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The Gospel According to Mark is both entertaining and cleverly ironic Even without Jorge Luis Borges allusions to religion and commentary on his time, the story itself is fundamentally well written.The story is told in a somewhat whimsical manner through a third person narrative, yet the reader is still given a good sense of the character s attitudes and persona The hero, Baltasar Espinosa is set on his path to the countryside, by his cousin Daniel, out of the basic reason of ease We can see him as just a man, like any other, agreeing to something because it would be difficult to dream up reasons for saying no This serves to show that he is just a man like any other, giving insight into his perspective on himself and creating a relate able character All in all, his life seems rather standard.However, when he is in La Colorada, surrounded by people with a very different background, we see Espinosa open his mind and learn about life through different eyes In one example that Borges sites, Baltasar learns how to ride a horse when approaching a settlement In the meantime, the plot moves forward, highlighting the misfortune of the people, such as heavy downpour that results in the drowning of their livestock in terms of Biblical reference, this would be the wrath of God It is especially here in the story that the man named Balthasar displays his goodness draws parallels to Christ He provides a roof for the displaced Gutres family, who happen to be illiterate Hence, when Espinosa stumbled upon the only book in sight, he read to them This is him as the hero, imparting his knowledge on the people In the Bible, the Gutres particularly took interest in the Gospel according to St Mark, asking him to re read it so they could understand it better Espinosa s perspective on their lack of comprehension was that they were much like children.Baltasar Espinosa did not understand it then, but bit by bit, his foreign knowledge coupled with their meek narrow understanding of just a single passage in the Bible was causing them to mistake him for Christ He didn t see that in the end they d worship him, then hang him on a cross.Taking this story and putting it in the context of it s time, we can see that Borges was commenting not only on the dangers of such literal interpretations of the Bible, but also such literal interpretations of communist and socialist manifesto s. At first I was like, eh But then, y know Wow That ending. #DOWNLOAD EBOOK Ò The Gospel According to Mark õ Amazing Book, The Gospel According To Mark Author Jorge Luis Borges This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Gospel According To Mark , Essay By Jorge Luis Borges Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I came upon this short story through the Literary Darkness group, thanks guys for expanding my reading knowledge Having never read anything by Jorge Luis Borges before I wasn t sure what to expect The story is only 4 pages long and takes about 5 minutes to read The ending caught me by surprise The Gospel according to Mark In his short story The Gospel According to Mark Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges tells the haunting tale of Baltasar Espinosa, a native of Buenos Aires now living on a Ranch in La Colorada From the title of the story it is apparent from the beginning that there will be a biblical theme to the story and the similarities between Jesus Christ and Baltasar quickly become apparent He is filled with kindness and has a knack for public speaking, just like Christ His name is derived from Belshazzar, the Babylonian king whose death was predicted by the prophet Daniel He is even the same age as Christ when he dies, 33 After Baltasar begins to read the Gutres the Gospel of Mark several events occur that seem to indicate to the Gutres that he is in fact Jesus Christ First, he performs a miracle by healing an injured lamb with a pill instead of with a cobweb, the way the Gutres would have Next he is tempted by the Gutres daughter, who comes to his room in the night and sleeps with him Finally he shows his empathy, and lack of theology, by telling the Gutres that all are saved from hell These three events convinced the uneducated Gutres that Baltasar was the messiah It is also significant that Borges chose to have Baltasar read the Gospel of Mark to the Gutres The Gospel of Mark is unique among the gospels for two reasons First of all there is no Christmas story, something that Baltasar obviously did not have in common with Christ The second is that the Gospel of Mark contains a theme called the Messianic Secret, in which Christ keeps his identity as the Messiah a secret from all but the 12 apostles This would explain why the Gutres assumed that Baltasar was Jesus even though he made no such claim. The Argentinian author, Jorge Luis Borges, composes a twisted tale, The Gospel According to Mark, in which he graphically reveals the troubles and differences between the social classes that exist in Argentina He writes in a highly symbolic and ironic style as he weaves the story of the fate of the good man, Baltasar Espinosa The tragedy is full of paradox and situational irony that reveals itself fully in the last sentence of the story Borges writes from the point of view of a omniscient narrator as he voices his opinion of those of lower social classes and the dangers that can ensue when one trusts and tries to improve their condition Borges reveals that the characters in the story are below him in social class and that despite any efforts to improve oneself or others the essence of their being always remains The main character, Baltasar Espinosa, is described as one of the common run of young men from Buenos Aires perhaps not of the upper class who is an unsuccessful medical student Although widely intelligent, the author notes, he still had not qualified for graduation in the subject to which he was most drawn So even though he is intelligent and educated he appears to be destined to remain in the common class When he encounters the Gutres family, Baltasar Espinosa describes them as barely articulate and none of whom could read or write But when left alone and isolated by rain at the ranch with them, he turns to them for companionship at dinner and reads to them in the evenings Ironically the Gutres who lack religious faith enjoy the Gospel According to Mark, as it is delivered by Espinosa The reader himself is