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Really enjoyed this right up until the limp ending It was 4 stars for most of the way but I felt too ripped off by the ending and give it 3 stars as a punishment Take that [E-pub] ♓ Resurrection (Blood of the Lamb, #3) ♓ Maryam Might Fight For Her Life, Freedom And Love In This Stunning Finale To The Blood Of The Lamb Series Maryam And Lazarus Arrive Back At Onewere And Maryam, In Trying To Loosen The Apostles Religious Stranglehold By Showing The People The Miraculous Remedy, Is Captured The Ruling Elite Decide To Manipulate Her Return And Lazarus S So Called Resurrection From The Dead By Setting In Motion A Highly Orchestrated Pretence Of Embracing Her As The New Messiah Right Down To Planning Her Eventual Sacrifice And Death By Crucifixion Before A Hysterical And Brain Washed Crowd In A Sequence That Mirrors Christ S Final Hours, Maryam Must Somehow Get The Islanders To Listen To Her Plea To Start Thinking For Themselves Eventually Managing To Stir The Independence In Their Hearts Just As She Is About To Be Put To Death Resurrection picks up where Into the Wilderness leaves off Maryam is in the hospital recovering from surgery to save her arm She is still in the Territorials homeland and desperately trying to figure out how to get Lazarus, Ruth and herself home This book didn t not start to become interesting until of the way through chapter 15 It is slow in pace There are some moments of isolation, so I guess the pace of those moments really matched the pace of the story I was annoyed by her ignorance, but constantly reminded that it was not of her doing The theme of mind control, especially through religion, comes off well The story relays the idea had by many that the religion of Christianity was so meant for Brown and Black people than for Whites Even with the same lessons and books, obedience to the word of God was expected from the native population, while only the illusion of obedience was practiced by the Apostles And of course you have the idea of religion as a form of enslavement Very well put together I would love to read stories about his dystopian future What happened to Charlie and Veramina What happened to Ruth Aanjay s story novella How do things change for Onew re after the events of the Judgement Quite enjoyed the unraveling of this series I will have to check out from this author. The final book in the Blood of the Lamb Trilogy It is a ending with a bit of a twist than expected, and a satisfying conclusion.The themes of refugees, control, risk taking, going beyond the comfort zone, taking action and making a difference are an essential part of this series Many moments for reflection on how current governments treat people, and the powerlessness of the people when they lose hope.A great series. This series as a whole has given me a new perspective on not just life but everything I have ever known to be true I believe that Mandy Hager has created a new world that shows us all and teaches us the important lessons in life, the choices that we must make and how the decisions that we choose not only defy us but shape us for the future The third book in the series has left me with a feeling of not just hope but of enlightenment, I believe that this is book that everyone should read or at least know about, not to say they ve read it but to be able to think about and reflect what really matters.The story had everything from adventure, friendship, love and the makings of what is teaches us to be human and the strength that power, faith and fear processes A big recommendation to all The 3rd of the Crosing series I enjoyed this series far than the Hunger Games.The story line could actually be applied to today s society It has religion,race, social order, and a tad bit of romance Plus a hideous disease Makes for a brilliant read Wonderful story I want to read it again. definitely the most thrilling of the 3, as you d hope for in a conclusion It was a pretty vague ending, it was okay but not great A lot of the things are overly repeated and it got annoying Yeeeee Team Lazarus Nice characters like Veramina and Charlie helped balance the evil that was Father Joshua and his wife, though as finales go, quite frankly it was underwhelming.