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~KINDLE ☪ Return of the Stardust Cowgirl: A Lucy Hatch Novel ♖ It S Sticking Around When Things Get Tough That You Find Out What Somebody S Worth But I Guess You Already Know That So Says Lucy Hatch To Her Stepdaughter, Denny, Who Has Run Away From Her Edgling Music Career In Nashville To Escape Marriage Troubles Now Back Home In Texas, Denny Learns That Leaving Her Past Behind Won T Be So Simple She S Pregnant Lucy Is Also At A Turning Point The Ower Shop Where She S Worked For Years Is Closing, And Her Husband, Ash Farrell, Is Nding That Living One Day At A Time Is Harder Than He Thought It Would Be Everything Used To Stay The Same In The Little Town Of Mooney Now Big Changes Are In The Air And Everyone Has To Shift Their Plans To Embrace The Future As Denny Stops Running And Nally Faces The Music, Lucy Works To Regain Her Own Footing By Helping The Man She Loves Nd HisHeartwarming, Funny, And Distinctly Southern,Return Of The Stardust Cowgirl Explores The Joys And Sorrows Of Life In A Small Town, The Complexity Of Love, And The Bonds That We Share Only With Family Originally posted on Sarahsbookshelf.com A million years ago, or what seems like a million years, I received a copy of this book by Marsha Moyer This is actually the final novel in the Lucy Hatch series, none of which I had read previously But even not reading those books in advance, I never felt like I was missing anything major.The story is told in the first person by two people, Lucy and Denny Denny is a country singer who has run into some misfortune recently and returns home to lick her wounds at home Lucy, her stepmother, is dealing with many family issues of her own The story is muchWomen s Lit than anything else Even thedramatic moments of the story were very watered down If I were giving a rating to this book, it would definitely be PG The writing was good, but it was definitely a softball as far as content, even when the opportunity to go deeper was presented.Lucy was a character that I d be interested to find outabout She was complex, flawed, non judgmental, and genuine, which definitely made it realistic that Denny often gravitated to her for life advice Denny was a little annoying at times, but thewe learn about her past theleeway I m willing to give her as a reader Some of the side stories were interesting, but I felt there was a lot unanswered by the end of the story, leaving the reader to make their own assumptions of how things end I didn t feel that the story didn t end, I personally just wanted a littleBut I guess that s life Years after I started the Lucy Hatch series, I finally got book 4 through inter library loan and finished it.A satisfying ending to a good series. The final book in the Lucy Hatch series I really enjoyed it even it was another slightly frustrating addition I liked how everything wrapped up in the end I really enjoyed this author and how her characters felt like real people I love characters that are far from perfect and experience real life ups and downs I m glad I was able to read this series of books in order and back to back It read as one long book, one would pick up pretty much where the last left off. This wasn t my favorite in this series It seems like the characters are doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over, but it wrapped up things neatly so nobody was left hanging at the end of the book I used to think love was infiniteBut our days are numbered, every one, and what we don t spend we don t get to take with us We need to wallow in it, use it up p.348 Return of the Stardust Cowgirl is last in the Lucy Hatch series by author Marsha Moyer and it doesn t disappoint To make the most of this series, there are two things you need to know 1 This isn t your usual, fluffy, boy meets girl chick lit Marsha Moyer has an amazing ability to capture human nature and to tell somewhat gritty stories based in reality Definitelysatisfying than a bit of fluff.2 This series truly needs to be read in order to understand each character and their journey.Thoroughly enjoyable with a satisfying end My only complaint was that a book in this series wasn t dedicated to Bailey and Geneva two thoroughly likeable characters with muchto reveal Marsha s last title in her Lucy Hatch Ash Farrell series Sorry to say goodbye to the characters I recommend all of Marsha s books Start with 1 The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch You ll have a hard time putting all of them down In this series, each book gets progressively worse than the previous one I also don t like the constant recap of not only the previous books but the current one Some of us are able to remember what we just read 12 pages ago. This is the last of the marvelous series of the Lucy Hatch books I would really recommend all readers to read the books in the right order because they read like one big book The characters are still as heartwarming and funny while dealing with real everyday life in a small town in Northeast Texas.Being a big Country Music fan, the regular reference to Country songs, the life of musicians the music industry was a pure delight to me.There was a moment there that I thought Ash, one of the most intriguing interesting characters of the book, would not find his way back to his old self but I m glad and thrilled that Marsha Moyer gave all these characters the balmy gratifying ending they so deserve. This book ranked up there with the first two in the series I was glad to see Moyer back to her old style Though this book could be the last in the series, it left itself open forI hope she comes through with another one