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~DOWNLOAD ♭ Civilization: And Its Part in My Downfall ♉ Received With Almost Unanimous Accolades From Critics And Readers Alike, Civilization Is The Amazing Tale Of Thom Moss, A Young Man Who Sets Out In The Early Twentieth Century In Search Of A Grand Adventure He Soon Finds Himself In The Thick Of Hollywoodland, Employed As An Actor By The Renowned Caspar Willison, Master Of The Two Reel Cowboy Flicker However, Thom S Fortune Quickly Takes A Ruinous Turn And He Lands In The Penitentiary, Where He Writes The Story Of His Downfall At Once Hilarious And Courageous, Civilization Is A Daring Work By One Of Canada S Finest Novelists Just started.It s early yet Quite a romp, great writing an epic by all proportions SPOILERS SHALL BE SPOILED YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.all right so i must say, there was SO MUCH hilarity here and i ve never not enjoyed a paul q book, but i had to refrain from giving it five stars just because i didn t get the same feeling upon finishing it that i usually do when finishing his books usually i have a sense of awesome and general amazement and joy but this time, i did get the general amazement and respect and obviously i thought it was really well put together but i just felt sad i mean really, ALL of thom s friends kept dying, and right when i was coming to really love them bodnarchuck and kingsley s deaths really got me as in tears and i was even quite upset when jensen the fat man had to go AND THE GODDAM HORSE, THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST EMOTION SCENES OH MY GOD and okay, don t even get me started on foote THEY WERE THE BEST BROMANCE EVER, AND THE WHOLE BOOK THEM DRIFTING APART AND THEN PUNCHING EACH OTHER IN THE FACE AND THOM BEING THE INSTRUMENT OF HIS DEATH WAS JUST. GAH.yes, i do realize my reactions were exactly what old paully intended them to be and my feeling of sadness at the end was supposed to be felt. but god that was depressing the sad and depressing and disturbing things just kept piling on and it did lead to an epic climax the part with willison and the duel was pretty intense, as was the 23rd psalm, elijah comparison and just the whole ending in general but it really left me quite drained and sad and i know that was the point it just kept me from enjoying it THAT much.so yes, for those reasons i could not give this 5 stars HOWEVER, there were many things i did enjoy, which i shall now list charles wild horse and the fact that he actually had a happy ending kingsley the thom foote bromance even if it was sad, the whole relationship was heartbreakingly well written the lingo used pretty much all of the dialogue cowboys need i sayliving in the shadows and the reference in the end about falling into the shadows that was crazy that last sentence about elijah the tishbite ending in the still small voice sorry i can t copy it out i don t have the book with me that scene when willison is getting the shot of thom being a coward and made him talk about his dad and the bit about don t wipe them away the tears that s.o.b was one goddam well written scene willison s accent the part when he and the phsycho killer and the warden are talking about the weather and predictions and the act of faith beingimportant than faith itself and yeah i may find that one and type it out for my fave quotes because that s.o.b was another goddam well written scene lawl the part when he reads the newspaper article about his old boss drowning during mud skin treatment for acne and he guffaws and makes thespa spill the orange juice that was great the baseball game i may addparts i loved later because there were quite a fewSO final opinion many parts i loved, hilarious, well written, epic, awesome, but just too depressing for a 5 5.