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3.5 flameshttp www.demonloversbooksand.coOpening with a payroll coach robbery and ending with a demon getting his butt kicked, this novel has it all The Slayer is book 2 in a Western Steampunk plus vampires, shifters, and demons seriesgot my attention, that s for sure With the Jackson brothers, Remington, Colt and Winchester I just LOVE the gun names for the brothers each searching for a part of a book that had been separated into thirds, we enter into Winn s book The steamcoach is held up, and out steps a beautiful lady Winn s only complaint is that she s also a vampire.Winn comes from a line of Slayers, or Hunters He and his brothers are the Chosen, even if Winn doesn t want to admit it The vampires have come for his help, which is unusual for a couple reasons One, the vampires live in Transylvania Two, Winn doesn t help Darkin, he hunts them And three, there are plenty of Hunters in Europe, why come all the way to America, to the Wild West, to find him What is it they really want from him The author is very descriptive, and it s easy to picture the landscape, the characters, the setting, as evidenced by adding in the newly completed Brooklyn Bridge nice touch I had a harder time picturing some of the Steampunk gadgetry Unfortunately the Steampunk aspect wasn t utilized to its fullest potential, in my opinion I m sad to say that I feel we could take out all Steampunk aspects from this book and you wouldn t notice It s like, add an airship and goggles and your PNR becomes instant Steampunk It s a fantastic plot, but I wantthan a few gadgets thrown in here and there That being said, I did buy the first book in this series so I can find out all about Colt and Lilly I really enjoy the author s voice and writing style, and I will definitely be reading the next book This is a quote I really liked because I feel it really described Winn, the hero who I totally pictured as Kurt Russell from Wyatt Earp so hotWhy is it you prefer to operate behind the curtains He tugged at the edge of his mustache When you live life in the shadows, the spotlight s a shade too bright for comfortthanks to Kensington for the ARC (((FREE PDF))) ☛ The Slayer ☛ Brothers Winchester, Remington, And Colt Know The Legends They Were Trained From Childhood To Destroy Demon Predators, Wielding The Latest Steam Powered Gadgetry It S A Devil Of A Job But Sometimes Your Fate Chooses You Chasing Trouble Winn Jackson Isn T Interested In Hunting Nightmares Across The Wild West Even If It S The Family Business Unlike His Rakehell Brothers, Winn Believes In Rules As Sheriff Of Bodie, California, He Only Shoots Actual Law Breakers That S What He S Doing When He Rescues The Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter, A Lady With All The Elegance Of The Old World Grace, Beauty And Class And Then He Sees Her Fangs Alexandra Isn T Just Some Bloodsucking Damsel In Distress, Though She S On A Mission To Save Her People And She S Dead Certain That Winn S Family Legacy Is The Only Way Luckily, Aside From Grace And Class, She Also Has A Stubborn Streak A Mile Wide So Like It Or Not, Winn Is Going To Come Back With Her To The Mountains Of Transylvania, And While He S At It, Change His Opinions About Vampires, Demon Hunting, And Who Exactly Deserves Shooting And If She Has Her Way, He S Going To Do His Darnedest To Save The World Meyers Puts The Steam In Steampunk Cherry Adair I received this book through goodreads first readsAnd I absolutely loved it A big thanks to my girlfriend, Jillyn, who spotted it for me 3 I was captivated by the writing and the story, and I realize I was a fool for taking so long to finish it Despite not having the pleasure of reading the first book, I felt in no way lost to the continuing story, Theresa did a fantastic job of connecting the major plots in the first book to the second The story is fantastic and has brought me to appreciate and admire the Steampunk genre , I ve been fascinated with it since I learned of it and this has opened me up to it so muchAnd as an avid supporter of star crossed lovers, the pairing of Slayer Winchester Jackson and the vampire Contessa Drossenburg was a beautiful match Not only do they have an untameable attraction to each other, but they are human and vampire, both hunt the other for survival, and not to mention the Lady Drossenburg is of Noble birth and Winchester a mere American law man But they are forced to work side by side to save the world from the sadistic archdemon, Rathe, who wants to bring in his new world order.I ve grown attached to these characters, to Winn most of all and on an emotional level He is everything I am and wish to be loyal to a fault, protective, strong, knowing his place in the world and accepting the fact he can t change it He is a passionate person and it is clear he would do anything for his brothers and the love of his life, he has made me laugh with him, smile with him, scream in anger and frustration with him, and even cry with him He is a powerful character and Theresa is a powerful writer for allowing me to connect so well That being said, I am cursing the fact that I do not yet have the third book because I want to know what