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READ PDF ⚣ The Scarlet Letter µ Delve Into The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne S Meditation On Human Alienation And Its Effect On The Soul In This Story Set In Seventeenth Century Massachusetts And Be Dazzled By Literature In Nathaniel Hawthorne S Dark Novel, The Scarlet Letter, A Single Sinful Act Ruins The Lives Of Three People None So Than Hester Prynne, A Young, Beautiful, And Dignified Woman, Who Conceived A Child Out Of Wedlock And Receives The Public Punishment Of Having To Always Wear A Scarlet A On Her Clothing She Refuses To Reveal The Father Of Her Child, Which Could Lighten Her Sentence Her Husband, The Aptly Named Roger Chillingworth, Who Hester Thought Had Died In A Shipwreck But Was Actually Being Held Captive By Native Americans, Arrives At The Exact Moment Of Her Deepest Public Shaming And Vows To Get Revenge Her Lover, Arthur Dimmesdale, Remains Safely Unidentified, But Is Wracked With Guilt Though Originally Published In , The Story Is Set In Seventeenth Century Massachusetts Among Hawthorne S Puritan Ancestors In The Scarlet Letter, He Created A Story That Highlighted Both Their Weaknesses And Their Strengths His Knowledge Of Their Beliefs And His Admiration For Their Way Of Life Was Balanced By His Concerns About Their Rigid And Oppressive RulesComplete And Unabridged, This Elegantly Designed, Clothbound Edition Features An Elastic Closure And A New Introduction By Mike Lee Davis So I finally got to find out for myself what the majority of American high schoolers are subjected to, and while I see the importance of a story like this and the ideas it presents in 1850, I think the subject matter is both outdated and irrelevant today One might, of course, choose to point out that Hester Prynne s antics would still today be considered immoral in certain parts of the world, however the difference is that they probably wouldn t treat her so leniently as this seventeenth century puritan community in Boston did Therefore, it is neither applicable nor particularly shocking The most surprising thing was that she didn t get hung for her crime in the 1600s a time when people were attached to boulders, thrown in a lake, and if they drowned they were innocent, and if they survived they were burnt as witches.I think the main problem for me is that a lot of The Scarlet Letter relies on the religious aspect instead of the social aspect It s much harder to appreciate the tragedy of that blemish on Hester s soul when you re not religious I expected a lotostracising and name calling from other members of the community but most people talked to Hester like she d done nothing wrong though, they tended to stare at her scarlet letter and her bad reputation didn t seem to affect her life massively Like I said, Hester Prynne s real struggle was with how God saw her and if she could be forgiven in the afterlife.In fact, it didn t seem to me like much of the main story was about the scarlet letter attached to her bosom If you don t know the story, basically Hester Prynne commits adultery that results in the birth of an illegitimate child, the ministers then rule that she should be forced to wear a scarlet letter A for the rest of her life so she will be publicly shamed This is at the beginning in the first couple of chapters After that, the story is about finding out the identity of the father no mystery at all , interactions between Hester and her husband, and the growth of Hester s illegitimate and really annoying child.The greatest strength of The Scarlet Letter is that it gives us Hester one of the early strong female protagonists She is farfeisty and willing to stand up for herself than most Austen for one example characters, but she also lacks the depth of personality that other nineteenth century female creations have But, beyond the scandal, I m just not sure this book is worthy of its popularity I had a look on sparknotes to try and see why the novel earned its masterpiece badge, and many of the techniques and themes explored are such as the use of night and day to be symbolic and the choice of namesChillingworth is cold and inhuman and thus brings a chill to Hester s and Dimmesdale s lives Prynne rhymes with sin, while Dimmesdale suggests dimness weakness, indeterminacy, lack of insight, and lack of will, all of which characterize the young minister The name Pearl evokes a biblical allegorical device the pearl of great price that is salvation If it is this kind of small attention to details that makes a story so brilliant for you, then you might just love The Scarlet Letter But I prefer something bigger, that moves or inspires or angers me I don t want to have to analyse a text to discover how great it is, partly because I believe you can see symbolism in anything if you look hard enough see Shakespeare It s not that I mind this nitty gritty stuff being there, but I think it s a poor substitute for well developed characters and plot. Hester walked across the room She stepped upon her left foot, her right foot, and then her left foot again One wonders, why doth she, in this instance of walking across the room, begin her journey upon the left foot and not the right Could it be her terrible sin, that the devil informeth the left foot just as he informeth the left hand and those bewitched, left handed persons amongst us Why, forsooth, doth the left foot of sin draggeth the innocent right foot along its wretched journey from one side of the room to the other She walked across the room, I tell you Guilty feet hath got no rhythm The story, not bad The style, unreadable Here is who I would recommend this book to people who like sentences with 4 or 5 thoughts, and that are paragraph length so that they are nearly impossible to understand because by the time the end, of the sentence, has been reached the beginning, and whatever meaning it contained, has been forgotten and the point is lost. I found my old high school review of this book Here s a little bit of my assessment Apologiese in advance If there is a hell, Hawthorne is the devil s sidekick, and the first thing you re given after the stark realization that you re in hell, on fire, and this is going to last forever is this book And you have to do a 10 page paper praising the wondrous virtues of this massive waste of time And after you ve finished writing in your own blood, mind you your stupid paper, you are given another essay topic dealing with this same insipid book Congratulations, this is what you ll be doing for eternity.Haha, I really DID NOT LIKE this book in HS, and it s part of the reason why I have always been apprehensive about US literature especially the classics.Now I m a TEACHER and I m going to revisit this monolith of high school trauma and I ll go into it with as much of an open mind as possible I did the same thing with Old Man and the Sea I remember loathing that book when I read it my freshmen year and the second time around I LIKED IT I did not like either book because my teachers did not do a good job of selling it to me There was little to no background, no setup, no explanation as to why we should read this other than ED Hirsch said you have to, so go read it Teaching 101 never have your students read a book that you yourself do not enjoy I think my teachers disliked both books, and it rubbed off on their students.