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This sci fi mystery takes place in the distant future when the Earth is vastly overcrowded and the entire population lives underground and has severe phobias about going outside.When the story opens a humanoid robot has been killed on the planet Aurora which was colonized by Earth people long ago A famous roboticist the only one in the galaxy who knows how to create humanoid robots is accused of the crime The detective Elijah Baley, an Earth man, is called in to investigate with his robot partner, R Daneel Olivaw Elijah s job is made doubly difficult because most Aurorans despise Earth people, considering them to be infectious and vastly inferior to themselves The case is very important beause its solution may determine whether space is further colonized solely by humanoid robots and Aurorans or whether Earth people will be allowed to participate Some interesting twists and turns lead to a satisfying surprise ending.You can follow my reviews at The final chapter and, mainly, the final conversation, smoothly snatched the 5th star. For all you sci fi buffs, who are considering reading I Robot and The Rest of the Robots before The Robots of Dawn it is not necessary Still, my inner geek was extremely proud of itself, for having read them after all Our trusty hero, Elijah Baley, has formed a small club of people who venture outside their cities, in order to gradually get used to the outer world with its changing meteorological conditions Meanwhile he has also been unsuccessfully petitioning, to be allowed a trip to Aurora Surprisingly, he suddenly gets his wish, due to yet another crime investigation Unlike in the previous books though, this time he has to solve the mystery behind a roboticide as opposed to homicide.I was looking forward to finding out about Aurora, only to not find out much Or if I did glean a few tidbits from here and there, the fact that they were TOLD rather than SHOWN to Elijah made everything quite annoying, and somewhat questionable Dr Han Fastolfe especially, was a constant source of irritation to me on the one hand, his insistence on considering himself the greatest roboticist in history, and on the other hand, refusing to explain most of his actions because of the Earthmen s inferior robotic expertise I would ve welcomed an example of an actual command given to a robot, instead of the constantly annoying I m a roboticist, so I just KNOW how to do this better than you attitude.There s not much screen time for Daneel, who ends up spending a lot time in his niche in the wall , rather than actively assisting Elijah in his investigation However their reunion at the beginning definitely made my inner yaoi fangirl squeal with delight Jehoshaphat said Baley in a nearly strangled voice Partner Elijah, said the other, stepping forward, a small, grave smile on his face Daneel cried Baley, throwing his arms around the robot and hugging tightly Daneel and then there was Yes, Dr Vasilia My choice in the matter the Earthman over you arises not only out of Dr Fastolfe s instructions, but because the Earthman and I are partners in this investigation and because Daneel paused as though puzzled by what he was about to say, and then said it anyway, we are friends In the end, I was delighted to discover that there were plenty of brilliant Daneel Elijah moments I never even considered shipping them before this book , and I quite liked Giskard too, plus the ending was rather interesting as well Still, there was waaaaay too much philosophizing, just like in Foundation and Earth, that got boring quite fast review of book 0.1 I, Robotreview of book 0.2 The Rest of the Robotsreview of book 1 The Caves of Steelreview of book 2 The Naked Sunreview of book 4 Robots and Empire SF This is the third in the R Daneel Olivaw series and Detective Elijah Baley has been sent off planet to Aurora to investigate a roboticide He s loaded on a spacer ship, deloused, and then sent to his quarters where he s to remain for the duration of the journey Everything s so foreign and uncomfortable that Elijah can t help himself when he sees Daneel come through the door he hugs him.These books are all still about the love between a man and his humaniform robot Over the course of the trilogy, Elijah goes from hating robots on principal, to grudgingly working with one, to actively liking Daneel, to thinking of him not as a robot, but as a friend Elijah overcomes his prejudices most of them , opens his mind, and starts considering alternate ways of thinking, spearheading a movement to return earthlings to the soil and send them out into space to relieve the stress on an already crowded Earth This book is a little less Elijah Daneel intensive because Daneel spends a lot of his time on Aurora chillin in a wall niche, but there s still plenty of love Actual textual love Observe Yes, Dr Vasilia My choice in the matter the Earthman over you arises not only out of Dr Fastolfe s instructions, but because the Earthman and I are partners in this investigation and because Daneel paused as though puzzled by what he was about to say, and then said it anyway, we are friends Vasilia said, Friends An Earthman and a humaniform robot Well, there is a match Neither quite human Baley said, sharply, Nevertheless bound by friendship Do not, for your own sake, test the force of our Now it was he who paused and, as though to his own surprise, completed the sentence impossibly, love Love I was eating crackers at the time and nearly choked The really fabulous thing about all this is the suggestion that it s a just a short hop away from Daneel and Elijah actually being in love After all, this is the book that introduces the phrase robot husband and features Elijah thinking he d cuddle up to Daneel for comfort if only he were