happens I was content not having read the first though I would like to, I know it s going to be as good as the second but I am just itching to get my hands on the third one It s like Harry Potter all over again Must Read More All in all, this was a great book The writing was beautiful and inspirational, I loved it I highly recommend it to those who love vampires, adventure, suspense, romance, and love that prevails and over comes all odds Happy reading everyone Dollar store find, looked interesting Now to find the first book 3.5 StarsWinn Jackson isn t interested in hunting nightmares across the Wild West even if it s the family business Unlike his rakehell brothers, Winn believes in rules As sheriff of Bodie, California, he only shoots actual law breakers That s what he s doing when he rescues the Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter, a lady with all the elegance of the Old World grace, beauty and class And then he sees her fangs.Alexandra isn t just some bloodsucking damsel in distress, though She s on a mission to save her people and she s dead certain that Winn s family legacy is the only way Luckily, aside from grace and class, she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide So like it or not, Winn is going to come back with her to the mountains of Transylvania, and while he s at it, change his opinions about vampires, demon hunting, and who exactly deserves shooting And if she has her way, he s going to do his darnedest to save the world.Ok, this was interesting I find myself very intrigued by the world that the brothers inhabit and I think that Theresa Meyers does a great job of painting the landscape so that you can understand the time frame and just where they are in general I loved the nod to the new Brooklyn Bridge.Alexa was intriguing I liked the fact that she didn t hide the fact that she was a vampire and most of the reason they were attempting to back the brothers was because Rathe s plan would dry up the food source Yes, she did take care to be gentle and it seemed it wasn t ever fully described that at least the vampires with Alexa only fed from those who were a littlewilling than not I also liked her inquisitiveness and her wonder about all things, especially any of Marley s inventions I also liked how quickly she picked up on Winn s issues with the dark and tried to talk him down when things might have gotten to be a little too much.I found myself wanting a little bitabout Winchester Yes, he flat out said that he didn t want to be a Hunter any, but it just feels like there d beento his reasoning besides his mother and Colt He commented both out loud and internally a couple of times that anyone who loved him had a tendency to wind up dead Which is part of why he was trying not to feel anything for Alexa But, that s technically only one person who s dead, so how can one death that wasn t his fault, no matter what he wants to think and one almost drowning, granted that did include some permanent injury, but how does that equal everyone who loves me ends up dead I just wantedon those feelings Again, I can kind of understand it, he mentioned several times about how he didn t feel like he was necessarily cut out to be a Hunter But there wasn t really any in depth exploration Or maybe I just wantedI did like the way Winn tried to be a gentleman with Alexa, evenas he started to see her asthan a vampire who wanted to help stop the end of the world The way he started watching out for her, even knowing she could protect herself, but he still did his best to pay attention to potential problems and try to either get through it faster than not or do what he could to keep her from having to deal with whatever the issue I do wish that he d actually gotten to punch Frobisher in his smug little face, but I guess the way things really ended kind of worked too.I liked getting to see a littleof the original Hunters and how the book came to be separated It was also interesting to see how long the Chosen have been prophesied, and the way that it ties into the Jackson brothers. My Rating 3.5 stars Liked it recommend B You have to love a book that starts out in the middle of a stage coach robbery Taunting and name calling leads to four guns cocked and aimed at our hero, Winchester Jackson And then all hell breaks loose when the an enchanting contessa climbs off the coach and proceeds to slaughter the entire gang of outlaws The Slayer starts off with a bang and rarely slows down The Slayer is the second book in the Legend Chronicles trilogy, overlapping in content and time with the first book, The Hunter Although you need not have read the first book in the series to enjoy The Slayer, a bit of background is helpful The books are set in a steampunked version of the wild west, where it has been prophesied that the Jackson brothers are the Chosen who will bring together the three pieces of the lost Book of Legend and defeat the evil demon lord, Rathe.This book follows the adventures of Winn, the eldest of the Jackson brothers, each trained as a Hunter defenders of humans against the Darkin and each with a bit of a chip on his shoulder Winn has given up tracking down and hunting the paranormal and supernatural