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`Read Book ⚣ On the Far Side of the Mountain (Mountain, Book 2) Ö Two Years Ago, Sam Ran Away From New York City To Live In The Catskill Mountains Now His Younger Sister Alice Has Joined Him And Is Quietly Living In A Tree House Of Her Own Nearby Their Peaceful Life Is Shattered When A Conservation Officer Confiscates Sam S Falcon, Frightful, And Alice Suddenly Vanishes Sam Leaves His Home To Search For Alice, Hoping To Find Frightful, Too But The Trail To The Far Side Of The Mountain May Lead Sam Into Great Danger Surpasses The Original In Style And Substance This Story Is A Jewel Booklist George Has Outdone Herself Here Kirkus Reviews Student Name Quinn Dittmann Date Submitted April 26thBook Title On the Far Side of the Mountain Lexile 630Personal Response Personally, this was definitely one of the best books I ve ever read I m the outdoorsy type, and that s exactly what this book was There was always something going on in this book which made it active and very fun to read.Plot Summary This story took place in the wilderness Sam and his sister Alice were sick and tired of living in the city and just wanted to leave While living in the wilderness, Sam had a pet bird named Frightful Frightful would hunt and kill food so Sam had something to eat Early in the book, a conservation officer came to Sam s tree house and took the bird from him Sam did all he could to try and get his bird back He never did end up getting his bird Soon after this happened, his sister Alice disappeared into the mountains on a journey Sam had no clue at all where his sister would be off to He followed his sister s tracks and clues she left behind so he could possibly track her down After a long trek, Sam soon caught up to his sister Alice They then went back to their treehouses to live in peace.Recommendation I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the outdoors This book has hunting, fishing, and any other outdoorsy thing you can think of Also if you love an active book, this book is for you. A brilliant younger sister leads her brother on a wild goose chase just for fun while he is worried sick about her trying to survive like he had done his story in the first book of this series This story is the shortest of the three, but I loved the siblings relationship with each other The author did an excellent job keeping the story line unique to itself and different from the first book in the series Not quite as good as the first book, but so close that I had to give it five stars too. On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, is about a teenage boy that goes off into the woods and lives a life away from modern civilization In this book Sam s sister joins him in the wild Alice builds a tree house then she runs away from her brother Sam uses his resources to hopefully find her All and all, this book is a great about survival in the woods and to me has a classic style. I don t remember this much, either I think it was pretty good.