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My library was having a Danielle Steel March Madness that was quite fun, so I thought I d try one of her books It took me quite a while to get into this, but once I did I quite liked the characters Beata and Antoine They meet in Switzerland during the first World War Beata is a German Jew and Antoine is a French Cathoic Predictably, their families don t approve of their romance and trouble ensues I really enjoyed the setting and characters during this time in the book, however the second half of the book moves to the second World War and focuses on their daughter, Armeada I had a hard time liking the characters in the second half of the book it wasn t that they were unlikable, just that I didn t find anything special about them I had fun reading a Danielle Steel novel, but I m not sure I ll be picking up another one anytime soon After a co worker mentioned that she was a repetitive writer I began to notice it She rewords the same information over and over It didn t bother me a lot, but I could see that it was a distinct style she has that could become irritating.Reader Advisory no language and all physical relationships are glossed over have no details Popsugar Challenge 2019 Two books that share the same title Book 1 Danielle Steel has never been an author who interested me However, I was at a gathering and this book had been passed around among the women there and they raved about it They asked if I had read it and I replied that I hadn t, so it ended up in my hands I thought, ok, this one is about the Holocaust and that s always intriguing, so why not Echoes was torture for me to read It is SO poorly written Steel needs a competent editor The plot is fine, and could have been done well in the hands of a talented author, but Steel s writing style distracts from the story line She kept repeating information ad infinitum She acts as if the reader is stupid, driving home the same points again and again I wanted to throw the book across the room at points, but still, I was determined to find out what how the story ended and I wanted to have read it when I gave it back, so I persevered Pure agony Especially because the main character, Beata, was poorly developed and her actions far fetched Do not waste your time with this drivel If you want to read an excellent Holocaust book, there are hundreds, including The Book Thief by Zusak and Night by Wiesel. #DOWNLOAD õ Echoes ⚻ Against A Vivid Backdrop Of History, Danielle Steel Tells A Compelling Story Of Love And War, Acts Of Faith And Acts Of Betrayal And Of Three Generations Of Women As They Journey Though Years Of Loss And Survival, Linked By An Indomitable Devotion That Echoes Across TimeFor The Wittgenstein Family, The Summer Of Was A Time Of Both Prosperity And Unease, As The Guns Of War Sound In The Distance But For Eldest Daughter Beata, It Was Also A Summer Of Awakening By The Glimmering Waters Of Lake Geneva, The Quiet Jewish Beauty Met A Young French Officer And Fell In Love Knowing That Her Parents Would Never Accept Her Marriage To A Catholic, Beata Followed Her Heart Anyway And As The Two Built A New Life Together, Beata S Past Would Stay With Her In Ways She Could Never Have Predicted For As The Years Pass, And Europe Is Once Again Engulfed In War, Beata Must Watch In Horror As Hitler S Terror Threatens Her Life And Family Even Her Eighteen Year Old Daughter Amadea, Who Has Taken On The Vows Of A Carmelite NunFor Amadea, The Convent Is No Refuge As Family And Friends Are Swept Away Without A Trace, Amadea Is Forced Into Hiding Thus Begins A Harrowing Journey Of Survival, As She Escapes Into The Heart Of The French Resistance Here Amadea Will Find A Renewed Sense Of Purpose, Taking On The Most Daring Missions Behind Enemy Lines And It Is Here, In The Darkest Moments Of Fear, That Amadea Will Feel Her Mother S Loving Strength And That Of Her Mother S Mother Before Her As The Voices Of Lost Loved Ones Echo Powerfully In Her Heart And Here, Amid The Fires Of War, Amadea Will Meet An Extraordinary Man, British Secret Agent Rupert Montgomery In Colonel Montgomery, Amadea Finds A Man Who Will Help Her Discover Her Place In An Unbreakable Chain Between Generations And Between Her Lost Family And Her Dreams For The Future A Future She Is Only Just Beginning To Imagine A Future Of Hope Rooted In The Rich Soil Of The PastWith The Grace Of A Master Storyteller, Danielle Steel Breathes Life Into History, Creating A Bold, Sweeping Tale Filled With Unforgettable Characters And Breathtaking Images From The Elegant Rituals Of Europe S Prewar Aristocracy To The Brutal Desperation Of Germany S Death Camps Drawing Us Into A Vanished World, Echoes Weaves An Intricate Tapestry Of A Mother S Love, A Daughter S Courage And The Unwavering Faith That Sustained Them Even In History S Darkest Hour Good read interesting,intriguing,a love story filled with lots of emotions,personal issues,family drama during World War II..well written paperback 4 5 Otro gran libro de Steel, que pasa a estar entre mi top 5 de favoritos de la autora Le iba a poner menos puntuaci n x algo que sucede con un personaje , pero luego de la mitad y hasta el final, me gust much simo y am c mo Danielle logra entrelazar la trama romantica con el contexto hist rico. This was a good book It was unlike any I have ever read or experienced before, I especially loved the beginning of the story Apart from the ending it was the best part of the book in my opinion Unfortunately after the first tragedy I was very upset because I was enjoying the book and I was unsure of what was going to happen next The next part still turned out okay, it was a little boring at specific bits but the rest of it was great Danielle Steel hurt me in ways that I didnt like at all throughout this book and I was hoping it wouldn t happen again..it did The adventure of it was good and exciting, although parts happened and I dont know what was the end result I still want to know They didnt mention whether it was true The ending was good, I like the way she ended the book and the couple chapters before The only thing I didnt like is that throughout the book there was huge time gaps in it, so it was one year and then it jumped to another year or it was April and suddenly the next line it is July I was like what Confused, I was It was still a good book though.I had so many feelings during the book, happy sadness, frustration, annoyance, anger I still got a happy ending at the end so I cant exactly complain. This was the first Danielle Steel book that I have read in quite some time It was recommened to me by a friend, and I have to admit, I loved it I didn t want to put it down It s a story about a German Jewish girl who falls madly in love with a Catholic French man during World War II Both of their families banish them when they want to get married As their lives progress and they have childen, they do not tell the children that they are 1 2 Jewish, considering the times and that all their lives they have been Catholic As the Germans start deporting the Jews, the main character reaches out to her family only to be denied access to them by her father, who said she is dead to them It is a very touching and heartbreaking story of trying to make it in a time where you religious denomination meant life or death I have been on quite a war kick lately and this just happened to fit right in There is also a hint of a love story for those of you who enjoy love stories I myself love a good love story, but it s not a genre I could read every day I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested I have never read a Danielle Steel book before and was not sure what to expect besides a love story This book went above and beyond my expectations Being someone who enjoys reading about love and that time era, this was right up my alley This book had me enthralled in it from the beginning hard to do for most books that usually have to build into it This book sure did pull at my heart strings and sent me on an intense emotional roller coaster There were moments when it was so happy, moments where I cried, and moments where I was beyond angry I would have to say that my only disappointment with this book was the untied ending to some of the main characters I like to have closure with stories and this did not give me that and left me frustrated I am glad though that there was a happy ending, something that looked dim throughout so much tragedy I would highly recommend this book, but make sure that you are willing to devout time to reading it, once you start, it is hard to stop The author brought history and romance together in this book.The scene was Germany just before WWI A German girl Beats fell in love with a French Officer Antoine.Both family s disowned them She was German Jew and he French Catholic They were on their own.The story follows Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter as they faced the horrors of war and kept their faith and hope for a better day Danielle Steel u najboljem izdanju Radnja koja se prote e od I Svjetskog rata, bogatstva i rasko i, karmeli anskog manastira, pa sve do II Svjetskog rata, koncentracionih logora, bijede i smrti.