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4.5 stars Wow, gotta love it Romance, action and a thrilling plot makes this another winner Not to mention it includes a great heroine in PJ and a gorgeous alpha in Cole, how can you not love it.Cole This book for me was.BAD BAD BAD PJ Rutherford is a sniper in Steele s team for KGI She is suppose to be a kick ass, you can t f ck with me, tough as they come warrior Ok I truly believe there are women out there who train hard, and are indeed tough as hell warriors As women we are all different, look different, act different, think different, etc etc and it s all good But what i don t believe is this character, she is one sided, over the top, quite unbelievable, and honestly irritating Another issue for me is what happened in this story Steele s team was going a real bad guy who deal in human trafficking, and to do that PJ is going undercover They put her in a killer dress, wire her with listening and tracking devices and send her in Well it goes horribly wrong and what happened was totally unbelievable for me view spoiler She was raped twice and cut up badly she was totally unprepared and totally defenseless What happened to the totally in control I can kick everybody s ass woman hide spoiler [Free Epub] ♨ Shades of Gray ♫ The Kelly Group International KGI A Super Elite, Top Secret, Family Run Business Qualifications High Intelligence, Rock Hard Body, Military Background Mission Hostage Kidnap Victim Recovery Intelligence Gathering Handling Jobs The US Government Can T PJ And Cole Were Sharpshooting Rivals On The Same KGI Team And Enjoyed A Spirited, Uncomplicated Camaraderie Until The Night They Gave In To Their Desires And Suddenly Took Their Relationship One Step Further In The Aftermath Of Their One Night Stand, They Re Called Out On A Mission That Goes Terribly Wrong, And PJ Walks Away From KGI, Resolved Not To Drag Her Teammates Into The Murky Shadows She S Poised To Delve Into Six Months Later, Cole Hasn T Given Up His Search For PJ And He S Determined To Bring Her Back Home Where She Belongs Bent On Vengeance, PJ Has Plunged Into A Serpentine Game Of Payback That Will Make Her Question Everything She S Ever Believed In But Cole And The Rest Of Their Team Refuse To Let Her Go It Alone Even If It Means Sacrificing Their Loyalty To KGI, And Their Lives Oh boy, P.J and Cole s bookyou must be able to suspend disbelief to thoroughly enjoy this one Since I can most of the time , I was able to enjoy it, but that doesn t mean my reading wasn t interrupted a time or two with thoughts like I can t believe they did that or she did that and got away with it Allow me to explain P.J and Cole are friendly sharpshooting rivals on one of KGI s elite teams There s always been playful, snarky banter between P.J and Cole, and you could tell from previous books it was just a matter of time before something happened between these two In this book it does, and right off the bat P.J and Cole give in to the need between them, and spend an incredibly passionate evening together Before P.J can worry herself over the ramifications of this night will she lose Cole s friendship can they continue to work together if their relationship doesn t work out they re called in on a dangerous mission to catch a scumbag dealing in human mostly children traffiking P.J is to be the bait to catch this loser Cole doesn t like the idea of putting P.J in harm s way, but they have a good chance of catching this loser and saving some innocent children But because of what I think is some very poor planning, things go horribly, horribly wrong, and P.J suffers the consequences I teared up during these scenes The whole team feels devastated, but P.J takes it the worst, resigning from the team and going on a one woman crusade for justice revenge Here s where you really have to suspend disbelief, again She becomes one little pissed off Rambette, exacting revenge on those who ve hurt her in a reckless fashion, until finally her team catches up with her and insists on sticking by her and helping her settle the score It s a fine line between black and white hence the title and P.J does a little soul searchingnot everything in life is clearly black or white Cole So, was I entertained Of course The book starts strong, with P.J and Cole exploring their feelings and each other Oh my, that Cole yum Then the mission Hmmm, I had some reservations and it turns out I was right view spoiler Why wasn t a member of P.J s team positioned in her hotel room Or anywhere in her hotel Of course, if they were, then there wouldn t have been the rapes, so no need to go all Rambo, and then no need for a story Okay, I just answered my own question But still, KGI looked like a bunch of amateurs, getting stuck in traffic and losing sight of P.J.that just never should ve happened Also, when P.J got that email from her source the prostitute come quick, I need to speak with you that just screamed