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this is a very wonderful book both stories hit home for me it was full of twists and turns and very well written was one of the best reads ive had in a very long while. [Download E-pub] ⚖ Past, Present, and Promises ♾ Our First Story Is Called White Shine Of Appalachia Take A Journey, With Our Nameless Narrator, Through The Towns Of Baconton, Georgia To Rabun Gap, Georgia Our Narrator Struggles With Domestic Violence, Moonshining, And A Somewhat Voluptuous School Teacher Accused Of Sleeping With Her Husband The ATF And DEA Are Hot On Her Husband S Trail For Attempted Murder She Now Must A Make A Decision In Order To Survive Her Husband S Rampage, Which Ends In The Mountains Of AppalachiaOur Second Story Is Called Small Town Girl A Young Divorcee, Gwen, Is Trying To Make A New Life For Herself Gwen Leaves The Only Life She Has Ever Known To Take A Job In Another State Unforeseen Events Bring About Some Twists And Turns, And Gwen Has To Face Her Past Once Again If you are a true Southerner or just a Southern wannbe, you will enjoy this collection of stories The book is short, great for an afternoon or evening relaxing this summer You will find that the stories touch a chord, bring back a memory, and can teach a lesson or two about life.I liked it, I think you will too As a true southerner, I think both stories were fantasic Loved them both the use of the southern drawl makes them even better I am looking forward to the next one This was definitely an interesting read in ways than one Everyone talks a certain way some with perfect English some with not so good English I like the way the authors skillfully uses dialect in the novel.Too often domestic violence of women is sugar coated It is taken seriously now than it was in the past and for that I am so glad as I was a woman who was abused, both physically and mentally by my spouse I know how a woman can go to the authorities after being beaten up with bruises everywhere and have the cops say they can t really believe or know if it was my husband who beat me Even though my abusive husband tried to rob me of hope and self dignity he could not, and he wound up being murdered by his next wife I found the women in this novel to be particularly fascinating and rooted for them throughout the book Without giving away spoilers I hope you read this diamond in the rough novel to see if the women found hope and were able to dig out from under the tyranny Or did they just fall by the wayside Jeannie Walker Award Winning Author of Fighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder This book was definitely better than the first book I love how different this book was from the first one. Past, present, and promises was provided to me for an honest review OVERALL RATING EXPLANATION I rated this book 3 stars as it represents that I liked it although I didn t really like it , which will translate to 4 stars on In its current state, this is what I would rate it If the delivery of the story was improved, it would definitely rate higher.INTROThis is not usually a genre that I read, but I do like to read books of all genres and read this with an open mind and a hunger for a good story and great writing.Was I provided that In some ways, absolutely but this book is rather unusual in that it contains two stories by two different authors It is difficult to review as a whole, so bear with me as I do my best I will focus mostly on White Shine of Appalachia , which was written by Patricia H Graham as I enjoyed reading it than Small Town Girl PLOTI admit, I was not prepared for what I read in the opening chapters of White Shine of Appalachia To say that it was hard hitting is an understatement and every thread of my being wanted to find this guy, Bill , with an angry mob to deal with him In some essences, the violence and charactarisation did seem a little over the top and made me wonder what year this whole story took place Maybe I was confused, but I had no idea when this story was set From the speech, the farm, and the other characters I am guessing this was back in the 50 s but as this is not fantasy in another world it is a crucial point to the story that is missing.The rest of the story had its sections that I found most enjoyable and notably, it wasn t the senseless beatings Although this book focuses on women dealing with issues it is a point to note here that there are men out there who equally suffer from abuse Ignorance and abuse are not gender specific, even if there probably will be far men like this than women.The stories in this book did feel dated, and that may be the way it was intended I have no idea what the culture of Appalachia is, as I have never been there and I am pretty far removed in Australia.In White Shine of Appalachia, it sort of turns from a family drama into a thriller style manhunt What bothered me about that, is that the violent drama segments in the story were told in great, disturbing, details But the manhunt and action piece was surprisingly expository and brushed over in many sections As an author myself, I do the same things at times and am improving that in my own writing but there were story critical situations that happened that as a climax to the story, that should have been played out not told in a few sentences and paragraphs as to what happened.There was something in WSOA that bothered me as it s biologically impossible, even with the explanation