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Rounded up to 3.5 How does an injured SEAL finally accept and he ll never be on the active duty list again With the help of his five year old niece and his patient next door neighbor who offer their unconditional love that s how.I loved this story Alan and Mia are wonderful together, and Tasha s innocence and trust is just so endearing When Alan finally has his crisis of believe it s both heartbreaking and a little later on inspiring An excellent addition to the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series. This is the third or fourth time I ve read this oneand I enjoy it every time But boy did the disabled SEAL Frisco have a huge chip on his sculpted shoulders Never have I read a book where the hero s identity and feelings of self worth were so closely tied to his career Thank god he had the lovely high school teacher, Mia, to show him the way to happiness Loved their steamy relationship It was intensely hot without being graphic I also loved Frisco s relationship with his adorable 5 year old niece Tasha I hope one day down the line SB revisits the characters of Tasha and high schooler Thomas King wouldn t it be something if they did marry I thought SB did a great job on character development and plot with a measly 250 pages Fans of SB s Troubleshooters series do yourself a favor and read this earlier series This is where it all began The books in this series are all quick, smart reads and you re guaranteed to fall in love withthan one of her hunky Navy SEALs All of them are winners but I must admitFrisco s Kidholds a special place in my heart 5 stars I can t believe I actually cried reading this book Brockmann writes flawed heroes so well, flawed and hurting in a very realistic, heart tugging way.Frisco s journey to acceptance of his career changing injury and learning that sometimes the toughest thing one can do is to decide to live sucked me in from the beginning He is drawn so realistically that I can actually feel his pain He has a great heroine that is just the right touch of softness and sternness Threw in a bad guy, some Navy Seal action, and a lovable kid, and Frisco s Kid is a satisfying, easy to read, romance. ( Free Kindle ) ♡ Frisco's Kid ⚖ ALL HE COULD SEE WERE CLOSED DOORSFrisco Francisco S Leg And Career Were Shot, And He Had Every Intention Of Wallowing In Self Pity But There Were Two Complications With His Plan His Five Year Old Niece, Whose Sudden Presence In His Life Added Daddy To His Resume, And His Comely Next Door Neighbor Who Wouldn T Take No For An AnswerTILL SHE KICKED ONE OPENTeacher Mia Summerton Knew That What Frisco Really Needed To Do Was Focus On The Positive She Was Going To Teach Him What He Could Do Was It Possible That Loving Her Was On The List An oldie but a goodie Great story about a former SEAL dealing with a life changing knee injury, and a kind hearted neighbor lady who helps him become whole again Add in a cute 5 year old girl, a likable and smart mouthed teen, plus a bad guy and a few SEALs buddies and you have a great Brockmann romance story with lots of sizzle It was a quick read 240 pages , but it packed a lot of heat and heart I can see why Frisco is considered one of Brockmann s favorite heros. My favorite of this series so far This is my favorite of the series so far It takes the wounded hero theme, and gives it the treatment it deserves The hero s pain, shame and feelings of worthlessness are so well described, but in a way that doesn t make him seem less attractive or less of a hero, no matter how he sees himself The heroine is also great it s nice to have a heroine who has real insights into people, and is just a genuinely nice person The attraction between them sizzles, but in a beautifully accessible and normal way Also, I m not much into children in romance stories, but this one really works well The child is a major part of the fabulous plot but a small role.I m giving this 5 stars, because I love the way the author explores the hero s angst in a completely respectful way, and he s also such a fabulous hero. If I ever wanted to be a writer when I grow up, I d look to Suzanne Brockmann for tips I d sit down and read her books, chart graphs of her story arcs and note how she keeps the reader involved I d want to copy her characterisations, where every single character, no matter how marginal is important I d need to try and get the rapport between men of a certain age mid thirties , of a certain mindset Navy, US Seals , with a major dollop of pop culture references both past and present that prevents the situations from getting too heavy , and wonder if I too could borrow shades of Louis L amour for that curt, tension filled writing when the action scenes are needed.Because I don t want to be a writer when I grow up, I can only glory in the fact that Brockmann writes for women like me, and I spent money on her books because I know that I m going to enjoy them.So, here s the plot.After five years of intensive therapy on a bum knee, Alan Frisco Francisco has been given his walking papers to leave the Navy See yah, wouldn t want to be yah Of course, Frisco takes the news hard, and retreats to his condo in California, and is torn between accepting his fate, and getting stinking drunk.But before he can do that, Sharon, his sister gives her daughter Natasha to Frisco for safe keeping, because she has to serve a DUI if it weren t for bad luck, eh Frisco Mia, his winsome next door neighbour is a peacenik and all that implies and the thought of sharing her complex with a soldier she doesn t really understand what a Navy SEAL is, bless , but her heart goes out to his niece and she tries to help Frisco to adjust to his situation in the best way that she can.Of course, because Ms Brockmann seems to like her action, there s a subplot of money laundering, alcoholism, a local hood making trouble and the SEALS lending a helping hand that really works.Although this book was written over a decade ago, it s still fresh, almost crisp You can see Ms Brockmann straining to be away from the limitations of the romance genre into gen fic Not many writers can make that transition, so y all wanna be romance writers better read, and make note.For us who actually like men in uniform not lust, but really like em , Brockmann is tops.Highly recommended. Great book to read on a long haul plane flight Damaged SEAL brought back to life by the love of a plucky school teacher and an adorable niece Vintage Suzanne Brockmann.