also agnostic and rejects most religious dogma and follows the evolutionist theories of the men of his time But Mark proves to be a dangerous introduction and although the Gutres seemed to improve in behavior, the superstitious nature of their pampa Indian blood rang true Ultimately they sacrifice the man who has become their god in an odd form of homage and salvation Thus proving that it is difficult to change the nature or class of an individual because everything is seen from their existing point of view despite any attempts of improvement The construction of ironical events holds the readers attention as Baltasar Espinosa is transformed by the Gutres to be the central character in the Gospel of Mark In the story Espinosa possesses many of the qualities of Christ in that he is described as having an almost unlimited kindness and capacity for public speaking and he is thirty three years old which is the same age as Christ when he dies on the cross Espinosa also attempts to help rescue a good part of the livestock in the flood like a shepherd would rescue his sheep He has changed in appearance and grown a beard like Christ is depicted as having in pictures Ironically the Gutres ask Espinosa, who is a non believer, about Christ s salvation so he repeats what the gospel reveals about Christ s death Jesus allows himself to be killed he tells them, Yes, to save everyone from hell On the last day as the water from the isolating rains starts to recede, the Gutres treat Espinosa like the Romans treated Christ The Gutres bow and ask his forgiveness and Then they mocked him, spat on him, and shoved him Similarly the girl weeps like the women who followed Christ to Golgotha There is a great symbolism in the fact that the Gutres give up the beams of their shelter for the cross of their salvation Espinosa may resemble Jesus in many ways, but in the end he is sadly and ironically crucified like the God in whom he does not believe. I personally had a hard time getting into Jorge Luis Borges The Gospel According to Mark Although he wrote it in a time where people were educated when it came to understanding the Bible, having grown up in a not as religious family, I had a hard time following what Borges message was that he wanted to send to his readers Borges created a character who represented a modern day Christ of sorts and how corrupted the American public had become While he had wanted to portray a story displaying the moral corruption of the American society, he created a story that only a small percent of today s modern society would be able to understand due to the thorough and complex allusions to the Bible By limiting his message to only a fraction of today s society, his book fails in reaching society as a whole and changing the way Americans think This book however did have a powerful message to send, once one found the meaning behind the symbols woven throughout it The main character, Baltasar, had many shared characteristics with Christ he was able to heal, he read the teachings of the Bible to spread the word of God, and in the end, was even crucified by the others on the ranch Borges intention behind Baltasar and his tragic death was to show society how nothing had changed, and that society was corrupted and needed to put the teachings of the Bible into action as opposed to merely reading them. A short story about a young doctor who gets trapped in his cousin s house in Argentina there, he preaches and reads to the illiterate farm family who hosts him As someone with little experience regarding biblical texts, I found Borges use of allusion intriguing The other members of my short story club and I found the story symbolic than allegorical, and Borges weaves in quite a few ideas within about four pages Does the story condemn those who interpret the Bible too literally Does it cast shame on those who try to convert others, especially those who do not truly abide by Christianity s teachings themselves From what I ve heard of other works written by Borges, he tends to create layers of sophistication, and The Gospel According to Mark is no exception. Paul Theroux reads Jorge Luis Borges free online short story at the New Yorker here preach only that which you believe to be true, andif you teach, if you preach, take the time to both explain and to discuss with your students the message conveyed.I find this to be the moral of the short story Although Borges was interested in many religions, he was not religious himself He might have been poking a finger at those who literally interpret the Bible.The story is set out in the pampas of Argentina It is drawn as a parable A bit too simplistic for my taste.Having read Paul Theroux s The Old Patagonian Express By Train Through the Americas recently, I have been eager to read stories by Jorge Luis Borges On his travels in Argentina, Theroux talked with Borges Theroux names the stories Salt and The Intruder as favorites, stories he likes to teach his students Not being able to find them, I read this.Paul Theroux s narration of the story is easy to follow and so good. The Gospel According to Mark was an incredibly interesting and stimulating text to read as a non religious reader I have always been interested by religion but have never read the Bible myself Because of this, my understanding of the stories in it are somewhat vague however, the analogy to the life of Espinosa and that of Jesus Christ was easy to see right from the beginning From the fact that he s 33 years old, the age Christ was killed, to the commentary on Noah s arch during the flood, the story mirrored Christ s rise and fall However, what really struck me was that the story was of a commentary on religion and the practice of preaching The Gutres were illiterate people who had lost their ability to creatively think for themselves or make independent decisions In the end, after Espinosa reads them the story of Christ s crucifixion, they hang him on a cross, believing this will be their ticket to salvation To me this was a direct stab at the idea of taking the Bible literally, something that can have incredibly bad repercussions All across the world, there are extremists who take their religious stories literally and often times use it as justification for crimes and actions This story showed how when taken literally, the Bible can have the opposite effect Instead of preaching the teachings of Christ for a positive end, it resulted in the murdering of Espinosa.