but the resulting scene with the children was very well done Without spoiling anything for readers it all comes down to time elapsed and the situation that someone is in For this particular character to have survived it would have been than a miracle, I can t fathom it as believable.Was it a good story It was but it could have been great , even to the point of exceptional and unforgettable if it was delivered better to the reader and issues with the book were resolved.I am somewhat of a reading and movie tv show fanatic, so it is very difficult to surprise me I did find the story somewhat predictable, but still enjoyable to read as a whole.CHARACTERISATIONThe characters in the book both stories were mostly well defined, although I did find myself having trouble in picturing many of them.In WSOA, bill presented as a somewhat stupid psychopath wife beater I had many names for this guy, and none of them can be safely repeated here but later in the book, he read as a really clever and cunning criminal with a calculated thought process I had issues with that Consistency is key.The best characters were the women, and they were very well written as characters.I didn t honestly particular like most of the characters much even with my sympathy to the women in the book The children were, however, powerfully written, and made for some great scenes.I really didn t like that when she went to the sherrif s house with her kids and had been obviously beaten the sherrif basically hits on her Even if the character said it s not the best time really If a woman and her children come to my house bleeding and beaten and needing help who in their right mind would hit on her I could have really liked the Sherrif, but that blew it for me.Dialect in speech can be good, but make it readable Dialect is best done subtly, not brutally Second story was very difficult to read as a result.WRITING STYLEThs is a mixed bag for me The manuscript presents with some problems that I also suffered from in the first edition of my first book, and others that are common in early writer s careers.Let s start with some great positives There were some incredibly well written scenes I liked that the authors played with dialect That is something that I have not yet played with in my writing and this had some good examples of how to do it well Descriptors and adjectives were generally used well, and I found myself being able to easily visualise what was going on in the majority of chapters, especially in the violent scenes Bravo to their raw writing talent There are many sections of the book that are incredibly clean and well written, and breathed of polish Some dialog flowed wellThe constructive comments I have a lot of detailed feedback for the author, that is not really fair to put the details in here I will sum it up with one liners as to what could have been improved The point of view was mixed up There are many sections of the book that had grammatical errors and spelling mistakes Dialect can be and was taken too far The characters names were repetitiously used in dialog and narrative Writers must be careful about what they write that a character knows It would be better not to include brackets like this in fictional writing A reader only needs to be told a fact once.OVERALL OPINIONI did enjoy the read in general, and the authors do have raw talent I look forward to what they bring out in the future and would describe this book as a rough diamond that is not going to be everyone s cup of tea. Past Present and Promises is a book which portrays women not necessarily as the victim but as the survivors It offers so much hope and demonstrates tenacity IT presents a very powerful image of what if The dialect of Black English, is a rich language that should be preserved, and not ridiculed Small Town Girl does that just that It respects a language and culture, which is utilized in this story The standard grammar rules of Americanized English of course does not fit with this dialect, nor should it The Appalachian people have their own code of English and should not be expected or labeled because of dialects This book honors these cultures.There is an old addage that states, Do not judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes This book is exactly that Understanding issues that might not be otherwise acknowledged. At first I didn t think I would like this book because of the violence portrayed against women But in reality, there are women abused and domestic violence cannot be sugar coated Patricia and Verna provide and accurate account of women trapped in these vicious cycles What I found intriquing was the underlying theme of hope and how women dug out from these situations I appreciate how the authors remained true to the regional dialects of this area I even admire how the author of White SHine of Appalachia switches between the educated and uneducated voice She demonstrates that there is a signifigance of why this would occurr with the un named narrator at the end of the story Verna Humphrey, also demonstrates how the African Vernacular English is utilized as a device to support and authenticate some of her characters.Both characters present such tenacity that it makes me want to applaud the female race and say, So there The underlying current of culture and tradition are portrayed through out both stories, which represents the true Appalachian spirit.I would recommend this book to any adult reader.