beings that roam the earth, but when the Contessa Alexa Drossenburg, a vampire, asks him for help, he finds it hard to say no Winn finds that the pull of being a Hunter is too strong and agrees to help the vampires recover a piece of the Book of Legend and brother Colt telling him to do so helps influence the decision.I very much enjoyed The Slayer, even a bitthan the first book there was less detailed world building andof an organic growth to the mythology and story The action and tempo, which was fast paced during the action scenes, but a bit slower during the inter personal time, was entertaining.The romance between Winn and Alexa aka Tessa was slow but smoldering I felt the pace of their courtship was fitting as they took the time to learnabout each other They are natural enemies each having to learn to accept the other and that preconceived notions aren t always true Their mutual attraction is powerful, and while neither deny their attraction to the other, they each hope to keep it in check They never forget who they are, but see uniqueness in the other how the other is different from any Darkin Hunter they ve met before And although it takes all book for them to finally consummate their relationship, the story is filled with sexy glances, simmering touches and smokin kisses This is one of the wonderfully vivid examples As she walked by, the tantalizing scent of sweet female filled his nose and the satin of her dress made the sounds of sheets moving on a bed I did feel that there were some inconsistencies with the Darkin and powers during the course of the story For example, Tessa has the ability to dematerialize and reappear in another location Yet in the middle of the story there were a few times where she unnecessarily put herself at great risk by physically jumping from one place to another In addition, I felt that the time pressure Winn and Tessa kept placing on themselves Winn was counting off minutes as time slips away, yet they have a couple of weeks to get the job done was a bit dramatic While these things aren t deal breakers, it did bother me enough that I made note of it a few times while reading I also wantedfrom with Rathe, the bad guy His presence wasof an assumed one until the very end I hope he has a bigger role in the final story In addition, I am looking forward to seeing how some of the open ended pieces conclude, especially those involving inventor friend, Marley Overall The Slayer is a delightful story I loved that it fed directly from last book The flow of the story was mostly spot on, and even when it did get a little slow, it wasn t repetitive I am most certainly looking forward to the next story The Chosen, March 2013 to see how it will all wrap up. The Jackson brothers are on a mission They may not believe the rumors that they are the prophesized Chosen, but they can t let evil reign They need to find the three sections of the Book of Legend It will take recombining the Book to stop the archdemon lord, Rathe, from opening the Gates of Nyx, a portal between the human and Darkin realm.Many years ago Winchester Jackson gave up hunting for the quiet life He prefers being the sheriff for Bodie over hunting down Darkin, the supernatural children of the night that prey on humans Things are heating up though and the Darkin are seeking out Winn All he wants is to be left alone, but when the Darkin want your help to stop their enemy, you tend to take notice Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter has come to persuade Winchester to aid her people with finding the last third of the Book Vampires have guarded the Book for over six centuries and it has been stolen One would think they wouldn t want or need the help of a hunter, but when their way of life and food supply are being threatened, they will do anything to stop the threat, including working with their sworn enemy Winn and Alexandra s adventure takes them around the world From the first moment they meet, they are attracted to each other Their attraction almost jumps off the pages While this book is very light on sex, it is filled with sexual tension These are two people, who should not want each other, but something is pulling them together and there seems to be nothing they can do about it The Slayer may be book two in The Legend Chronicles, but personally I think it could be read anytime so far in the series The Hunter and The Slayer run simultaneously While The Hunter goes into a littledetail of the battle ahead, there is enough information in The Slayer, you won t be lost.I m sorry to say, but I m just not feeling this book 100% The story as a whole is good I love the idea, but something was missing Character development focused mainly on the two protagonists, leaving me wanting in regards to secondary characters and the villain In fact, the villain didn t seem very villain ish at all However, Rathe s evil behavior does play a larger role in The Hunter He almost seemed like an afterthought in this book He loomed in the background and then once the showdown was upon us, it was just over The ending is probably one of the most rushed I have ever read I was getting down to the last dozen pages thinking something was wrong It can t be ending