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Hillbilly Tales from The Smoky Mountains is a quaint book filled with delightful tales and even some romance There is a variety for everyone to enjoy Family healing, poetry, short tales, and a story based right after the Civil War There is something for everyone in this book.Hillbilly Tales from the Smoky Mountains And Other Homespun Remedies, Proverbs, and Poetry This book is great for all ages I really enjoyed it, thought it was really neat that my dad said he remembers some of the tales from when he Verna were children This is a book that you will want to read over over its a perfect gift too since its enjoyable for all ages all readers With that being said, I think I will get my copy out read it again It is wonderfully enchanting For those of us who can remember the stories of our grandparents or are old enough to know the old ways ourselves this book brings it all back the food, the times, and the cures For the next generation it should be a mandatory read so that our mountain heritage can be preserved for future generations Buy it, read it and then tell all your friends to do the same It is the book that you can bring up in any conversation. I love this book and several of my friends have purchased and read it as well There is always such an innocence when remembering a simplier time when families came together and listen to stories passed down One of my favorite tales in the book is called The One Pound Grasshoppers now talk about a fishing tale This one was a whopper LOLI would reccomend this book to any member of the family No violence or cursing It is a book similar to Walt Disney s philisophy in other words, you do not have to worry about what is going to be said next. I would give this a 4.5 a quick and fun read I loved reading the tales from the Smokey mountains most of the fables take a long time ago as fables and tales do the first half of the book is from Patricia Graham it contains tales that have been passed down, poems, and some helpful mountain cures.Another chapter is about Appalachian wisdom we all have heard like don t count your chickens before they hatch the second part is a short story by Verna Humphrey about a young woman who comes back to her home in Green cove after her grandfather dies she finds out many surprises about her past.this is a fast read with short chapters a very enjoyable read that wished I could be a part of the smoky mountains. Thought the book was amazing Took me back to my southern roots. .READ KINDLE ♖ Hillbilly Tales from the Smoky Mountains - And Other Homespun Remedies, Proverbs, and Poetry ☱ Hillbilly Tales From The Smoky Mountains Includes Several Short Stories Based On The Folklore Of The Appalachian Mountains Before The Time Of Cell Phones, Computers And Television, Family Members Would Gather On The Front Porch And Offer Up Stories Through Simple Oral Traditions These Stories Were To Provide Simple Forms Of Entertainment To Their Children With Each Generation, The Stories Become Elaborate And Creative These Yarns Became Known As Appalachian Folklore Mountain People Have Always Led A Difficult Life But How They Dealt With Their Struggles Is A Unique Perspective On Appalachian PeopleAlso, In This Book You Will Find A Small Section On Mountain Medicinal Treatments And Hillbilly Proverbs, Which Were Carried Over From Mother To Daughter Down The Family Line Knowledge Of Apothecary, Or Also Known As Mountain Medicine, Was Necessary To Treat Family Members Who Became Ill While The Local Doctor Was Away Visiting Two Towns Over Most Importantly, No Decent Self Respecting Mountain Folk Would Ever Go Unprepared Without Offering Up Advice To Help Their Fellow Neighbor Wise Sayings Or Hillbilly Proverbs Go Hand In Hand With Mountain Medicine And Is Given To Anyone Who Might Need Guidance In Their Daily LifeThe Second Part Of The Book Includes A Special Story Written By One Of The Original Descendants Of The Crowe Family, Ms Verna Humphrey This Short Piece Of Fiction Centers Around A Light Romance Based Right After The End Of The Civil War The Setting Takes Place In Green Cove And It Presents A Time Of Struggle And Death While A Young Girl, Charlotte, Struggles To Regain Her Birthright During These Trying Times When A Young Lawyer Enters Upon The Scene, Charlotte S Interpretation Of Birthright Takes On A Whole New Meaning Now She Must Make Some Hard Decisions That Will Alter The Course Of Her Life A very entertaining book with short stories, nice poetry, and a short novella. This is a sweet little book, but it doesn t really offer anything unique nor any real insight into the people or culture of the region There are a couple of tall tales, a few poems, a couple pages of old sayings that are common far outside the Appalachians , and a very simple ok, simplistic novella, all of which are dated cliche and could have taken place in other settings Moonshining wasn t restricted to the mountains There were plenty of coastal and Piedmont shiners Everything in this slender volume is the sort of thing that would have been found in Reader s Digest or as filler in a local weekly paper 40 50 years ago.