set up But Cole and P.J didn t see that And head off by themselves without telling their teammates And then the showdown between a naked P.J and Mr Scumbag can t even remeber his name and his cronies where P.J kicked ass and then some while a tied up Cole sat there helplessly Totally ludicrous A fantasy, to be sure I d like to believe that there are women out there who are that strong, determined, bloodthirsty and physically capableP.J you are one kick ass alpha woman hide spoiler I ve been waiting for this for a long time.After their book,the other that I really want read is about Rusty Posted in 2012 Well now that I finally read the book I can rewrite my review.Since Sam s book that I wanted to know about Steele s team orspecifically PJ and Cole.I created a lot of stories theories in my mind and also high expectations on that couple.So what happened to PJ really shocked me.Maya Banks s such great author but she definitely overreacted.It was revolting and disgusting to read about what PJ suffered In a few parts I ve wanted throwing up.All the things that Kellys and their wifes faced,it s nothing compared to what PJ suffered.Cole was AWESOMEGorgeous,supportive and totally badass.They are soulmates,this I have no doubt.Besides the atrocities, I missed the hot part ,I know that will be strange in this contextbut I hope Maya write an anthology saying about PJ emotional recovery.Another fact that bothered was Brumley and Nelson deaths It was too quickly,they deserved a long and painful journey.To finish I really hope PJ and Cole even she denying have babies in the future,a little snipers,it sounds lovely and amazing.I look forward to Steele s book and a lot of appearances of PJ Cole As you can see my favorite characters are the Kellys not PJ and Cole as a couple and individually Dear Maya Banks, I want my 7.99 back As with the hero in Shades of Gray, David Coletrane, I shouldn t have ignored my gut feeling After being so disappointed in the last two KGI novels, Whispers In The Dark and Echoes At Dawn, I should have just stopped But, you lured me back with Softly At Sunrise I thought the series would be back on track but no, you took the one truly strong female character you had and completely broke her, literally cut her to shreds I have to ask why Maya do you hate strong women that much Do you feel that because she s living her life on her terms she needed to be taught a lesson I m truly disgusted by the way you handled her story and for the life of me I can t figure out why you ve felt the need to add in so much gratuitous violence in this story Maybe you are trying to appeal to a bigger audience with your shock value, maybe you are trying to garnermen readers and if you are that s fine but you ve lost me and I ve been a loyal reader and supporter for many years You ve gotten away from everything KGI seemed to be about You ve made their operation vulnerable and personally I don t believe that the Kelly s would have sanctioned any of it The only and I mean ONLY thing good about this book is the growing relationship between PJ and Cole If it wasn t for that, this book would get no stars from me So, I can honestly say that Shades of Gray will be the last KGI book I read As much as I love the Kelly family and care about the teams, I just can t do it any This will not stop me from reading your other offerings but I ll admit I m disappointed in you Maya I ve looked forward to each and every release day from you but after this book, that s not the case I hope it was worth it.Sincerely,Slick Reads I have been looking forward to Cole and P.J s story since I started this series They have always been favorits of mine, so I decided to skip the previous book and jump into this one I did read the reviews which were pretty mixed , so I knew there would be some hardcore shit in this one.And boy there was.the beginning of this book gutted me I cried my damn eyes out Now don t get me wrongI ve read some pretty dark books, that were way worse than this, but this was P.J and my heart just broke Especially the fact that her teammates were right there with her and not able to do shit about was happening.This wasn t neccesarely a dark book, it was just very emotionalat least for me Now a lot of people have voiced that this book was way ott and unbelievable which I also agree with P.J kicked some major unbelievable ass I knew going into this one, that was gonna happen, so it didn t bother me that much I don t read books because I want them to be realisticI read them to escape reality I did feel that this book was a bit too short I felt things were left unresolved P.J was still very fucked up when in the end and I would have liked to readabout her road to recovery We didn t get any of that The steam in this was very mild.which is understandable, considering all that happend But I would have liked some sign that she was doing better, that their relationship was progressing, not just romanticly, but