and then suddenly was resolved There was tons of build up and then a simple unfulfilling resolution This might be something that would be hard to remedy though All three brothers need to find their portion of the Book before there can be a conclusion I am not sure how it will all play out, but I am still interested in the outcome.TheI think about it, I can see this series improving once all the books are written This would allow the reader to enjoy the books as one big novel The Slayer didn t even have a cliffhanger It just left me hanging While it may appear that I don t like the series, I really do It s is action packed and the universe is fun to read about That is probably the genius of Ms Meyers I am frustrated with this particular book, but the desire to know what is going to happen is pulling me in and holding on I believe this series is still a winner and I m looking forward to Remington s story, The Chosen It is scheduled for release March 2013 There is also a rumor of a novella for the fun and funky inventor of the series, Marley Turlock It looks like it should be coming out late 2012, YAY Originally published at Reading RealityThis Slayer is not in high school, and there s no one named Spike involved.Although strangely enough, there IS a Hellmouth, or near enough, and Winn Jackson needs to close it He s also crazy enough to get himself involved with a vampire.So there are a few coincidences.But Winn s vampire is Countess Drossenburg She s helping him find one third of the Book of Legends Not out of the goodness of her no longer beating heart.But because if the Archdemon Rathe opens the Gates of Nyx, he ll enslave all the humans, and the vampires will lose their food source.Enlightened self interest is a powerful motivator, even for vampires Vladimir, Alexandra s cousin, emperor, and betrothed in pretty much that order or importance to her sent her to America to bring the oldest brother of the Chosen to Europe.Why To find the part of the Book that Rathe s allies had stolen from Vlad s castle.Winn decides to go along for the ride Not because he believes that he and his brothers are the Chosen, but because he s still their big brother, and he still needs to protect them.And because he finds Alexa tempting as hell, in spite of her being Darkin, and his sworn enemy as a Hunter He needs her to find that damn book.Anything to stop Rathe.Alexa hasn t felt anything since her husband died, two centuries ago She does not want to be tempted by this Hunter who sees her as an ememy But adventuring with Winn makes her feel something she hasn t felt in centures Winn makes her feel alive.Alexa wants to step aside from the temptation he represents, but Vlad orders her to protect Winn Alexa obeys, in spite of the prophecy that says she will betray all she holds dear, and will die at the hands of the one she loves.Will it be worth the cost Can they stop Rathe before it is too late Escape Rating B The Book of Legends series is an absolutely grand adventure of the Indiana Jones school of death defying deeds and thrills and chills on every page I would say it s a fantastic lark, except that the fate of the world hangs in the balance.The beginning of the story runs in parallel to The Hunter It shows exactly the same events, just told from Winn s point of view instead of Colt s, so there is a bit of repetition The Slayer even uses the same dialog It s good for the story that this doesn t go on too long.Winn s story branches off when Winn leaves on the Countess airship for Europe Then things get really interesting, but there are similarities to the previous book in the series.The theme of unresolved sexual tension does ratchet up the stress in both books These two people are not supposed to get together So they resist mightily throughout the story, only giving in very late in the game While it made sense in both Colt s and Winn s books, I hope Remy s story follows at least a slightly different path.I adored the ship and crew of Le Renaud When Winn and his vampire need to return to America, they find an all female pirate ship to take them back Every scene with the pirates was terrific I think we ll be seeingof them, because of some backstory, and that s going to be fascinating.Meyers definitely puts the steam in steampunk, as the cover blurb says, but it sthan that This adventure romps across Europe, and getsinventive andwild with every mile it travels Whew what a blast Book Two in the Legend Chronicles series focuses mainly on Winchester Jackson and his part in the quest to retrieve sections of the Book of Legend.Book Two actually overlaps certain sections of Book One We see parts of Book One that were originally told from the points of view of both Colt and Lilly, rewritten in Book Two and told from the points of view of Winchester and his vampire companion Alexandra.The story begins in the Wild West, outside of Bodie, CA sometime in the year 1883.Winchester Winn Jackson is the oldest Jackson brother Because of events that happened when he was younger, Winn gave up the life of a Hunter some 10 years prior Winn harbors a horrible nightmare from his youth The event helped him decide that fighting Darkin wasn t worth it Too many people lost their