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Robert Hayward did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the native american sacred tipi ceremony for the purpose of healing The imagery is awe inspiring The messages are rich with emotion, redemtion, and recovery. {E-PUB} ê The Thirteenth Step á The Thirteenth Step Is A Powerful And True Recounting Of The Life Of Robert Hayward Hayward S Life Story Weaves The Real And The Mysterious, The Personal And The Universal Into A Uniquely Gripping Story Of Self Discovery Through His Spiritual Awakening Within The Native American Church An Awakening That Saved His Life The Thirteenth Step Documents, For The First Time Ever, Ancient Ceremonies That Have Been Conducted In The Same Manner For Thousands Of Years, Yet Never Shared With Outsiders Through Hayward S Own Journey Of Redemption, The Reader Will Experience The Words, Wisdom, And Teachings Of The Native American Church, And Encounter A Spirituality That Until Now, Has Been Accessible Only To Those Born Into The Traditional Native American Culture