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FBI Special Agent Scott Forrester was returning from Denver where he d been investigating the killings of extremely well off moguls, when he viewed the amazing lock down of New York He was watching the National Guard enter New York City on the airport TV before catching his flight, where approximately one million people had shown up for Occupy Wall Street, effectively shutting down everything from Central Park through to Wall Street With the sudden death of billionaire Matthew Carleton as the next on the seeming serial killers list, the FBI were scrambling to get on top of what was happening Carleton was found in his bathtub, drowned in red wine It turned out to be the wine from his cellar, with every bottle of his million dollar collection emptied down the drain two days of torture before he died As the investigation progressed and it appeared the murders were connected to a Wall Street scam, Scott found himself in the cross hairs of his boss, Titus Griffin A pedantic and stubborn man, he believed Scott had it wrong, and when Scott wouldn t do what Griffin ordered him to, found himself without FBI back up Jamie, Scott s brother, was an Afghan war veteran who was severely injured during the war, and was now wheelchair bound He was addicted to online gambling, and had full knowledge of anything to do with computers, online gaming, hacking and chat rooms As he followed the cryptic words written in blood and left in the vicinity of the victims, Scott found himself being drawn into an East Indian cult with connections to Hinduism and devil worship He enlisted the help of Dr Chandra, a psychologist who knew about the cult and the brain washing of the followers, but the they discovered, the Scott realized the horror of what appeared to be happening, and suddenly, he understood he had to disappear to save his country This extremely fast paced thriller was gripping and intense The characters were well developed, the plot brilliant The story is filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue, as well as greed and revenge It kept me involved right to the very last page, with an ending that was outstanding I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by Charles Cornell, and will definitely read of his work.Highly recommended. WOW this book just totally sucked me in and kept me compulsively reading until I finished it I absolutely loved FBI agent Scott Forrester He was stuck with Titus Griffin, a boss with crap for brains and was a jerk to boot but Forrester knew what was going on with his case and he stuck to his guns no matter what Griffin threw at him I liked that Forrester s friends and allies stuck with him to the end and provided much needed support which he couldn t get from the FBIAt the far end of the approach road leading into the estate, a dark shadow wound through the woods like a giant sleeping serpent a thirteen foot high wall that ran around the entire one hundred acre property From this statement, I immediately envisioned something like the Great Wall of China encircling a huge fortress like estate The entire book was written with such great imagery that you found yourself inside the action seeing, feeling, knowing everything that was going on first hand Basically this story was about using Wall Street and uninformed stock traders to fill the pockets and portfolios of billionaires with ill gotten gains The corruption of said billionaires is what got them killed Forrester s investigation into various deaths lead him from Wall Street to Hindu mysticism to religious fanaticism to flat out evil I enjoyed the twists and turns and mostly the many surprises Usually when you read a thriller, you can easily suspect who the culprit is but with Tiger Paw, that wasn t the case There were just too many plots, some important and others red herrings There were too many shady characters and too many perfect characters I figured out who one of the baddies was though I didn t get the reasoning correct but totally missed on the other I look forward to reading from this indie author. This was an interesting form of thriller I d expected the usual type of action with the usual type of plot line, but this book provided a great variation to the genre.What I enjoyed the most was the mysticism that the author created He blended a detective storyline with a thread of the esoteric, which makes it stand out from other, similar novels This mixture adds even a bit or horror to the plot, making the thriller even , well, thrilling The characters were also quite interesting The protagonist, Scott Forrester, is well written, though I would have liked to have seen of his own personal life We saw him in action a lot, but a bit of his own life would have helped us bond with him But he was a