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#Epub É The Whirligig Issues 3-9 Ç These Are Stories Of The Am Bar Stool, Of Whiskey Scented Cubicles, Of Mystical Kangaroo Caves, Of Prairie Dog Vacuums They Are Stories Of Socrates, Of Asoka, Of Pill Dombrowski, And Of The Amazing Martin Landawer These Are Vital Voices That Echo Within You Long After Out Of Earshot Here Is The Authentic, The Wild, The Truth Here Is Salvation Scatter Shot Through With Shrapnel And Firestorms And Ferocity And Lust And Love These Are The Best I Found From Through Short Stories, Poems, Over , Words By Writers, Including Khaled Hosseini THE KITE RUNNER , Jeff Somers THE AVERY CATES SERIES , Nick Mamatas, Jim Munroe, Mike Cipra, Ann Sterzinger, Richard Kostelanetz, And Lyn Lifshin Packed With Good Yamsan Energizing Read Broken Pencil Magazine A Goldmine Of Good Fiction Xerography Debt Magazine The Whirligig Is One Of The Most Important Lit Journals Being Produced In This Country Karl Wenclas Wow This e book is an awesome collection of wildly imaginative fiction and tight, emotional poetry Editor Frank Marcopolos put it all together in his acclaimed literary zine The Whirligig back in the day Marcopolos was one of the first to recognize talents such as Khaled Hosseini, and this is a compilation of issues 3 9 of The Whirligig A fun, surprising read.