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In this novel Alexander Kent returns to thetraditional naval fiction form, which characterizes both the Bolitho series as well as other series based on the Royal Navy at war during the Napoleonic period The descriptions of battles are dramatic and remarkable.As a full admiral, Bolitho is ordered back to Halifax to take command of the Leeward Squadron He soon comes to grips with a new American commodore who seems to have a personal vendetta against Bolitho Rear Admiral Herrick makes another appearance to take charge of a court martial against a ship s crew on the charge of mutiny During his visit to Halifax, he renews his friendship with Bolitho even as he takes a ship back to Britain and eventual retirement from the Navy. (((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ⇲ Cross of St. George ⇜ FebruaryAs American Privateers Pick Off British And Canadian Ships In The Wake Of The War Of , Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho Returns To Halifax To Defend Crown Property In The Cold Waters Off Nova Scotia, He Fights Fruitless Skirmishes With Men Of The Frontier, All The While Longing For Peace This is book 22 of the series about Richard Bolitho The series runs from his being a midshipman to Admiral The plots convey shipboard life, the hardships of the sea, the horrors of battle and the complexities of romance in an age of social status and conventions.This book provided a rich story line set in the background of the war of 1812 from the British perspective The author does not make a super hero out of the main character, but one of vunerabilty The character is slow going blind in one eye due to a battle injury in any earlier book.It is a good quick read. This is the first of the Bolitho series I have read Yes, I know it is 24 in the series, but it is the one I found at a local thrift store Anyway, setting aside the difficulty of picking up in the middle of the saga, I found the book very entertaining and well written, a worthy complement to the Hornblower and Aubrey Maturin series written upon the same theme. Well, this is my 3rd Alexander Kent book Therefore, I don t really know how the series is flowing, but I got fed up with the romance element of this book Monotonous Why is he trying this hard to make it a love story Quite good, but I preferred the earlier midshipman captain adventures.