KINDLE ♒ No Ordinary Sheriff ♘

Miniseries Count on a CopCategory Heart Home Ok, so this book started off really well Cash seemed like an amazing man, Shannon was okay But they last 50 pages of this book absolutely ruined this book Shannon to me turned out to be a selfish witch And they absolutely ruined the perfect man He just left Austin Seriously And they didn t even say what happened to Austin and his Mom Nor was Brad and Mary Lou brought up again Yeah I really think the ending needed thought and care Grr it frustrated me KINDLE ♀ No Ordinary Sheriff ♿ Shannon Wilson Is On The Fast Track To The Top A DEA Agent From The Big City, She S Simply Passing Through Ordinary, Montana, To Settle A Score And No Small Town Sheriff Will Derail Her Plans Simply Because He Flashes A Badge And A Great Smile No Matter How Sexy He Looks In That Cowboy HatAfter All, Sheriff Cash Kavenagh Is Ready To Settle Into That White Picket Fence Ideal And Shannon Isn T About To Swap Her Fast Paced Lifestyle For Such An Ordinary Existence Only Problem Is Wrapped In Those Big Masculine Arms Of His, Shannon Can T Seem To Shake The Feeling That Life With Cash May Just Be The Most Extraordinary Thing That S Ever Happened To Her NO ORDINARY SHERIFF is the last book in talented Mary Sullivan s Ordinary, Montana series Sullivan highlights the reality of the growing epidemic of methamphetamine use in small towns and large cities across America Ambitious and determined, heroine Shannon Wilson meets her match in strong steadfast Cash Kavenagh As these two struggle with dangers of shutting down a meth lab, they also struggle with their love for each other It will be sad to say goodbye to Ordinary, Montana but we are eagerly looking forward to from award winning author Mary Sullivan. This book was ok, romantic, hence it being a Super Romance I liked the ending, I thought it was going the other way, this was a quick read. I first read I d give this book 5 stars except for one thing There is a loose end the author doesn t tie up What happens to Austin Miniseries Count on a CopCategory Heart Home Good book I really liked both Cash and Shannon This book was a little different, with Cash and Shannon seeming to have reversed the usual roles Shannon is a driven DEA agent She has come to Ordinary to visit her sister, but also to find out where the meth came from that her brother overdosed on She is very independent and doesn t allow herself to depend on anyone else, or to have someone need her, having had some bad experiences with weak and needy men She finds herself drawn to Cash, who is strong himself, but has no interest in leaving his town behind Cash is unusual himself, in that he makes no secret of the fact that he is looking for a relationship that would lead to marriage and family He is sure that someone could be Shannon, but she is intent on furthering her career I loved the caring and compassion that Cash shows everyone He is a terrific role model for Austin, works great with the kids in the town, and helps out with Austin s mother I loved the way that Austin helped Cash work out his feelings for Shannon, and the conclusion of the story was terrific. Note I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author publisher.My review of No Ordinary Sheriff is largely affected by one of my current soapboxes the devaluation of women as they age It bothered me that, in this book, Cash is 36 and single and still opts for the almost decade younger gorgeous woman Shannon is at one point referred to as young and pretty I know so many fabulous, gorgeous 30 and 40 something single women in real life And why is their dating life often pitiful Guys their age go after the younger women Yes, I know this is just a book, but books reflect our cultural beliefs and vice versa I m not as concerned with breaking stereotypes of men being concerned about the home Cash and women being concerned about their careers Shannon Although literature has traditionally presented the opposite in characterizing genders, it seems like we are already moving rapidly away from that It s time to stop perpetuating the idea that 20 something women are the best catch Yes, they are also great and yes, they are equally deserving of a dream romance and I certainly don t want them out of literature There is already just so much literature and pop culture that focuses on younger women Let s just not forget our equally valuable older women and give them a chance to be the romantic lead sometimes.Honestly, after the above was established, I sort of emotionally checked out from this book Which makes be sad, because the story is entertaining and enjoyable It s been a while since I read a romance novel and this one is not as stodgy and cliche as several that I remember It s definitely very modern in language and social issues If anything I wrote in the first paragraph doesn t bother you and you enjoy a good romance, this could definitely be a book for you to pick up.