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#FREE DOWNLOAD ⚤ Menachem Begin Í The First Full Scale Biography Of One Of The Most Important And Enigmatic Leaders In Israeli History This Riveting Biography Is The First To Provide A Satisfactory Answer To The Question, Who Was Menachem Begin Based On Wide Ranging Research Among Archival Documents And On Testimonials And Interviews With Begin S Closest Advisers, The Book Presents A Detailed New Portrait OfIsrael S Founding Leader Among The Many Topics Avi Shilon Holds Up To New Light Are Begin S Antagonistic Relationship With David Ben Gurion, His Controversial Role In The Lebanon War, His Unique Leadership Style, The Changes In His Ideology Over The Years, And The Mystery Behind The Total Silence He Maintained At The End Of His Career Through Begin S Remarkable Life, The Book Also Recounts The History Of The Right Wing Segment Of Israeli Society, A Story Essential To Understanding The Israel Of Today The author focuses on who Begin was, his world view and his opinion of what formed it The biography is objective neither fawning nor hyper critical so you get a sense of the man whether you agree disagree with his politics. I would definitely recommend Avi Shilon as biographer For my lengthier review of this book, see Fantastic, authoritative and highly readable This is a brilliant book that I highly recommend to ANYONE even remotely interested in Israeli politics.