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This book is great for people who like horses and or work around them because it really shows what hapens when a hose gets old and when a horse is first born The author of this book is one of the best ever when she writes she makes you want to read the whole book in one night. @Free Pdf Ü Tough Trails (Orca Soundings) ß The Horses Iron Shoes Scraped, Metal Against Solid Stone Slowly They Struggled Upward, Legs Bent, Lungs Wheezing Society Girl S Halter Rope Tightened In My Hand I Looked Back The Old Mare Was Really Having Problems Groaning, She Put Her Head Down I really liked this book becuase it was about not giving upo on people and beliving in them.This book was really good because it let you know you cant judge people by how they look,you have to take time to get to know the people you start to deal with and be around Fairly short, but a pretty good book Definitely different than other books in the young adult genre, and that s always worth something A Hi Lo book that didn t feel like a Hi Lo book at all Gripping story, intense drama, and horses Can t go wrong there I never felt like I was reading a book that was written at an easier level at all. very good. its about a girl that sell her horse to meat buyers because her horse gets hurt its was not getting better so she had to sell it.then she buys a new horse her name was socetie girl.she teaches her to a pack horse.the father puts to much wait on horse it cuts its leg.so the horse collapses so the kids say to society girl wake up over and over the horse tries to get up so they take the horse up the mountain so the had to keep stopping to catch the horses breath i real loved this story its sad but makes me happy This book was great I really enjoyed it It kept me wanting to read and This book is about a young boy who has to live with some of his relatives all summer and he has to make so really tough decisions while he is there You should really read this book if you are looking for something great and interresting