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Originally posted at Fox does it again Having recently read The Virgin Proxy I was eagerly awaiting the story of Deorwynn s brother, Wulf The Craftsman is a superb read that stands alone in the Conqueror series Ms Fox is a master craftswoman when it comes to descriptions The tale begins with a vivid depiction of Raedwulf working in his shed, awaiting the dreaded arrival of his bride to be Soon she arrives and confusion ensues I never thought it possible, but I felt sorry for poor 29 year old virgin, Wulf My heart went out to him and I was than willing to teach him a few things myself However, he soon learns to take command and becomes a bit too primitive and rough for my taste Emma on the other hand was surprising I enjoyed seeing her transformation from a contained, proper, and quiet maiden to a lusty wench Oh, that wild thunderstorm I never knew rain could be so arousing The only sin that The Crasftman commits is that at times it can come off as just pure erotica than erotic romance Ms Fox draws picture after picture of lustful encounters from public masturbation to voyeurism from both a male and female point of view to male on male, trios, anal play with a specially crafted toy, anal sex But, love does surge between the characters It is a sweet love that appears little by little in the small little things and ends happily One of the things I particularly loved in this book was the reappearance of Thierry, a character which I already liked from before and which I was glad to get a little insight about I m hoping that Ms Fox gives him a tale of his own He definitely deserves it The Craftsman by Georgia Fox is a great, very vivid, very exciting read, recommended for any hot night. Amazing amazing.Loved the fast pace Loved the heroine Loved her straight forward approach to her sexuality and her calm when faced with a bad situation Loved the ending too Reverse cow girl in motion that was hot A circle of three that was amazing And of cause greek style on point couldn t stop imagining that Hot Thank you Wish there was I just didn t want the book to end. Georgia Fox has written one of the hottest novella s I have read in awhile This story has no paranormal elements, it s a love story.It fits the historical period and attitudes Wulf is a simple man and former Saxon slave hostage The King liked him and gave him his freedom with the added bonus of an arranged marriage that he doesn t want The Bride, a Norman named Emma is a widow who understands all she can offer is duty not love Both characters come to the marriage with the wrong attitude but soon the sparks fly There is every manner of naughty goings on in that bedchamber and a few other places.I loved this couple and the way they communicated I laughed out loud many times and almost blushed a few times too Wulf was so rough around the edges that I cringed than once when he bluntly spoke his mind He had no edit button on his words Emma was no wilting flower and was full of unexpected depth Wulf had been a virgin that quickly discovered that the sex thing offered opportunities for than fulfilling a husbandly duty Oh yeah, he got bit hard by the love bug.Erotica fans will enjoy everything about this story It s not very expensive in ebook format I will read of Ms Fox for certain. Surprising read I was not comfortable with some parts of this story and that affected my overall enjoyment. I am not above it. Phew, if you re looking for a hawt and I mean HAWT little number, this one s for you I didn t expect the wedding night to proceeed in this direction, lol I tagged it menage , but let s just say it ranks from 2 to 5 partners There s M M among other things And Wulf s unfiltered manner of speech is funny.If you think it s cold outside and want to warm up, The craftsman is perfect |DOWNLOAD EPUB ♍ The Craftsman ☢ Raedwulf, Son Of A Saxon Noble, Is Finally Released From William The Conqueror S Prison Unfortunately, This Amnesty Is Conditional On An Arranged Marriage, But He Just Wants To Be Left In Peace With His Carpentry The Last Thing He Needs Is A Woman Forced To Bed Him Out Of DutyEmma Is Newly Widowed Believed Barren, She Never Expected To Marry Again And Planned To Enter A Convent Instead, A Fateful Mistake Sends Her To This Quiet, Brooding Man, Who Spends Long Hours Alone With His Woodwork She S Stunned To Learn That Wulf Is A Virgin, Especially When She Sees The Magnificent Craftsman S Tool In His BreechesBefore They Are Parted By The Truth, Can She Teach Wulf To Use That Splendid, God Given Implement With The Same Skill As He Wields Those In His Workshop Or Will Emma Learn Some Lessons Of Her Own At The Hands Of The Craftsman Be Warned M F M, M M F, M M Scenes bit odd Enterteining and dirty, as usual Loved it I loved Wulf so much he was a wonderful man