fun one to follow around The ending, which I won t tell you because it is kind of crucial, was very good It really leaves you guessing Definitely a well thought out story, with lots of action I do recommend it for all lovers of thrillers and action books. Billionaire Matthew Colton was the fifth victim He was found in his bathtub filled with red wine and an indecipherable script of symbols and lines ending with a bloody paw print It was the same symbol left at all the crime scenes His wine collection was worth over 13 million dollars He had to watch as the killer dumped it down the drain, then filled the bathtub to drown him in it Fits in with what s going on today, people s resentment of the rich and their flaunting of their wealth.Dominic Sant Angello looked out the window of his fancy 87th floor office of the John Hancock Center in Chicago, Illinois He was CEO and principal shareholder of Sigma Venture Capital He thought of two of their clients, Deuce Meredith, CEO at Razorback Software and Liang Wong, founder of Silicon Pathways, having been murdered Now Matthew Two deaths a coincidence Not three He was about to lose everything Bankruptcy was just a matter of days away He was finished.FBI Profiler, Scott Forester had spent six months chasing a killer in Denver He worked at the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime in Quantico, Virginia and had been called back to help when Matthew was killed.The first murder had been done in Florida, then two victims in Wyoming and now the Hampton s.The killer used the wine to torture Matthew and make him suffer Was it a part of the killer s ritual Why There had to be a pattern to all the murders What was it Deuce Meredith had been wounded and left alive, yet his guide had died instantly Each victim had a specific torture attached to it Was it a test A contest Payback Was the killer making a statement I like when Scott places his order at the diner and the waitress reads it off the ticket to Archie in the kitchen One hungry man s, over cooked eggs, foreign toast and a bottle of red wine Red wine Are you sure With eggs Okay, make it white Made me chuckle when Scott described it as Archie s floor show.Doctor Rajeev Chandra was sitting with the case notes, drinking a cup of tea, in the Garden Cafe at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and waiting for Scott and Special Agent Van Cleyburne The Doctor had received the information and autopsy reports of the murders to examine He told them they were meeting some people who would tell them about the killer If they knew the motive, it would explain a lot, but if Doctor Chandra could tell them about the writing it may give them clues The writing was Sanskrit and the symbols were Hindu.Doctor Chandra rose from the bench he had been resting on and they resumed their walk to the Freer Gallery, the gallery of Asian art He wanted to show them three paintings, all different yet all the same, the God Vishnu, Shiva and Brama The whole exercise was designed to make them think differently The final painting was the showpiece The Revenge of Dvaipa Could the killer be bringing his victims to Judgment Day She is the daughter of Kali, Goddess of Death and Destruction Dvaipa in Hindi means from a tiger half human and half tiger The Indian government had considered the sect that worshiped Dvaipa so dangerous they closed all their temples and scattered their sacred objects She had been exiled to America Satanists worshiped her She was revenge Incarnate, the unholy scythe she wields the Tiger Paw Below the seated Demon Goddess the letters spelled out, I am the energy of her divine anger The Signature the incision in victims left earlobe to be able to use the victims own blood to write the message.California Lian Wong had been strangled by a noose made from the hot air balloons guy rope It was the first murder to use the signature Miami Victim 2, De Andre Antoin had been killed by a sniper bullet on his yacht It was the same rifle that was used in Wyoming What did the victims have in common Why was each victim killed in such a manner that they died slowly Channels Dvaipa s anger and becomes her instrument of revenge the Tigers Paw Covers it all Tiger Paw killer motive revenge.Scott s at the diner again Heart attack on a plate with fries coming up And a crushed dead fish salad I worked as a waitress and bartender for years, so maybe that s why these funny tidbits stand out to me.The cover is awesome I love the vibrant colors and the photo draws you in, trying to see further into it Good, catchy title, made me want to know what the story was about Both the cover and the title lead into the story and with me that is always a good thing It s not a quick read and from the very beginning it will draw you in You will not want to put it down.Full of