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Read this with Damon It was good to have a simplified version Maybe he will want to read the real thing when he is older. #DOWNLOAD BOOK µ Treasure Island ½ Sometimes I Wake Up At Night I Can Hear The Sea Around Treasure Island I Can Hear The Voice Of Long John Silver S Parrot Calling Pieces Of Eight Pieces Of Eight Jim Hawkins Tells The Story Of The Journey On The Ship, The Hispaniola, To Treasure Island And He Tells Of The Battle With The Pirates To Get Captain Flint S Gold Heinemann ELT Guided ReadersElementary Level MACMILIAN level elementarytime 110min7word restrant captain doctor hear kill stranger treasureDiscussion questionsIf a pirate asked you go an adventure with us, what would you say maybe, Sorry, I can not I will marry tomorrow Do you think you can live alone a long time in an island No I can catch fish, but I do not like eating fish. This book its interesant and full of diversity of surprised that Jim lived with the pirates. I had never read this story even it is very famous I realized that this story affects many people That reminds me of One piece, and The pirates of Caribbean. 1 MACMILLANLevel 32.Time 11 10 60min,11 11 50min3.7wordssummary inn pirate chaptain chest map sail treasure4.Main characters in this story searched treasure Do you want to go adventure to find tresure I want to get a lot of money but I don t want to take a risk so I don t want to go.5.I liked this story because it was long story but easy to read I thought adventure has a lot of thrill and it is interesting. MACMILLAN level3 Time 10 20 25min,10 21 75min 7 word summary pirate chaptain murder voyage island prisoner treasure Discussion questions 1.Have you ever looked for treasures Yes,I used to dig a hole to look for an old treasure in vacant land when I was a child.2.Do you have a treasure One of my greatest treasures is a piano My grandfather bought it for me.