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Oh my GOD, this book was so totally completely one of my favorites Packs a punch on every page I can still hear the dogs barking.My friend Erika who I was crushing on little 11 yo baby me and I would lie on my bed and read it silently together, turning pages It was too much It was heaven Ah..And it seemed, whenever I d get a bit older, I d pull it out again to check and see ifstuff in the book now made sense and if the book now made the new stuff in my life make sense Perfect. [[ READ EBOOK ]] ⇬ Harry and Hortense at Hormone High ⇲ Sophos Harry And Hortense Are Convinced They Re The Only Enlightened People In Their Messed Up, Miserable High School, Which Harry S Nicknamed Hormone High When Harry And Hartense Meet Jason Rohr, He Confides In Them That He Is The Last Hero Who Can Save The World, And He Asks Them To Help Him Achieve His Mission Then Harry And Hortense Discover Some Horrifying Information About Jason S Past Should Harry And Hortense Believe What They Ve Learned, Or Should They Continue To Help The Jason Who May Be The Last Real Life Hero Yet another I can t wait for this to happen to me in high school book, this time revolving around a young freak meeting another young freak and then meeting a mysterious stranger who may be crazy or MIGHT just be exactly what they need Totally dated, even by the time I read it, but that made me love it even . oh my god this book was really interestingits about these strangers who meet another stranger n its totally gets evenmysterious along the wayi jsut cant wait for this to happen in my high school but only one problemo i live in malaysia lol jsut for another 6 months hopefully Reminiscent of Paul Zindel s THE PIGMAN in many ways structure, style, themes, story arc , Harry and Hortense at Hormone High is a quick, bittersweet read that left me in quiet tears Zindel seems to have a knack for writing straightforward, but heartfelt tales with honest characters and understated depth and is becoming one of my favorite authors, as well as an excellent example of a writer who understands voice. Beautiful and sad But he also told his stories with a sense of humor. Zindel was so awesome. Underrated Zindel RIP.