intrigue Complex mixture of plots Wall Street bigwigs Greed House of cards Scams Reading along thinking I know were all this is going, all of a sudden there s another story angle intertwines with the others Jamie was pathetic Your typical it s not my fault loser But what would you do to protect the only family you have The characters were well developed and you will love them or hate them All I kept thinking was, they got what they deserved, ignoring the 99% and thinking the world was theirs for the fleecing.Should 401Ks, IRAsbe invested in Wall Street, which we all know is full of corruption What doesn t change If you have the money, you have the power and control Everyone s rules are different Things done in the name of religion, fanaticism When I thought the fight would be over, something would happen and it would continue making me wish it would be done before something worse happened and my hero lostThis book had my juices flowing my heart pounding, blood boiling, anger, rage, PISSED OFF It had me thinking of all kinds of things So applicable to what is going on today Believable For a debut novel, I was really impressed.I thought it was ironic that while I was reading this, they mentioned Shiva on the new TV show, Perception.The ending had me shocked and bummed But the I thought about it, the I liked it It has a killer ending It left me asking I had to pose the question to the author who responded No peeking It is definitely worth waiting til you arrive at the last sentence, the last word You will deprive yourself of an awesome ending, so once again, NO PEEKING Tiger Paw Charles A Cornell What do Wall Street, rogue CIA assassins, and Hindu cult worship have in common That s what Scott Forrester has to find out in Charles A Cornell s fast moving thriller, Tiger Paw Cornell proves he has the goods as a crime thriller novelist as he navigates Forrester through a truly tangled web of deceit, torture, murder and betrayal that turns the investigator s world not only upside down but inside out as well It s a race against time as he s on the run from shadowy assassins, his own agency, and cult conspirators who have infiltrated the very infrastructure of society.At first glance Tiger Paw appears to be a formulaic display of clich s from a crime writer s checklist World weary FBI agent Check Sexy but tough female partner Check Grouchy boss who shouts a lot demanding results Check Femme fatale Check.Hindu cultists torturing and assassinating in the name of the Goddess of Death Whoa.Gotta hand to Cornell, I don t think we ve seen that one before To think, he could have easily went the Dan Brown wannabe route and tried to milk the whole Catholic Conspiracy thing, but instead Cornell takes us an entirely different route And he s done his homework I m no expert, but Cornell s writing style feels like he s in his comfort zone with details on Wall Street marketing, Hindu religion, federal investigation, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous He navigates the reader through a convoluted maze without losing us on the way to the climatic finish And even though I guessed the identity of the Tiger Paw killer about 75% in the tale, I enjoyed the way that he wrapped it up Tiger Paw is very cinematic, and I can imagine it as a Hollywood film one day.Bottom line If you like crime novels in the style of Patterson or Deaver then Tiger s Paw will do quite nicely Four out of five stars. Normally the words FBI agent and serial killer turn me off on a book immediately Those lambs have already been silenced But I was persuaded to take a look at this and got sucked right in.OK, right off the top this is a first novel self published by an indie author So if you have prejudices about that, read this book and lose them Take a look at the cover Does it look amateur or sloppy That s in keeping.Charles Cornell is as good as the writers who have this kind of book in the storefronts, better than a lot of them He takes you in hand and guides you through a story holds your interest and opens up some new kind of fun reading for mystery thriller fans And he doesn t try to rush you One thing I really liked about Tiger Paw was the way he opens chapters far adjourned from the main plot and characters The book starts out with a vivid description of a flashmob conflagration fanning out from Occupy demonstrations Nothing to do with the main plot, but an irritant to the main characters and a very subtle thematic background, perhaps We are suddenly dumped in the lap of a quiet, fussy Indian professor who keeps rattling on about peripheral subjects until you want to grab him and scream Just tell him what s going on But it s adorable, and not cutting straight to the chase is what novels are about As it turns out later, the old Hindu prof not only provides the first