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@Read Pdf ⛈ The Collective ï This Collection Is A Work In Progress As Items Are Discovered, They Will Be Added All Items In This Book Are Short Stories, Poems, And Other Items Published By Stephen King, But Not Found In Any Book Released By His Publishing Company At This Point In Time The Purpose Of This Book Is To Have One Archive For All Of The Material This PDF File Was Created For Educational, Scholarly, And INternet Archival Use ONLY THE COLLECTIVE An interesting read.AN EVENING AT GODS 4 An Evening at Gods is a one minute play that King wrote for a benefit evening The manuscript was auctioned on 23 April 1990 at the American Repertory Theater s Institute for Advanced Theater Training Very short and VERY funny BEFORE THE PLAY 4 Overall Before the Play is the prologue cut from The Shining in the editing process.It is a collection of five stories, loosely connected by the Overlook Hotel Four are set at the Hotel and the remaining one during Jack Torrance s childhood King also wrote After the Play but that merged into the closing sections of the novel during the editing process.Scene 1 The Third Floor of a Resort Hotel Fallen Upon Hard Times 5 This scene deals with the construction of the Overlook Hotel and it s Grand Opening in 1909.I loved this and really think it shouldn t have been removed from the book.Scene 2 A Bedroom in the Wee Hours of the Morning 3 This scene deals with Lottie Kilgallon Pillsbury s honeymoon at the Overlook in August of 1929 Pillsbury was King s mother s maiden name Lottie suffered a number of disturbing dreams including one in which the hotel was on fire and in another she saw the topiary move This one I didn t enjoy so much.Scene 3 On the Night of the Grand Masquerade 5 This scene deals with Lewis Toner, head accountant and former lover of Overlook owner Horace Derwent, committing suicide by overdosing in a bathtub on the night of the 1946 Grand Masquerade Ball But did he Loved it Scene 4 And Now this Word from New Hampshire 3 This scene deals with six year old Jacky Jack Torrance whose father came home from work drunk and broke his arm.Interesting read because it gives some insight into Jack s abusive behaviour towards his own son twenty two years later.Scene 5 The Overlook Hotel, Third Floor, 1958 3 This deals with a mob hit, when three men kill two guards and an underworld figure in the Presidential Suite The piece closes, The Overlook Hotel was at home with the dead This one was my least favourite BLIND WILLIE 3 A really, great story but the ending left me feeling a little flat It was like huh So that s it THE BLUE AIR COMPRESSOR 3 I ll never look at an air compressor the same way again.Interesting short story but I didn t particularly like the way it was written THE CAT FROM HELL 3 This is brilliant, except for what happened when Halston crashed his car That was a little too out there even for me Other than that, I loved it.But I keep thinking about this story, and that cat, and all I can say is that I m glad neither of my two cats ever feel the need to curl up on any part of my body CHINGA 2 The only reason this got 2 stars instead of 1 is because I forced myself to finish it Chinga is the tenth episode of the fifth season of the American science fiction television series The X Files It was written by Stephen King and series creator Chris Carter The episode is a Monster of the Week story, a stand alone plot which is unconnected to the series wider mythology The episode received mixed reviews from television critics Why am I not surprised Perhaps with no Scully and Mulder THE CRATE 3 The Crate is a short story by Stephen King, first published in the July 1979 issue of Gallery In 1982, the story was adapted as a segment in the movie Creepshow.This story scared the crap out of me All I could think of, when I turned off my bedside light, was what if it can swim Horlick s University Christine, The Raft Wilhemina Burks The Dark Half Just call me Billie, everyone does Wilma Northrup The Crate call me Billie, dear everyone does Amberson Hall one of the oldest buildings on Horlick s University campus shares its name with George Amberson 11 22 63 DAVE S RAG In On Writing, Stephen King talks about his contributions to his older brother Dave s neighborhood newspaper, Dave s Rag The following are two of those stories.JUMPER 3 Here, from Steve s Column, published during the winter of 1959 60, is his story, Jumper written as three part serial.A quick and an interesting read given King s age when he wrote it.RUSH CALL 3 Rush Call was written when King was twelve years old and published in Dave s Rag in 1960.I enjoyed this one a