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I had a few problems with this and its not what you think. I had problems with the inconsistencies with technologies. Where was search and rescue? It just didn't work for me when he made his choice I, like Royal just don't understand.
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Some physically and emotionally taxing training of a sex slave. More emphasis on humiliation than pain, but there is certainly enough of that. Micah endures a lot as he goes from a respected warrior to a grunt to be broken and trained for service. This is the first part of a series and it's sort of a tuneinnextweek ending Oo

scifi, castration, slavery and cock tattoos. If that appeals then you might like this. You know, for erotica, it's surprisingly unerotic.

It must be the mindset. That's what it is, I think. It doesn't capture the mindset well. Or at all, even, maybe.

This could have been great. This could have been the great mindfuck of the century, much like What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?. Instead, it's just...placid.

The crossdressing thing...and then the mentioning of the macho pride thing again...that was stupid.

The BDSM label still doesn't make sense to me because of the extreme pervading sense of unreliable narrator through the entire thing. I dunno. Maybe the MC's not unbalanced, after all, but it amuses him to maintain the fiction and fuck with the heads of the readers. Or maybe the author just couldn't quite grasp how to give it that chilling edge that What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love? has. Good book, but I sort of hated reading it

Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 5/10

Really wellformed scifi setting. The world of the story is rounded and complete; very little of it feels familiar or Earthlike at all.
Good examination of the psychological transformation a sexual submissive goes through when discovering his/her natural tendencies.
Interesting method of communication. The main character, MicahslashChento, doesn't speak the language of his Master's race, so he communicates with the Kudites through a series of gestures that seem similar to sign language and/or the act of drawing symbols on someone else's skin.

A number of scenes that I found horrifying, terrible, gruesome, awful. Etcetera. (I could go on, but you probably get the point.) I lost count of the number of times the principle character gets rapedand most of those instances are gang rape. In fact, I perceived the majority of the sex in this book to be rape. I don't find that hot AT ALL.
I found the Kudites' tactics for "breaking" Micah and turning him into the ideal sex slave for their leader to be barbaric. Attlad, Micah's Master, calls Micah his "love slave" at least a couple of times, but the story was way too severe for me to believe for one minute that it was about "love." Micah cherishes his submissive role, sure, and his Master as an extension of that, but I can't make myself think of their connection as love.

Overall comments: This is BDSM at its most brutal: the slave has almost no freedom and is punished for things that aren't his fault and/or he has no way of knowing are wrong. I understand that it's a seminal work of erotic fiction, but the feeling I have upon finishing this is similar to that I had when I finished the first volume of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series: it's a sexy book in that it has a lot of sex in it, but I didn't find it at all romantic...or enjoyable. I certainly believe that the book has merit, but if this had been the first m/m book I ever read, I doubt that I would ever have read another. At the very least, I think many nonpractitioners of BDSM and/or beginners to the genre are likely to find this volume too severe to start with. This book is pretty good. I love the straight up D/s nature of it. I wish there was more affection from the D, though. And the sex and submission are on the very edge of what I can read, really pushing the boundaries. This is exactly my type of story. It is MM Slavefic and it goes to a place of pretty heavy pain and some pretty deep humiliation but it's not quite as out there as I expected. I loved how the story evolved but there were times when I still didn't understand why Chento/Micah made the decisions he did. I mean I knew he would make that decisionbut I really still didn't understand why he did it. That was the only downsideand there was space to have this it just, sorta, didn't.

Stillit kept me in its grip and I read it straight through. By the end I felt a little like I'd come through a tunnel in a mountain that was all dark and scary inside and then, expecting at least a meadow or a valley I got another tunnel because apparently there is more to come. I really liked Attlad who behaved as I would expect him to behave given who he is. Of course the pain parts and forced parts were hot for mebut I found myself out of the aroused business and into the story way morenot perfect but absolutely perfect for the time and place in which I read it. I love MM Slavefic particularly in SciFi settings so this one is tops for me!

Scifi meets slavery in this great story. Micah is captured by the Kudites, an advanced civilization choosing to live as a series of clans, and made into a pleasure slave for one of the clan chiefs. Micah's loss of identity and becoming Chento which means 500 totally objectifies the man as he goes through the ritualistic hazing. The sexual abuse and humiliation that Chento must go through to become Attlad's personal body slave is monstrous and pretty hot. The writing is a little rough in places but the story moves along well. I like Chento and his devotion to his new people. Definitely a hardcore book worth reading.