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Unfinished Got about halfway through and didn t care enough to finish Drugs, Texas, too much coffee Didn t identify with any if the characters. Shots is a fast paced crime thriller novel that follows Nic Gonzales as he s trying to repeatedly get himself out of sticky situations, all while dating his little brother s best friend There are tons of thugs, drugs, guns, and espresso to keep the reader entertained throughout the book The plot seemed a bit predictable and cliched, but was fun to read anyway I liked seeing Nic get himself in tons of trouble and then watch as he tried to make things right I thought the espresso part of the novel gave it some originality, but it didn t seem to fit into the story that well The characters seemed stereotyped and flat, and the narrative itself felt the same way to me Other readers will surely like the rush of the plot, it just didn t seem to be for me.Disclosure I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. ^Pdf ↠ Shots ⇨ Nic Callahan Gonzales Feels Like He Has His Life Under Control, Selling A Little Pot, Making Than A Little Money But He S Living A Lie, And He S Tired Of Keeping Secrets Like How He S Hooked Up With His Little Brother Bobby S Best Friend Sara, Knowing All The While That His Brother Has Than Friendly Feelings For Her Even If Bobby Has A Girlfriend, Even If It S Easy, It Just Isn T Right Bobby Meanwhile Misses Hanging Out With Sara His Girlfriend Molly Can T Stand Her, And He S Tired Of Choosing Between Them Things Start To Change When Sara Invites Nic To A Party And The Two Get Busted Nic Gets Off With Community Service, And Starts Working As A Barista In A Cuban Coffee Shop But His Wage And Tips Won T Pay Off His Drug Dealing Debts, And When The Martinez Brothers Demand A Meeting, Nic Pulls Too Many Espresso Shots For Himself, Then Brings A Gun Instead Of Money To The Payoff Now, In The Aftermath, He Must Find A Way To Deal With The Brothers And Their Boss, Drug Kingpin John Henry As Well As His Probation Officer And His Own Tag Along Younger Brother All Without Letting Anyone Else Get Hurt