lotthan Jumper In this one I can hear King, albeit a very young King THE DARK MAN 3 This is a short poem written by King and published in 1969.I don t particularly enjoy poetry but I read it because it became the inception of Randall Flagg, one of my favourite King villains.Probably a must for most Constant Readers, but I didn t feel I really gained anything by reading it DINO 4 Dino is a poem about Dean Martin, and begins Dino is dying Tragic last days say the tabloids I m generally not a big fan of poetry, but this one I liked A lot.The Duke John Wayne gets a mention, as does Jerry Lewis And also Rat Packers Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford Whenna da moon hitsa yew eyeLike a da big pizza pie at s A Remember Yes, I remember DONOVAN S BRAIN 1 Hated it FOR THE BIRDS 3 From Bred Any Good Rooks Lately This at the start Okay, this is a science fiction joke Me at the end groan But I liked it anyway THE FURNACE 5 Stephen King joined students across the United States to write an ongoing serial story on the Weekly Reader website.King penned the opening lines of a scary tale entitled The Furnace, which he donated to Weekly Reader s online storytelling project Tommy s job was to get wood for the fire from the box at the bottom of thecellar stairs His mother said he wouldn t be afraid of the cellar when he got older, but now he was ten, and he hated itthan ever Tommy was sure something was behind the furnace He sometimes thought he could hear it breathing back there, and he knew it was watching him Then one day when Tommy was getting the wood, the door at the top of the stairs swung shut and the cellar light went out Twenty eight children contributed What a great idea and what a great story THE GLASS FLOOR 3 Written in 1967, The Glass Floor was King s first published story, which he was paid thirty five dollars.A very short, very good read.A room with a glass floor appears in King s 2002 teleplay Rose Red THE HARDCASE SPEAKS 2 As I ve said before, I don t enjoy poetry, not even Stephen Kings HARVEY S DREAM 2 Collected in Just After Sunset.Disappointing.You can read it here HARRISON STATE PARK 68 2 Poem Underwhelmed.Harrison State Park makes an appearance in Night Surf and The Body IN A HALF WORLD OF TERROR 2 I was ready to slam this story until I realized it had been published in 1966 Even so, I didn t enyoy it In some of King s other early stories you catch glimpses of the writer he is now Not with this one I ended up skimming the last few pages just to get it finished.Dreadful IN THE KEY CHORD OF DAWN 3 This poem first appeared in Contraband 2 Onan 1971.I quite liked this one JHONATHAN THE WITCHES 3 King wrote this in 1956 at the age of 9 for his Aunt Gert who used to pay him a quarter per story.You can read it here THE KILLER 3 In 1961, a teenage Stephen King submitted his short story The Killer to Spacemen magazine The story wasn t accepted, but the editor of Spacemen, Forrest Ackerman, would publish it in a 1994 issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland.You can view a copy of the letter he sent with his submission here THE KING FAMILY THE WICKED WITCH 5 Published in Flint Magazine in August 1977 It was illustrated by King s children Joe and Naomi King I absolutely loved this story MAN WITH A BELLY 3 Man with a Belly is a tale about a hit man who accepts an assignment that does not include murder Different, but enjoyable.You can read it here MEMORY 4 From this short story Duma Key came into being MY LITTLE SERRATED SECURITY BLANKET 3 The blacksmith of horror rejoices in the potentialities of an ice ax Very short and very amusing At least, I thought so THE NEW LIEUTENANT S RAP 3 Collected in Hearts in Atlantis with the title of Why We re in Vietnam THE NIGHT OF THE TIGER 3 A fast, good read THE OLD DUDE S TICKER 3 King has commented that the seventies slang is outdated but I thought it fit the story perfectly.I really enjoyed it PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS HOTEL AT THE END OF THE ROAD 3 This is the reason I don t like King s short stories I wantedLotsI VE GOT TO GET AWAY 3 Loved it NEVER LOOK BEHIND YOU Stephen King Chris Chelsey 2 I didn t enjoy this one so much.THE THING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL 3 Reminded me, just a little, of Pennywise.THE STRANGER 2 I didn t enjoy this one as much as the others.THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOG 3 The end made me smile.THE CURSED EXPEDITION 3 Loved it THE REPLOIDS 2 The ending left me a little up in the air At first I thought my copy was missing some pages, but apparently not THE REVELATIONS OF BECKA PAULSON 4 Derry s Rebecca Paulson IT, The Tommyknockers