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2.5 starsYou know maybe I should have read the full length vampire romance MUST LOVE VAMPIRES But you know what even with out reading it, I found this to be a nice fast little read And I did enjoy reading it. I give it 3 1 2 stars only because it was way to short.I read alot of Vampire books, only because their so interesting to read I enjoy reading love stories but it s muchwhen it envolves supernatural character s I would recommend this book and all the other Vampire Books I read to those who love reading Love stories and Vampires. @Free Book ⚧ One Last Bite ⚛ In ONE LAST BITE, National Bestselling Author Heidi Betts Brings You The Tantalizing Happily Ever After Finale To Her Full Length Vampire Romance MUST LOVE VAMPIRES Visit HeidiBetts For Details Must Love Vampires Is Drop Dead Funny If You Are In A Bad Mood, Pick This Book Up And I Swear You Will Laugh Your Butt Off Must Love Vampires Is A Guaranteed Pick Me Up Heidi Betts S Must Love Vampires Features Wondrous Characters And Killer Plots Guaranteed To Make You Giggle And Swoon JoyfullyReviewed Heidi Betts Pens Another Culinary Masterpiece For Our Reading Pleasure Must Love Vampires Is Filled With Humorused In Such A Way As To Delight And Entrance The Reader This Story Will Take Its Place On Your Keeper Shelf SingleTitles Well for goodness sakes, I wasn t paying attention enough to realize this was only an epilogue smacking self on head I read it and was like What the heck Where is the rest of the story Anyhow what I read was not enough for me to form an opinion on so I can only give it the one star.What little I read soundedlike a pair of vampire brothers married a pair of human sisters and they were gonna tour the world because they were oh so rich and able to. I didn t realize when I picked this up that it was a eplog to another book It was very sweet with some humor thrown in Made me want to knowabout the characters and their backstory so now I m in the market for another worthless short short story Didn t tell a story at all More like a scene that has no purpose with too many characters for a short story Might be interesting if you ve read the novels in this series, but having not read them I didn t get any sense or hook of why I d want to knowabout this group of 5 One Last Bite is nothingthan a super short teaser to ensnare the reader into the world of Heidi Betts Must Love Vampires Is it entertaining Sure But unless you intend to commit to ANOTHER vampire paranormal romance series, reading this little nugget of nothingness is simply a waste of your time. Don t be fooled, this is not a short story butan introduction to the full length book I only gave it 2 stars because there wasn t much of a plot It did, however, pique my interest in reading the full length novel at a later date. An epilogue to provide readers with a glimpse into the lives of Sebastian and Charlotte one year later.One year later and there has been another wedding, this time the bride wore white and was married inside the casino her husband owns The bride and groom are extremely happy and enjoying a family vacation along with Aiden, Chloe and Jake Even Vampires can have a happily ever after.Please read Must Love Vampires before you read this epilogue It s a great addition to the story.This is a free story through Smashwords for the readers. Short storyFirst off, Jake talks like he s 3 but if he s lost his two front teeth, then he s 6 or 7 I think the author doesn t remember what kids that age sound like The rest of the story was double entendres with winks and nudges So overall the story was a little too much sweet for me 3 stars