clue to tie in worldwide skullduggery and mayhem, he s a major player in attempting to defeat it.Some might say there are clich s here The Tiger Paw itself sounds like a Wildcat Willy play, but there s not thing ordinary about the way Cornell draws us in closer to the sinister subcontinental blood cult And there is a computer hacking element But is that clich these days Or just obligatory Nobody thought the Dragon Tattoo chick was a clich Cornell takes us into Indian mythology, stock trading, finance, and several other areas with just enough authority to keep us around.Another detour that turns out to be a main thoroughfare is Wall Street But not from the 1% view, or pit players, or Occupiers from day trader chat rooms There are several strings of posts from cyber bulls and bears that ring true and funny Maybe not quite as cool as William Gibson s in Pattern Recognition who is There are some gloss overs in the plot, but I don t thing that s too abnormal Most of the thriller movies I see have similar places where I want to jump up and say, Wait, all the has to do is Can they really arrest somebody for insider trading when they are gloating about having all his internet posts, which show that he got the information off the open internet I doubt FBI firings go much this one But so what It didn t hurt my enjoying the book.And it s not a mystery So nobody can go, Wait, no fair, the killer wasn t one of the people sitting around the library It s a thriller, and the killer is a cipher throughout The only time I felt a little hustled along was at the end, when all the pieces started falling into place But not as loudly and clankily as Harlan Coben, where everybody is somebody s grandpa, to name one I d say about typically.You ll notice I haven t mentioned the plot Deliberately, because I don t want to mess with something that is kind of fun watching unroll through it s little detours and quirks.And I m not calling this some amazing breakthrough in modern literature, or even in suspense novels.What I m saying is that it s fun read and if you like FBI serial killer international baddie plot intrigue books this is right down the barrel of what you want I enjoyed it better than T Jefferson Parker s latest You won t be disappointed following Agent Forrester around tracking down the Tiger Paw. Losing your loved one to someone your weakness, losing to death Lord s willBut, to lose someone to Evil is the worst faith one may have the misfortune of facing A brilliantly well paced tale from the Author Kept me hooked till the end, even if I took my sweet time to reach it But that s me and my attention wandering off to some place else, looking for what was not there This tale has been crafted in and around The Wall Street Occupy movement, portraying or may be try to portray the pain suffered by the General Investors because of the market burns in between the lines The author has raised a brainchild out of the ashes that is truly, truly a prize winner. *Download Book ✑ Tiger Paw ⇹ As A Serial Killer Wreaks Havoc On Wall Street, Dismantling A Corrupt Financier S Empire One Body At A Time, FBI Profiler Scott Forrester Uncovers The Deadly Secret Of A Demon Worshipping Hindu Cult That Is Determined To Change The Very Fabric Of Society Firmly In Their Assassin S Crosshairs, Scott Forrester Is Forced Underground To Stop The Killing Spree But Will He Survive The Deal He Must Make With The Devil To Thwart Their Satanic Plan Royal Palm Literary Award Winner For Best Thriller Of From The Florida Writers AssociationBest Indie Thriller Nominee Kindle Book Reviews A Great Variation To The Thriller Genre The Author Blended A Detective Storyline With A Thread Of The Esoteric Which Makes It Stand Out From Other Thrillers The Ending Leaves You Guessing A Well Thought Out Story, With Lots Of Action Recommended For All Lovers Of Thrillers And Action Books Midwest Book Review Stars This Book Had My Juices Flowing My Heart Pounding, Blood Boiling, Anger, Rage, PISSED OFF It Had Me Thinking Of All Kinds Of Things So Applicable To What Is Going On Today Believable For A Debut Novel, I Was Really Impressed Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental Book Reviews This Book Goes Far Beyond A STAR Rating Charles A Cornell Is A Magnificent Storyteller And His Debut Novel Is Brilliant Tiger Paw Was A Very Tumultuous Read For Me It Touches On Everything That S Wrong In Government And Wall Street I Can Imagine The Challenge He Faces When Writing The Next Novels It Will Be Hard To Top This Laura Thomas, FU Only Knew Book ReviewsMore On Tiger PawIn Charles A Cornell S Critically Acclaimed Mystery Thriller, Tiger Paw, FBI Special Agent Scott Forrester Investigates A Series Of Bizarre Murders At The Center Of A Wall Street Stock Scam The Killer S Most Recent Victim Billionaire