human And then he pretty much does it anyway I m telling you, all about the love. I think that I would have really liked to know Isaac Asimov I am usually too lazy to add photos into my reviews Applause for all you creative types out there but I had to share this photo from the jacket of my book I mean, Jehoshaphat Have mutton chops, nerd glasses, and a bolo tie ever been so adorable I know I don t think so He was, by all accounts, an incredibly brainy person He was the vice president of Mensa , but, to me, his humble, plain speaking nature really comes across in his novels His stories are unadorned and simply told, but I always have fun with the logical gymnastics that his characters run through These mysteries aren t exactly dramatic or emotional He even manages to have a whole plot line involving a robot human marriage and one woman s sexual awakening and make it seem tasteful and innocent and just a bit dry But, I always enjoy going along with unassuming like a fox plainclothesman Elijah Baley and humaniform robot Daneel Olivaw as they solve mysteries using basic logic This particular mystery once again involves those pesky three laws of robotics, which seemed like such a great idea at the time, but have turned out to have a few annoying loopholes and caveats Baley is called to the first settled planet, Aurora, to help solve the roboticide of the only other existing humaniform robot besides Daneel , Jander Panell No one seems to care about Jander s demise, but Earth s entire future may be resting on Baley s success or failure to solve this mystery Baley, a lifetime Earthman and inhabitant of Earth s now crowded underground cities, has deeply rooted fears of the outside But he knows that the only chance that Earth s people have to survive is to leave and colonize other planets The spacer world leaders have other plans, however intense prejudice against Earth s people has led to strict limitation of Earth s expansion.Has anyone else ever played that game called Mind Trap The game is very basic and consists of these little cards with riddles and puzzles on them for the players to solve I only mention it because the reason that I love that game is precisely the reason that I love these books I like pitting myself against the mysteries set up by Asimov to see if I can solve them before the main character does For the record, the score stands at Catie 1, Elijah Baley 2 I figured out the endgame of The Naked Sun before good ol Lije, but the other two were a surprise although I did have the murderer pegged almost immediately in this one, without knowing why or how I think that anyone that reads this type of book knows that it s much satisfying to be beaten soundly I guess that s not the only reason that I love these books Asimov always provides some very interesting food for thought Like, when exactly does a humaniform robot become human enough to actually be human And, are there some aspects of human nature that are so ingrained and universal that no amount of isolated evolution can eliminate them Perfect Musical PairingJohann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto 3 I generally like the romantics much than the composers from the baroque period not a big fan of organ or harpsichord , but this piece is nimble and energetic It may not have the sweeping emotional impact on me that some of the romantic composers do, but I remember that it s a whole lot of fun to play even though my playing days are long over Bonus MindTrap Riddles for all you nerds out there Captain Frank and Professor Quantum played chess They played seven games, each won the same number of games, and there weren t any draws or stalemates How could this have happened view spoiler They weren t playing each other hide spoiler nsana ok benzeyen robotlar yaratacaks n z Bunlar insanlara o kadar benzeyecekler ki onlara uygun d nyalar geli tirecekler Robot ku aklar , iki cinsten makine insanlar olacak O zaman bu robotlar insanlardan nas l ay rt edeceksiniz Bu nemli mi Seri gittik e g zelle iyor Asimov un vizyonuna hayran kal yorum her seferinde mparatorluk ve Vak f serilerini daha ok merak ediyorum Roboti Zore je svakako zrelija knjiga u odnosu na svoje predhonike Celicne Pecine i Golo Sunce Odmah se oseti da je dosta kasnije pisana i da Asimov recima barata sa vise iskustva Medjutim sama knjiga nije mnogo bolja niti grandioznija sto se samog zapleta i finisa tice Ali svakako da prija sto se kroz nju svakom stranicom sve vise priblizavamo Glaktickom Carstvu Tako da je sledeca stanica na ovom epskom SF proputovanju knjiga ROBOTI I CARSTVO Sadly, I did not like this book as much as I wanted to I love the mystery solving detective Baley and his robot sidekick, Daneel, but the story fell short for me First, there was way too much discussion about the landscape, traditions, sexual practices, bathroom business, etc on Aurora that I would rather not know I wouldn t have read this if I knew it was an ethnography for the first 240 pages Second, the book was twice as long as the others which really diluted the greatness it could have been if it were shorter And lastly, it was the least mystery like novel so far in the robot series The constant talk about Auroran traditions and practices took way from the murder mystery and made it one of the worst books I ve read this year It saddens me to rate an Asimov book so low but I wasn t impressed The best thing about it was finishing it I hope the next one ends the series on a good note. I cannot say what I feel in any human sense, Partner Elijah I can say, however, that the sight of you seems to make my thoughts flow easily, and the gravitational pull on my body seems to assault my senses with lesser insistence Ahh good old R Daneel Olivaw, how I have missed you.It has been decades since I read anything by Isaac Asimov