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Spiritual touchstoneTop shelf material no matter what faith one subscribes to Specifically pertinent to those questioning the need for faith at all Clearly lays out what paganism is and isn t, and points out pitfalls newcomers should sidestep for spiritual growth He gives relatable examples of the need for the divine in our lives, and how the willful separation from the divine that is encouraged by modern, materialistic, humanist culture does not enrich us, but deprives us an essential part of the human experience There is also a great discussion on the runes, and how they are interlocking and interrelated concepts instead of phonetic symbols. DOWNLOAD ♴ Summoning the Gods ♫ Neo Paganism Is The Attempt To Revive The Polytheistic Religions Of Old Europe But How Can One Just Invent Or Reinvent An Authentic, Living Faith Or Are Modern Neo Pagans Just Engaged In Elaborate Role Playing Games In SUMMONING THE GODS, Collin Cleary Argues That The Gods Have Not Died Or Forsaken Us So Much As We Have Died To Or Forsaken Them Modern Civilization Including Much Of Modern Neo Paganism Springs From A Mindset That Closes Man Off To The Divine And Traps Us In A World Of Our Own Creations Drawing Upon Sources From Taoism To Heidegger, Collin Cleary Describes How We Can Attain An Attitude Of Openness That May Allow The Gods To Return In These Nine Wide Ranging Essays, Collin Cleary Also Explores The Nordic Pagan Tradition, Tantrism, The Writings Of Alain De Benoist, Karl Maria Wiligut, And Alejandro Jodorowski, And Patrick McGoohan S Classic Television Series The Prisoner Cleary S Essays Are Models Of How To Combine Clarity And Wit With Spiritual Depth And Intellectual Sophistication An interesting mix of philosophy and general categorisation of pagan belief and the entities most commonly worshipped with some recourse to the Greeks and Romans thrown in to good effect A few interesting chapters on Elder Futhark and how to interpret the runes.The author is clearly a scholar and incorporates his philosophical background into his beliefs I enjoyed it, and I think anyone with a eclectic interest in pagan beliefs and philosophy will enjoy this book. A book that beginner pagans need to be exposed to early on, as it is understands and intimates the reader with what the mind of a pagan is This should become a staple Colin Cleary captures much of what would be considered core theology in the heathen religion.This book focuses mainly on philosophy and the justifications and implications for a spiritual tradition that is often as hard to nail as water I would recommend this book to any pagan I might also recommend it to atheists or even adherents of other religions who are curious about paganism. Dense Very dense The chapters I liked were worth the entire book I will be returning to the one on the runes often The chapter on the missing man in Norse legend discussed Norse myth in light of the reconstructed Indo European and that was another essay that just dazzled me About half were not so useful as they discussed authors and one film director whose work I do not yet know I recommend this book only part way.