Wall Street Mogul Matthew Carleton Was Drowned In A Bath Tub Of Red Wine The FBI Believes The Murders Are The Work Of A Professional Hit Man But The Killer Leaves Behind An Indecipherable Message That Defies Explanation Scott Forrester Teams Up With Criminal Psychologist, Dr Rajeev Chandra They Decode The Killer S Cryptic Warning It Points To An East Indian Cult Whose Religious Icon An Altarpiece Lost For Centuries And Now On Display In The US Is Haunted By A Disturbing Past As The Billionaire Financier S Wall Street Empire Is Dismantled One Body At A Time, They Encounter Sinister Forces Deep Inside The Corridors Of Power In Washington That Are Determined To Silence Anyone Who Uncovers Their Connection With The Cult The Conspiracy Is Spreading Like A Cancer And Is On A Mission To Change The Very Fabric Of Society Dogged By His Own Demons His Troubled Brother, A Disabled Afghan War Veteran An Adversarial Boss Hell Bent To Destroy His Career And A Failed Love Life Scott Forrester Follows The Trail Of The Elusive Killer As He Wreaks Havoc From Wyoming To The Bahamas Forrester Falls Into The Cult S Carefully Laid Trap Exposed To The Assassin S Crosshairs And Forced To Take His Fight Underground, Scott Forrester Must Confront The Cult S Menace In All Its Physical And Spiritual Forms And The Ultimate Price To End This Nightmare Cross The No Man S Land That Divides Good From Evil To Bargain His Soul With The Devil Himself Tiger Paw Is A Thriller Cloaked In Mystery, Psychological Suspense And International Intrigue A Story Of People Who Have Sold Their Souls In Exchange For Wealth And Power A Story Of Greed, Deception, And Revenge And A Story Of One Man S Struggle To Triumph Against The Greatest Evil He Has Ever Faced This story was full of twists and turns that kept me turning the page The author wove an intricate web which ensnared both the characters and this reader The story follows FBI agent Scott Forrester as he works his way through a case that has him crisscrossing the USA At every turn, he discovers a new clue or new connection that eventually add up to the big reveal at the end I won t give up any of the plot, but I can honestly say if you like an intricate story line, fully developed characters, and a well written murder mystery, then this book is for you. Tiger Paw is a debut mystery thriller by author Charles A Cornell Set primarily in Washington, DC, the book moves swiftly through several states and countries setting the undertone of a fast paced international thriller When expert criminal profiler FBI Special Agent Scott Forrester is given a case of a murdered billionaire in the Hamptons, he is unaware of the death defying obstacles he will be faced with Stakes get higher as he takes the clues left at the bizarre crime scene and tries to get his superior and partner to understand the dangerous monster they are dealing with However, they do not believe him when he explains to them that they are dealing with the Devil Similar gory crimes in the months before with cryptic messages and clues that were left at each crime scene led Scott to conclude this theory Scott investigates the billionaire s background and anyone who was close to him, including his nonchalant aristocratic wife The messages left at the crime scene are interpreted by a renowned criminal psychologist and has Scott searching for What he discovers will whirl him into a world of unnecessary evil, psychological crimes, money, power, cults and religious undertones Hinduism Scott knows that he also has to piece together the murdered billionaire s connection to corrupt investing, people of stately power in office, as well as a deep hatred the killer grudgingly has The theme of the entire book is based around the malicious intent lurking in all things corrupt along with the malevolent unknown The culprits are the ones who secretly deliver the evil in a symbol of a Demon Goddess.The author did a tremendous job of weaving together several elements of a fast paced thriller The thriller reads like a movie script with well developed characters including Scott s younger brother Jamie who is a disabled war veteran obsessed with day trading, hacking and women Scott also gets assistance in solving the case from Dr Chandra, a brilliant psychologist who sometimes talks in parables Scott has a demanding job and does not date much so it becomes a big deal when he takes up a love interest with Christienne Christienne is a Swiss jewelry buyer trader and gives the book some romantic suspense components to the plot.I highly recommend mystery thriller readers check out Tiger Paw If you re looking for a story that reads fast, deals with current issues of today Occupy Wall Street, corrupt investing with international flair you re in for a ride I look forward to the sequel to Tiger Paw.