a civilization and the ship causes damage to Tuck s people He joins his people in pursuing the great ship with vengeance in his mind.But, Tuck s people aren t the biggest threat facing Mara and the refugees of New Mungo The safety of a distant land may also offerdanger than they ever imagined And the very act of living is a hard earned accomplishment as lives are won and lost in this inhospitable new world.ZENITH is an exciting sequel to EXODUS I found it to be evenintense and thrilling than the first novel Julie Bertagna continues to describe a world that could be all too real if threats of global warming aren t taken to heart. This book starts right where the last one ended Mara and her friends, a group of refugees, are on a boat on their way to Greenland, hoping that there is land there to live on It s 100 years into the future, and the Earth is basically a huge ocean due to global warming and ice melting The first half of the book is them sailing to the hope of a new life Mara is having a hard time leaving Fox, and knowing that they ll never meet again for real really hurts But she s hanging onto the idea of being a leader, and bringing the group of people she met in the sky city to safety from the rising waters In this book, a new character is introducted Tuck, an pirate Tuck is about Mara s age, and sees his home destroyed by her ship Through several circumstances, he decides to abandon his group of pirates to to go a better future, and join Mara s group The rest of the book is basically them hiking through the mountains to find a big freshwater lake I really enjoyed the whole environment aspect at one point, Mara researches what Earth was like before the floods it really emphasizes the idea that we know that the world is warming up, and that we should at least try to do something, before it s too late We know about sea levels rising, why can t we do anything about it I swear, reviewing the middle books in a series is so hard You already know the setting, yet there s cliffhangers for book 3, so it s like a filler book. yet there s spoilers and important stuff happening too Get what I mean I feel like I could relate to Marain this book she feltrealistic and had some reactions to little things that actually made sense However, there s some strange love triangle 1 thing going on that I m really confused about I m planning on reading book 3 sooner than later, hopefully that problem will be resolved Anyway, that s pretty much all I can say without spoiling it I didn t like this book as much as book 1, because I feel like this story was almost like an exoskeleton or something it s an amazing shell, but I feel like it could have gone so much deeper into the story It was OK, I wasn t thrilled with it, I didn t hate it I m not sure I will go actively looking for other books by this author I felt some times it was too long and drawn out, and other times there wasn t enough detail I think that a person that cared enough about their family to try to find a new place for them to live, would not have been selfish enough to sorta do their own thing while friends and family suffer elsewhere then it suddenly clicks, Oh I need to do something soon Duh I did read the first one in the set as well, Exodus I liked it better than Zenith Unless you know the meaning of the word Zenith, one would not understand the title at all and or why the book was titled as such, the story never makes mention of a zenith in the writings using the actual word Over all it left me a little put off and grasping for the actual point Maybe it was too tree huggerish no pun intended for me I guess that those that are into the global warming junk that is being fed us would maybe like this story a lotthan I did I was also disturbed that a 15 year old meets up and mates with a fellow a few years older than her in my state that s sexual assault on a child and then she becomes pregnant, and then is too stupid to know she is pregnant I am assuming that she is 16 by the time she gives birth, but it is hard to say, the time line was not clearly drawn I was discouraged that in the story a child gave birth to a child. Over all, Not a very good read for me Continues where Exodus left off At the end of Exodus, Mara had freed the slaves of the sky city, New Mungo, and led the escape of these slaves and the other people kept outside the walls of the sky city to a promise of a new land We follow Mara as she s on her big, white boat plowing toward the north pole.It was an okay read Am I getting tired of this world It just didn t capture me like the first book, Exodus, and another book with a post apocalyptic world in search of a gentler Earth, Through the Ever Night And I just wasn t feeling view spoiler Mara s pregnancy hide spoiler Zenith is the sequel to Exodus and continues the story of Mara as she searches for a home in the North Now aboard a ship with refugees from New Mungo, Mara has a terrifying journey ahead of her as she seeks to find Greenland and a safe place where she can begin to build a new home Having left Fox behind to fight his own battle, she has to face loss and heartbreak as she clings to survival.When the ship she s aboard crashes into a city of boats, barges and bridges, they cause untold chaos and destruction Tuck, a gypsea who has only ever lived at sea, joins the chase for revenge as they hunt down the ship But new struggles face both Mara and Tuck as their paths cross and they face new dangers and challenges to their very existence.The book s chapters alternate between the stories of Mara, Tuck and Fox and their viewpoints are told in the present tense as they cope with an uncertain future I did find that in places the story was a little slow and not quite as exciting as the first installment A lot of plot threads were set up but a lot was still left hanging at the end and I didn t find the ending satisfying at all There s so much that needs to be sorted out I can only imagine that people reading this book back in 2007 must have been tearing their hair out at the end Luckily, I don t have long to wait as the final part of the trilogy, Aurora is published on 3rd June 2011 This is a brutal depiction of a future which has been marred by environmental devastation Stark and terrible, the book itself is a warning about the treatment of our planet Although I didn t enjoy it as much as Exodus , I thought that the character development was extremely good and there were a number of surprising twists which kept me in suspense There s a sense of adventure and excitement throughout and I found all the new discoveries that they made extremely fascinating The second book in a trilogy is always difficult but although I think it suffered slightly for this reason, I m definitely still looking forward to seeing what Julie Bertagna has in store for the big finale. In this sequel to Exodus, Mara is on a search for land any land where their ship of refugees can finally let its passengers free Along with Mara s story in the cold waters of the north, we still watch the Fox in his struggle to right his city s injustices We also meet a new group of survivors on a floating boat city that eventually wind their way into the rest of Mara s story.In a world where, for most, life is still a daily struggle for survival, Zenith is another interesting look at our own past and at a future that could be I really enjoy survival stories and as a sequel, this one does not disappoint While it was vaguely predictable in parts, it also has me guessing enough that I wasn t annoyed I like the life in the characters and the way our story is a fable, a fireside mystery it makes the brain imagine what if.