Gruesome, but good THE REVENGE OF LARD ASS HOGAN 4 This is the story that Gordie Lachance The Body told to his friends Chris, Vern and Teddy.There is also an excellent live reading by Stephen King of The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan The Body available on audio Silence 2 Another poem, mercifully short SKYBAR 3 This story was written for a contest with Doubleday Books King, and other authors, wrote the beginning and end of their story A national contest was held to see who could write the best middle portion The winners were to have their story published in a book titled Do It Yourself Bestseller Well done I enjoyed it SLADE 2 In 1970, Slade, a short story of about 5,000 words, was published in eight installments in the student newspaper, The Maine Campus It s a Western parody about gunslinger, Jack Slade, who protects a damsel in distress against some outlaws.A forerunner of The Gunslinger perhaps I realize this is supposed to be a parody, but it didn t work for me It s dreadful And even though it s only 34 pages on my laptop, I ended up skimming, just to get it over and done with SQUAD D 5 Made me cry.Josh Bortman, the only survivor from Squad D, came from Castle Rock STUD CITY 3 Stud City is a story Gordie Lechance wrote in The Body WEEDS THE LONESOME DEATH OF JORDY VERRILL 3 Somewhat gross Cleaves Mills ON WRITING EXCERPTS 4 THE EARLY YEARS Always enjoyable to read about King s early lifeCARRIE THE BESTSELLER I THREW IN THE BIN I think anyone who reads King knows this one.THE ACCIDENT He was one very lucky man and we are all extremely lucky Constant Readers A BOOKLIST An interesting and varied list WILL WE CLOSE THE BOOK ON BOOKS Here I beg to disagree For some of us, reading on our laptops or Kindles is a little easier than doing battle with a bookso, I find, the older I get. I can t find anything readily online that describes what each of these stories are about If you re like me and you like to read a brief synopsis before reading, I m here for you.First off, this collection of odds and ends is very poorly edited Secondly, I ll try not to give too much away about each story since no one likes spoilers.So, on with the showAn Evening at God s described as a one minit play , this is about God destroying the Earth for fun as he sits around drinking beer.Before the Play Abandoned prologue to The Shining Air Compressor from Hell Dark Man poemDonovan s Brain poemFor the Birds pun jokeThe Hardcase Speaks a poetic, surreal storyHarrison St Park 68 poemIn a Half World of Terror A gravedigger gets a job with a mad scientist the protagonist meets a lady with a connection to his new found place of employment.In the Keycord of Dawn poetic storyJhonathan and the Witches A once upon a time about a boy, aided by a fairy bunny, ordered to kill three witches.Keyholes The Leprachaun This was intended to be a full size book, written for King s son Owen, but most of it was lost off the back of King s motorcycle What is left is an excerpt about a boy defending a leprechaun against his sister s cat.Silence a poemSkybar basically King wrote the beginning and end A promo contest was held to see if anyone could write a middle to it.and the winner was an 18 year old nerd who had their section published along with the story blah blah I didn t read it because I didn t care too much about the non King writing.Spade A gunslinger sets out to kill a man named Sam Columbine.Squad D Feeling, You Can Only Say It In French Floor A dude named Wharton s sister dies he goes to visit his brother in law, only to get a suspicious vibe and demand to see the room where she died.The King Family and the Wicked Witch Kids story about titular characters The King family is cursed by cookies The Little Sisters of Eluria This is a 50 page story related to the Dark Tower Series, which I haven t read so I skipped it until that time in the distant future I get to reading that Magnum opus.The Night of the Tiger A story told by a young man traveling with the circus about two nemesis, Legend Indrasil, whose beef is settled with a tiger.The Reploids The Crate Revelations Of Becka Paulson Road Virus Heads North We Close the Book on Books Written in 2000, this is a short piece King wrote, wondering rhetorically if digital books will replace physical books 12 years later, it s still an apt observation And a fitting close to this collection. Hard to rate this I don t think it d have much appeal to me if it wasn t by king and I didn t love king That being said, it s really fun to read the literary youthful indiscretions here, seeing the swirl of the same mistakes all young writers make as they learn with his own natural talents instincts.