lives, including those that ever became close to a Hunter.Lady Alexandra Alexa Porter, Contessa Drossenburg, emissary of His Vampire Imperial Majesty, Emporer Vladimir the Fifth how would you like to try and fit that on a business card is sent to solicit the help of the The Chosen The vampires 2nd third of the Book of Legend has been housed in the royal vampire castle for several years but was recently stolen The vampires fear that if Rathe allows the Gates of Nyx to be opened up, vampires will become extinct due to the demons taking control and murdering, kidnapping, or enslaving the very thing that sustains them Blood from humans.The electricity between Alexa and Winn is unmistakable As much as Winn tries to deny it, his feelings for her grow at an alarming rate throughout their time together Alexa has a hard time believing that she s drawn to a mortal as strongly as she is She hasn t felt this way about anyone in hundreds of years I love their connection The fact that they are natural enemies human vs predatory vampire creates a long dialogue of should we, or shouldn t we scenarios that leave Winn and Alexa frustrated inthan one way.The ultimate quest to locate the stolen piece of the Book of Legend takes Winn and Alexa on some crazy and dangerous adventures Uniting against the common enemy who would be Rathe The Demonlord isn t easy for either the human or the vampire The human was trained to kill the vampire and the vampire was trained to eat the human While Winn and Alexa don t entire trust one another, they manage to unite into a solid front and work together.Theresa Meyers world building continues in Book Two, taking us to an entirely different continent, in search of Part 2 of the Book of Legend We get to watch Winn morph from a Wild West Sheriff back into the fighter he was trained to be by his Hunter father The character development continues as well since we get a whole new set of characters to add to the few from Book One There are just as many references to steampunk in The Slayer as were in The Hunter As I noted in the Book One review This novel has a great combination of Steampunk, Romance, Adventure, and Paranormal elements.I enjoyed The Slayer very much and will be starting Book 3 soon Review Copy Courtesy Of My Local Library. The Slayer By Theresa MeyersCopyright April 2012Publisher Zebra Paranormal Romance Brothers Winchester, Remington, and Colt know the legends they were trained from childhood to destroy demon predators, wielding the latest steam powered gadgetry It s a devil of a job But sometimes your fate chooses you Chasing Trouble Winn Jackson isn t interested in hunting nightmares across the Wild West even if it s the family business Unlike his rakehell brothers, Winn believes in rules As sheriff of Bodie, California, he only shoots actual law breakers That s what he s doing when he rescues the Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter, a lady with all the elegance of the Old World grace, beauty and class And then he sees her fangs Alexandra isn t just some bloodsucking damsel in distress, though She s on a mission to save her people and she s dead certain that Winn s family legacy is the only way Luckily, aside from grace and class, she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide So like it or not, Winn is going to come back with her to the mountains of Transylvania, and while he s at it, change his opinions about vampires, demon hunting, and who exactly deserves shooting And if she has her way, he s going to do his darnedest to save the world It s just a normal day in the life of Sheriff Winn Jackson He s stopping an attempted stage robbery Hoss Dalton has his head and rifle sticking into the window of the weekly stage and Winn is trying to talk him into backing down and tossing him the rifle, otherwise his head would be blown clear off his shoulders At the same time Dalton s henchmen have cocked their weapons with the intent of shooting Winn and possibly killing everyone while taking whatever money and goods are on the coach While Hoss and Winn are discussing the matter, the steps of the stagecoach drop down and a woman elegantly exits the coach saying Is there a problem gentleman We are now introduced to the next player in our story The Contessa Drossenburg, and here s where the story goes totally south The Contessa Transforms from a lovely lady into a fearsome vampire in front of the two men She then proceeds to wipe out the Dalton boys in the blink of an eye The Contessa asks Winn if he knows Sheriff Jackson, and he admits that he is the Sheriff The Contessa wants Winn to help find their lost copy of the 2nd part of the book, and he initially says NO Things move on and he finally agrees We are taken on a tour of Europe and meet all sorts of characters who want Winn to fail, or die Winn and the Contessa reach an accord and work together very well You ll just have to read the book to find out the rest of the story All I ll tell you is that it is one surprise after another With a fantastic ending FTC Full Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher, who only requested a fair and impartial review SPECIAL GIVEAWAY. 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