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Ma directrice de th se m a dit d arr ter de travailler pour lire ce livre Je suis content de l avoir cout e. This is an absolutely gorgeous book Simon Muchat is a comics artist who s lost his direction in life He suffers from writer s block, and is stuck in a job that he hates He feels like he s going nowhere until he gets invited to appear at a comics convention in Portugal His family emigrated to France from Portugal, and he hasn t been there since he was a kid Once there, he feels the beginnings of a connection, and grows interested in his family history This is a very warm, rich graphic novel Pedrosa has a wonderful facility for faces and expressions The book is about Simon s inner journey out of the rut in which he finds himself Pedrosa heightens the feeling of being in a foreign country by having characters who speak untranslated Portuguese We learn the language as Simon does through gradual recognition of familiar words and phrases.Simon and his family are a delight to spend time with There s a very natural feel to the dialogue and the story s pacing All in all, this is one of the best graphic novels I ve read in quite a while Highly recommended [Read] ♔ Portugal ♵ Quand Un Retour Aux Sources Impr Vu Devient Renaissance Soi M MePlus Vraiment D Inspiration, Plus D Envies Et Pas De Projets, L Auteur De BD Simon Muchat V G Te Doucement Dans Son Boulot D Animateur Scolaire, Et Exasp Re Claire, Sa Compagne, Qui Le Voudrait Plus InvestiInvit Passer Quelques Jours Au Portugal, Dont Sa Famille Est Originaire Et O Il N Tait Plus All Depuis L Enfance, Il Va Y D Couvrir Une Autre Fa On D Exister Et D Tre Et Peut Tre Le D But D Une Nouvelle Inspiration I cherish this beautiful, warm, captivating book An artist going through a creative personal trough chafes against his girlfriend, his family, his clients, then finds new meaning in his life and work in his ancestral village in Portugal.It s a story that could only have been told as a graphic novel prose or even film wouldn t do it properly There are very few words, and the majority of those are banal smalltalk The artwork, taken as individual pieces, is for the most part not something to linger over But put the words and drawings together, and Pedrosa performs feats of narrative magic which, fittingly, I can t describe with nouns and verbs By not focusing on details of faces and places, we see past the surface, deep into each character s body language and attitude So much of the personality and communication is done without words At times the characters aren t even filled in, they float like ghosts over the backgrounds, creating moods and feelings beyond language and line.Even in this English translation, quite a bit of dialogue remains in Portuguese, which I kind of understand, but it almost doesn t matter if you don t, since the point is to share the protagonist s experience of immersion in a new, foreign place I bought this book because I was mainly interested in a cartoon narrative about Portugal It turns out that Portugal only accounts for around 1 4 of the book But I was completely overwhelmed at how deeply moved, and inspired, I was by the story, so than practically any novel I ve read or film I ve seen in a long time. Portugal has a special place in one of my tiny lists have visited and gonna visit again countries And I felt the streets, atmosphere, warm people of this beautiful country through this graphic novel once again.Perfect colors, perfect drawings.The story is also absorbing even if it is a kind of cliche A free spirit man who doesnt know what to do with his life investigates family history to know what to his life..etc..What i wanna say is I would not like this graphic novel that much if it didnt take place in Portugal.. Muhte em bir grafik roman lk okumam n ard ndan Karakarga taraf ndan dilimize de kazand r ld Pedrosa, otobiyografik kurgu anlat m nda, olmak, ait olmak, ba l olmak, fark nda olmak gibi de erleri muhte em paneller, u ucu hissi veren izgilerle anlat yor.G l bir hikaye, g l izimler, panel yerle imleri, grafik tasar m, renk kullan m okuru kitab n hatta Portekiz in i ine ekiyorKitab her a , her evrilen sayfa Pedrosa n n d nyas n , hikayesini tekrar okuma iste i do uruyor.Tekrar tekrar okunacak benzeri az olan bir grafik roman After reading Portugal, I immediately added Pedrosa to my TBR list Great style, in both story and art This tale winds through geography and family history, changing perspectives and focus in the story to different family members The main story revolves around Simon, an uninspired artist living in France He visits Portugal for a cousin s wedding and reconnects with family members he hasn t seen in decades, thus discovering himself and finding deeper inspiration A familiar trope, but a slightly different take a compelling story, beautifully illustrated. Une jolie histoire mais du mal rentrer dedans peut tre en partie cause des illustrations. Only way for me to describe this comic is very human It has a very natural flow and character. Karakarga seni seviyoruz ve her yeni yay nlad n z izgi roman merakla bekliyoruz.