When I started reading sci fi in my teens Asimov was the go to author for new readers I was not quite ready for Heinlein or Clarke but Asimov s The Foundation Trilogy and his robot stories and novels were just the thing to start a lifelong devotion to the genre Of course, I went on to read many other sf authors and for some reason, I completely missed Asimov s later works from 1980 onward So I have no idea how his return to the Foundation universe went, and of course, I have not read The Robots of Dawn.This later robot novel from 1984 is a belated sequel to The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun, two beloved whodunit robot novels from the 50s So once again ace detective Elijah Baley of that dreadful plebeian planet called Earth is called upon solve a seemingly impossible murder on another planet human occupied The difference is this time it is a roboticide where a humaniform robot is murdered rendered permanently inoperative I love Asimov s neologism, nothing to figure out Also back is the excellent R Daneel Olivaw, the first humaniform and really almost human robot, and introducing Giskard, another friendly and loyal robot who unlike Daneel is robot in form with glowing eyes.I remember seeing this Chris Foss cover when the book was first published on paperback Brilliant art but nothing to do with the book As with the aforementioned Elijah Baley books the good doctor used a crime fiction template for this novel I think the style here is reminiscent of P.D James than Agatha Christie, with a slower pace and a lot of dialogue The science fiction aspect of it is not neglected however, Asimov s world building and attention to details is legendary He did not disappoint here with his depiction of a future human colony planet Even the toilets are interesting, I can just imagine some very relaxing time there As a slothful potato couch, I would love to live in Aurora where tons of robots are at the beg and call of everybody.While Asimov s straightforward, smooth and friendly prose style brings back memories of my early days as a sci fi reader, the differences are quite startling For a start, this book is very dialogue heavy There are pages and pages of just two characters discussing robotics, politics, and whatnot from all possible angles It does drag the book s momentum and at times and I found it to be occasionally tiring to read, not tiresome but tiring Baley just grinds and grinds away at the suspects hoping they will let slip something that will incriminate them like some kind of futuristic Columbo These grilling sessions are not actually awful, they are quite well written but they do seem to be interminable after a while I am surprised the suspects do not simply confess to everything just to shut him up.Another thing that surprised me is the discussion of sex and even the inclusion of a mildly erotic scene This is not a complaint however, it is just very different from the Asimov of my teen years This is a much adult book than Asimov s Golden Age classics There are even some philosophical passages likeAre there Laws of Humanics as there are Laws of Robotics How many Laws of Humanics might there be and how can they be expressed mathematically Interestingly some of the technology seems a little dated in these days of wireless internet The robots actually speak to each other verbally rather than communicating via wi fi or something similar Navigation is also done by preloaded maps rather than some kind of GPS The robots even drive vehicles rather than having AI built into them for completely hand free driving This is not a criticism of Asimov however, he was a scientist, not a fortune teller I just find it interesting how the future is turning out in actuality in comparison to Asimov s speculation.One thing I particularly like about Asimov s robots above other authors depiction of AI characters is the robotness of them Their somewhat stilted way with the language as Asimov described, and their adherence to and interpretations of The Three Laws of Robotics Nowadays sci fi authors tend to portray robots or AI as speaking exactly like people normally do Yes, I can imagine this being the case with very advanced AI, but Asimov s robots have the sense of otherness that makes them somehow believable Fans of Asimov s robot books will be delighted by the references to Susan Calvin and one of the most memorable stories from I, Robot, and the reference to The Bicentennial Man A tenuous link to the Foundation series is also introduced through the initial development of psychohistory If you ever wondered why there are no robots in The Foundation Trilogy the answer is given here In spite of my quibbles with some of the pacing, I really enjoyed this book and coming back to Asimov after all these years Now I feel an urge to reread the original Foundation Trilogy plus the subsequent Foundation volumes from the 80s Also a reread of the old Elijah Baley novels and robot short stories With all that in my TBR I d be lucky to squeeze in books by anybody else.R Daneel Olivaw on the cover of The Naked Sun `Download Pdf ☛ The Robots of Dawn ↛ A Poca Distanza Dall Ultimo Romanzo Del Ciclo Della Fondazione , URANIA Presenta Ai Suoi Lettori Un Altra Pietra Miliare Della Sterminata Saga Spaziale Che Vede Uomini E Robot Uniti Per La Conquista Della Galassia Torna In Questo Nuovo Romanzo Il Detective Interplanetario Elija Baley, L Eroe Di Abissi D Acciaio E De Il Sole Nudo, Che, Sul Pianeta Aurora, Conosciuto Anche Come Il Mondo Dell Alba, Dovr Cercare Di Svelare La Trama Che Ha Portato A Un Crimine Di Tipo Insolito La Morte Di Un Robot Ma Dietro La Risposta Che Baley Potr Trovare Si Celano Un Enigma, E Un Opportunit , Ancora Pi Grandi Chi Dovr Colonizzare L Universo, L Umanit O Le Macchine Simili All Uomo, I Robot Copertina Di Karel Thole