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{Read Book} Ä A Streetcar Named Desire õ The Pulitzer Prize And Drama Critics Circle Award Winning Play Reissued With An Introduction By Arthur Miller Death Of A Salesman And The Crucible , And Williams Essay The World I Live In It Is A Very Short List Of Th Century American Plays That Continue To Have The Same Power And Impact As When They First Appeared Years After Its Broadway Premiere, Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire Is One Of Those Plays The Story Famously Recounts How The Faded And Promiscuous Blanche DuBois Is Pushed Over The Edge By Her Sexy And Brutal Brother In Law, Stanley Kowalski Streetcar Launched The Careers Of Marlon Brando, Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter, And Karl Malden, And Solidified The Position Of Tennessee Williams As One Of The Most Important Young Playwrights Of His Generation, As Well As That Of Elia Kazan As The Greatest American Stage Director Of The S And S Realmente, no se puede leer la obra sin ver a Brando o a Leigh encarnando a Stanley Kowalski y Blanche DuBois Hay im genes de la pel cula de Elia Kazan imposibles de olvidar, que se imponen a la mente sin remedio Sin embargo, la obra de teatro difiere de ella en algunos aspectos importantes Empezando por el final, qu Hollywood impuso y que es radicalmente distinto al que ide el autor Tambi n tuvieron que omitirse las menciones que en la obra se hacen a la homosexualidad y es menos evidente la escena de la violaci n Y entre todos estos cambios hay que hacer menci n especial al papel que interpreta Brando La obra es la lucha entre dos mundos, que, sin embargo, parecen moverse por el mismo motor, el deseo, y est enmarcada en la historia de una vida tr gica construida bajo el peso de las circunstancias y en complicidad con un temperamento y un car cter incapaces de sobreponerse a ellas Este fue el caso de Laura, la hija tullida de El zoo de cristal, y este es el caso de Blanche Dubois, un personaje que tambi n comparte rasgos con Amanda, la manipuladora madre de Laura, que sufre el contraste de vivir una existencia vulgar, rodeada de cosas y personas vulgares, tras una infancia y juventud esplendorosa vivida entre damas y caballeros Blanche es una v ctima del viejo mundo, rico, elegante, clasista y esclavista, apegado a la tierra, a las normas incuestionables y a las tradiciones, un mundo en decadenciaNo quiero realismo Quiero magia S , s , magia Trato de darle eso a la gente Le tergiverso las cosas No le digo la verdad Le digo lo que debiera ser la verdadEn el otro lado del ring se encuentra el pragmatismo de un capitalismo que no entiende de honores ni respeta estatus Stanley es decidido, firme, sin dobleces, sentimental, un ser primario siempre con miedo a que se tambalee su posici n de macho alfa, nada amigo de contemporizar, un extranjero que reniega de sus ra ces, una fuerza de la naturaleza que, con la ayuda del esnobismo aristocr tico de Blanche y de esa idea tan roussoniana sobre lo natural, nos empuja a simpatizar con l en un principio solo en un principio Dec a Tennesse WilliamsNo creo en h roes y villanos, creo tan s lo que las personas toman el buen o el mal camino, y no por elecci n, sino por necesidad o por ciertas influencias que les afectan y todav a no comprenden, por sus circunstancias y por sus antecedentesYo s creo en buenas y malas personas, yo s creo que existe el mal y que este no es solo consecuencia de las circunstancias, aunque s pueden propiciarlo y amplificarlo Yo s creo que Stanley Kowalsky es un ser ego sta y ruin, dominante y col rico, un maltratador que enmascara sus miedos y su necesidad de dominaci n en el af n de rescatar a su familia de las garras de la ninf mana Blanche y a la que impone su justo castigo por sus cuantiosas perversiones Quiz el final de la pel cula era necesario para contrarrestar esa imagen magn tica que Brando transmit a Y en medio de la lucha, Stella, la mujer de Stanley y hermana de Blanche, educada y acostumbrada a otros modos y a otros escenarios, se ha adaptado bien al mundo de su marido al que es capaz de perdonar una y otra vez sus ataques de c lera Puede que, una vez ca do el tel n, no tarde en descubrir qui n es en realidad Stanley Kowalski y reciba as el justo castigo por lo que no quiso impedir, de la misma forma que lo recibi Blanche, trastornada por los remordimientos al haber despreciado anta o a otro ser tan angustiado por sus conflictos personales como ella ahora. He is of medium height, about five feet eight or nine, and strongly, compactly built Animal joy in his being is implicit in all his movements and attitudes Since earliest manhood the center of his life has been pleasure with women, the giving and taking of it, not with weak indulgence, dependency, but with the power and pride of a richly feathered male bird among hens Branching out from this complete and satisfying center are all the auxiliary channels of his life, such as his heartiness with men, his appreciation of rough humor, his love of good drink and food and games, his car, his radio, everything that is his, that bears his emblem of the gaudy seed bearer He sizes women up at a glance, with sexual classifications, crude images flashing into his mind and determining the way he smiles at them Stanley Kowalski is the male equivalent of Faulkner s Dewey Dell who proclaims I feel like a wet seed wild in the hot blind earth Here is raw, primal, lustful