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I re read this about 10 years after I first read it because I recently read the sequel, The Time of the Eagle I bumped the rating up to 4.5I think this is one of my favorite Jordan books, and I do like it slightlythan the sequel, but yes, I d forgotten how BADLY this book needed a sequel with that ending, wow The villain is a little flat, but not as flat as he is in the sequel since we spendtime with him It s not heavy on the action, but there s just something about this world and the characters that I loved, and the ending sucker punches you.I do agree that the POV seemed strained at times It seemed to mostly be 3rd person from Gabriel s point of view and then would randomly very briefly follow another character from time to time There were fantasy tropes, but I loved it nonetheless. Yeah, really enjoyed reading this book again I knew what was going to happen, but I enjoyed the journey, and I can t wait to reread his daughter s journey @READ EPUB ç Secret Sacrament Í Terrified, A Young Navaron Child Watches Helplessly From His Hiding Place As A Young Shinili Woman Is Brutally Beaten And Abused By A Group Of Drunken Navaron Men Too Frightened To Answer Her Pleas For Help, The Child Runs Away, Taking With Him The Sacred Bone Carving Of The Shinili People In Doing So, He Forever Binds Himself And His Fate To Them Gabriel Is No Ordinary Boy His Life Is Now Marked Out For Greatness By Powers Beyond His UnderstandingHe S Never Wanted To Follow In His Father S Footsteps And Become A Wealthy, Sea Faring Merchant, Celebrated By All In The Ancient Empire Of Navora But Cold And Distant To His Family Haunted By A Terrible Childhood Secret Gabriel Spurns Family Tradition And Duties As The Eldest Son, To Pursue A Life Of Helping Others Derived From A Deep Sense Of Guilt And Strange Mysterious Visions Gabriel Knows That He Is Destined To Become A Healer, With The Power To Decipher Dreams, No Matter What His Overbearing Family Argues But Against His Will, Gabriel Finds Himself Caught Up In The Power Struggles Of A Corrupt Empire, Endangering All That He Loves His Decision To Hold True To His Destiny Is One That Will Cost Him Dearly, And One That Threatens To Tear Apart The Entire Navoran Empire But Which Might Just End Up Saving An Entire People Low magic fantasy Liked the premise of viewing everything through a healer s perspective Feels like it was written under the direct influence of Dances With Wolves, particularly when one looks at the original publication date Makes me interested to find out the conclusion in the sequel Bitter sweet. I loved this book I read it in high school, and felt so connected and inspired by the main character, I don t think I will ever read the same way again. Just so spiritual and beautiful. Gabriel has never been the son his father wanted to have On his father s death, Gabriel relinquishes his role in the family s trading company in order to become a healer Despite his natural talent and astonishing success, Gabriel remains troubled by the dying woman he refused to help when he was a child But Gabriel is part of a prophecy, and his actions will shape the future of two nations.Gabriel is an engaging main character His terror as a child caused him to make a decision he forever regrets, and perhaps it is the pain that makes him so gentle and loving He makes a very good healer Farinteresting to me is that he sees and interprets dreams He reminds me of Daniel.The themes are pretty simple and straightforward, but still powerful Gabriel s statements about how people can t lose their lives was especially good There s a lot of theological stuff that bears thinking about.The only thing that disappointed me was that the book ends at the first stages of the prophecy s fulfillment as though I d just spent the whole book preparing for the ultimate point only to stop short I understand why Gabriel made the decision he did I just wanted to see the fruit of that decision.On apositive note, it appears Jordan has another book forthcoming with a title that hints it is the sequel That would be very nice, and could possibly raise my opinion of the mini series For this book, on its own, Recommended. Gabriel, oldest son of a noble house in Navora, is expected to take over the family business when his father dies suddenly He wants nothing to do with it He wants to be a healer Gabriel gets his way and becomes a well known and respected healer When his brother is brutally murdered, Gabriel gets a rare chance to visit his family in the farming community.While running for exercise one morning, Gabriel encounters a woman of the Shinali tribe Ashila and Gabriel feel an instant connection He falls in love with her and the rest of the Shinali Nation But there is a treaty that says that no Navoran person shall interact with the Shinali But Gabriel s visions and dreams are telling him that evil doings are in the future He chooses to remain with the Shinali people as they are exiled from their land and put into prison.There exists a prophecy that states a Navoran will bring the two nations together again Many people believe Gabriel to be that person He refuses to acknowledge the possibility But as his dreams and visions become clearer, he is less able to ignore them.A fantastic fantasy adventure novel. Secret Sacrament struck me as an odd amalgamation as if Louisa May Alcott wrote an epic fantasy screenplay for Disney Most of the novel reads as a simple, relatively staid middle grade level coming of age story, but it occasionally lurches into scenes of sex and violence Gabriel, the healer trainee protagonist, was too much of a vanilla goody two shoes for my taste, and in general both characters and cultures were painted in too broad of strokes for me For example we were told the main villain was convincing and evil, but we were only shown one let s kill the hero cacklefest and one je accuse scene Also, we aren t told much about the love interest except that she s pretty, a healer, and as brave as the rest of her tribe It wasn t enough for me to buy into the characters, although simple characters wouldn t have bothered me so much if the novel had stayed firmly in middle grade mode who cares that the people are simple in Walter Farley, after all Also, I have seen the tribal conquering culture dynamic done with muchdetail and creativity in other novels The combination of painted faces, dancing around fires, canoe races and brave fighting falls pretty squarely in the stereotypical Sherryl Jordan is a talented writer, but I was left with the impression that this genre didn t fit her. Sort of YA ish, but a good story It does remind me of a nursery rhyme about the little girl with the curl, right in the middle of her forehead The good people in this book are very, very good, almost saintly The bad ones arehorrid Baddies who are so bad they practically wear black hats, and rub their hands together while cackling Buwahahahaha