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I m still plugging along with this story It truly becomes addictive or at least the characters do however I find it so repetitive The same worshiping of Remin by Tano gets old you know I got it the first dozen times you said how wonderful, beautiful, sexy, big his dick is, love sucking it, having it in your it feels like there s a side story or something happens then we hear about how Tano Remin love each other love to do the wild thing, not only together but with others a lot of others So much of this book could be eliminated because of its repetitiveness but for some reason you want to keep reading reading find yourself feeling like someone who s looking through a window into these peoples everyday lives. ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♤ In This Land ♃ Spoiler Alert Orinakin And Bade Are Finally Engaged But That Means They Have To Accomplish A Mountain Of Work To Pull Off A Massive Wedding With A Global Guest List In Time For Orinakin S Next Diplomatic Trip Bade Has To Be Tutored By An Entire Team Of Teachers To Be Ready To Travel With Orinakin And Represent Both Orina Anoris And Nosupolis It S Overwhelming, But Everything Seems To Be Going Along Smoothly Until Bade S Parents Arrive Revisit Bade, Orinakin, And The Rest Of Orinakin S Brothers, The Eccentric, Sexy, Multi Colored Princes Of Orina Anoris, For The Third Volume Of The Purple Book Of The Series In This Land