sexuality that pulses and seduces a reader or audience Stell lahhhhh The poker scene was made famous by Brando s performance and Kazan s brilliant direction, but before the 1951 award winning film was Tennessee Williams masterful scene of primitive love and attraction I ve always depended on the kindness of strangers Blanche DuBois is an archetypal feminine tragic figure on the literary scale with Hemingway s Lady Brett But whereas Brett is the domineering, tyrannical alpha female, Blanche s contribution to our dramatic culture is of the damaged, broken woman, heir to an inheritance that is literally and metaphorically lost.Tennessee Williams New Orleans play, with the blue piano and polka music playing in the background is one our most powerful dramas.A must read, but like all plays, it must also be seen 2018 I watched the 1951 film recently and was again amazed at the theatrical tension the play produces, especially when acted out by such talented actors Interestingly, and sadly, Vivian Leigh, who suffered from bipolar disorder, later in life had trouble distinguishing her real life from that of her character Blanche DuBois Also, Leigh was paid than Brando for her performance Both had previously played these roles on the stage. It is the steamy summer in New Orleans in the late 1940s Old war buddies have gone to their weekly bowling league after work Meanwhile, young brides pass the time in their two flat apartment while waiting for their husbands to return It is amidst this backdrop that begins Tennessee Williams classic play, A Streetcar Named Desire, which still stands the test of time today and became a classic film featuring Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy This steamy play ran the gamut of human emotions, and for this I rate it 4 stars Tennessee Williams introduced the world to characters who have become archetypes for the post war 1940s Stella Kowalski, a young bride expecting her first child, who is very much in love with her husband and submits to his every want and need Her husband, Stanley Kowalski, a war veteran working in a supply company to provide for his wife, and still feeling the need to gather with the men bowling or playing poker after work Harold Mitchell Mitch the bachelor son who looks after his sickly mother And, of course, the sultry Blanche DuBois, Stella s sister of an undetermined age, the independent, modern woman, who also has a myriad of problems Blanche DuBois, fresh off of another failure, has taken a streetcar named Desire to spend the summer with Stella and Stanley Kowalski in their one bedroom apartment Heightened sexually whereas Stella is submissive, there is obvious tension between Blanche and Stanley from the beginning, with Stella acting as a go between Not only is there tension, Stanley immediately sees beyond Blanche s gaudy clothes and jewelry and sets out to investigate her past With only a sheet separating their living arrangements in a sweltering summer, the tension continues to escalate throughout the play As Stanley discovers layer upon layer of Blanche s past, Stella is forced to choose between her dominate husband and sister While very much in love with her husband, as she points out, she still feels a loyalty to her sister and to her past She is appalled when her husband reveals that Blanche compromised her role as high school English teacher to engage in inappropriate relationships with her students If this play had taken place thirty years later, I can believe that Stella would have done some digging of her own to clear Blanche s name Yet, it is clear that Stella s loyalties lie with her husband, and that what makes the denouement of the play all the shocking for me, as I am sure it did for many others as well Tennessee Williams went on to have a hall of fame career as a playwright, including the classics Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The Glass Menagerie, which have been performed hundreds if not thousands of times over the years He also was ahead of his time in Desire by discussing social issues such as homosexual relationships, domestic violence and a woman s monetary independence from her husband While not my absolute favorite play, A Streetcar Named Desire introduced classic characters, and I look forward to seeing them portrayed on film. Whoa.I did not consume this play as I was intended to I mean, honestly, you re not supposed to read a play Tell that to any high school English teacher ever, but still Tennessee Williams didn t write this like Hopefully in sixty years a girl will read this alone in her room in one sitting so she can fulfill her goal of reading a classic every month That s not his ideal.That being said.THIS MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH.A play is supposed to be acted, obviously Reading it leads to a less emotional rendering, with less full characters, in an imagined version of what is supposed to be a concrete setting It s a lesser experience like reading a screenplay Cough cough, f ck you JK Rowling, cough And still this was incredible Blanche and Stella and Mitch were heart rending There s so much tension here, and the revelations and the moments of climax and action are just unreal I don t even know what to say beyond whoa.Guess I should ve stopped this review after the first word.Bottom line FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC This reading a classic a month thing is the best thing I m doing this year.