sexually as well We didn t get that eitheractually we got the opposite, which pissed me off a bit It wasa hfn then a hea, and when I read a book, that makes me cry my eyes outI at least want a very happy ending So this book is not my favorite in this series but..Cole and P.J are my favorite charactersI hope I m still making sence Cole was awesome and he very much took a backseat in this one, so P.J could kick some ass He was the omega to her alpha, and what makes him so awesome, was the fact that he didn t care He didn t feel intimadated by her He was very caring and proud P.J was very alpha and kicked ott ass, and I couldn t help but love herI have since the beginning I didn t like the part were she went and had a talk with all the KGI women Don t get me wrongI like those women, but I also always liked the fact that P.J wasn t into the whole girly shit I don t see the point of this P.aj was fine the way she was, she didn t need to be included in the whole wife gang This part felt very untrue to P.J s character.3,5 stars from me and I do hope to readabout this couple in the next books OMG OMG OMG such a great book what a emotional rollercoaster One of my favorite of the series Spoiler Free Shades of Gray is the sixth book in Maya Banks KGI series and one incredibly exciting, sexy story Fast paced, emotional this book took me on a rollercoaster ride of feelings and I loved every minute of it P.J and Cole were sharpshooting rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited, uncomplicated camaraderie Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their relationship one step further In the aftermath of their one night stand, they re called up on a mission that goes terribly wrong, and P.J walks away from KGI, determined not to drag her teammates into the murky shadows she s poised to delve into.Six months later, Cole hasn t given up his search for P.J., and he s determined to bring her back home where she belongs Bent on vengeance, P.J is on a mission that will plunge her into a serpentine game of payback and make her question everything she s ever believed in Cole and the rest of their team refuse to let her go it alone Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI and their very lives I read this ARC not quite knowing what to expect I do know that Ms Banks is a very talented writer but I hadn t yet ventured into this series and, as I have discovered, that s a terrible shame I plan to rectify right away I was instantly drawn to P.J and Cole, and their chemistry both sexual and as good friends and teammates was so, so believable It was comfortable, and right. From the first page to the last, I wanted them to be together no,I didn t just want them to be together, I needed them to be together, and that doesn t happen for me often, especially with characters I ve never met before Another thing that doesn t often happen for me is becoming as attached to the heroine as I am the hero Let s face it, we don t often find the heroine playing such a compelling, leading role in romantic suspense, but it happened in a big way in this book P.J not only holds her own, she really shines And the story wow Talk about exciting and emotional at times so damned heartbreaking I was sobbing tears of anger an honest to God ache in my chest from trying to hold back the tears, and at other times so happy I couldn t stop smiling poignant, passionate, romantic I couldn t get enough I didn t want it to end but couldn t stop myself from reading, didn t want it to end but needed it to end so I d find out what happened The bottom line I really can t say enough good things about this story Romantic, sexy, fast paced and gripping, Shades of Gray has turned out to be one of my very favorite romantic suspense reads this year, and I can not wait to readMy thanks to Affaire de Coeur Magazine and Berkley Sensation for providing me with a copy of this ARC for review What an incredible pleasure it was Low 3 StarsIt took me a year but I finally was able to listen to the new narrator I still don t think he s the right fit for this particular series, but at least I was able to listen and finish the story As for the story itselfwellas long as you re able to easily suspend reality, this book should work for you Let s just say that the heroine s kick butt abilities were a bit outlandish just saying I liked this book, but not as much as the other ones in the series March 2014 Comment OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO What happened to Harry Berkeley YOU DON T CHANGE A FANTASTIC NARRATOR SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF A SERIES YOU JUST DON T I triedI really didbut just could not listen to a different narrator, albeit, this new narrator is talented I m devastated and feel betrayed and I want Harry Berkeley back yes, I m being a drama queen lol Frankly, I don t want to read the rest of the series I want Harry Berkeley to read it to me Okay tantrum over.