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Ever come across a real unexplained mystery The ratings for THE COLORADO KID were all over the placeI have only started reading Stephen King again in the last few years after a couple disappointments in the late 90s, but after taking a chance with some of hisrecent offerings and loving themI decided to take a chance with this one too.The Main Characters Dave Bowie The 65 year old managing editor of The Weekly Islander, the small newspaper servicing the island of Moose Lookit.Vince Teague The 90 year old founder of the Islander.Stephanie McCann A 22 year old on summer internship at the IslanderOver coffee Dave and Vince tell Stephanie about a unsolved case which has bothered them over the years.The Story WHO John Doe The Colorado Kid, eventually identified as James Cogan from Nederland, Colorado.WHERE Found on Hammock Beach, Maine.WHEN Early morning, April 24, 1980WHAT Two teenagers find the body of a man slumped against a trash can No identification was found, and the body bore no indication of foul play cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation a piece of steak found lodged in his throat On the body was a Russian coin, some pocket money, and a pack of cigarettes which eventually lead to John Doe s identity James Cogan a happily married with a newborn son from ColoradoBut WHY he was in Maineand HOW he ended up there remains a mystery.The reason THE COLORADO KID worked for me was mainly the characters especially David and Vince they reminded me of a cross between Statler and Waldorf the grumpy old Muppet men and Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon I didn t have a problem with the mystery remaining a mystery, and as I was reading I suspected that in Stephen King fashion These characters may just pop up in another book at some point but either way if they do, or they don t it won t bother me one little bit After reading The COLORADO KID I came across this tidbit King stated The review of The Colorado Kid in today s issue of today s USA Today mentions that there was no Starbucks in Denver in 1980 Don t assume that s a mistake on my part The constant readers of the Dark Tower series may realize that is not necessarily a continuity error, but a clue. A quick check of the personal most read authors feature on goodreads tells me that this is my thirty third Stephen King book, and it s the one that pushed King ahead of Bukowski as my most read author There is the possibility that maybe there are a couple of duplicate ratings in there, but I m not going to look I d rather have Stephen King be my most read author than Bukowski 32 Bukowski books I know I really liked him for about five years, but how many times could I read the same story.Doing some personal history mental math, I come up with figure that I haven t read a Stephen King novel in about seventeen years and two months After a string of disappointing books that came out in the early to mid 90 s I just stopped reading him My tastes got pretentious, and I d been disappointed too many times in a row three I think it was by mediocre books to give much attention to any new books he wrote Then I kept hearing very mixed things about each new book, this would be when I started working at the bookstore A guy I worked with who loved Stephen King seemed to love all the new books with reservations that sounded like nostalgia creepy into his enjoyment, and anyone else whose opinion I trusted at all never had anything good to say about each new book I actually thought I d never read another Stephen King book again Like a jilted lover or something I d cut my ties with him In my heart though I ll always love the dorky looking guy who well meaning customers sometimes like to tell me I look just like I don t think this is a compliment, but it s probably true, although I personally think I m less dorky and better looking than him Different Seasons was my first grown up book that didn t involve commando s, crazed gunmen vigilantes or ninjas Needful Things was the first book I anxiously waited to be released, and bought in hardcover the day it came out The four stories that made up the sadly out of print Bachman Books were some of the first stories read with the literary equivalent of being smacked in the chest with a sledgehammer this is a good thing It was the novel that got me hooked on big books, and the awe they inspire in lesser mortals who shy away from reading thousand page tomes and the realization that some stories are just better when they have all that room to ferment and unfurl themselves Pet Sematary succeed as being one of the few novels to actually scare me although the movie might have helped Even when it wasn t just about the scares or the thrills, most of the themes I find myself enjoying in books today I first came across in Stephen King he probably is an underrated author, now that I m actually thinking of it The protagonist of The Long Walk could easily stand in for a Sisyphean existential anti hero My first literary taste and ruminations about Nazi s probably came from Apt Pupil , The Dark Half could have been a horror version of a Borges short story And as my swiss cheese memory can t remember the plot details of novels I read two months ago, nevermind almost any details about short stories or who wrote short story plots that my feeble mind happens to remember a few months later, I can remember vividly details from probably most of the stories from Night Shift or Skeleton Crew That s my nostalgic gushing about my favorite author from seventh grade through about my sopho year of college And now I ve read another novel of his This isn t very good.The story is not bad, but it s not a novel, it s what could be a good side plot in a novel, an aside that would tie into the main story in someway The story is basically two old newspaper guys on an island off the coast of Maine are telling a young reporter about an unsolved case they were a part of twenty something years ago The bulk of the novel is the two guys telling the story, view spoiler and at the end you find out there really aren t any details known about the man who died, except for his name and that against almost all logic that he wound up on a beach in Maine dead one morning, I like non resolution in books, so I didn t have a problem with this, I just didn t see the point to the book hide spoiler This is my first by Stephen King, I picked The Colorado Kid mainly cause I love the TV show Haven and its based on this, I was surprised that this is not a paranormal and the show is, its weird the this book being the predecessor is just a crime mystery.I m not a fan of crime books but its good to come out of my comfort zone that consist of Fantasy,Paranormal and Romance I must admit this book got my wheels spinning a lot The writing is okay not great, The plot is amazing and I love it.I had lots of expectations when I picked up this book to read, was I disappointed by what I found out You bet, did I like what I got, Oh yea I did The characters in this book are so weird,The MCs consist of a 22,65 and 90 year olds that work together in a newspaper house.No this book is not written in the POV of a cop, Its written in the POV of Stephanie an intern at a newspaper est Its based on a story that was told by Dave and Vince the newspaper men to Stephanie about an unsolved mystery that is still going on for 25 years and how neither cops nor journalists found out how the body ended up at the beach without identification and death by choking on a meat yea the meat he was eating Not to mention the man is a stranger in the small town I know the POV is weird in a twisted kind of way, I m not a fan of a story inside a story but King did a good job. A lot of people hate this book for bullshit reasons I don t usually comment on other people s opinions I have in the past, but not often because its their subjective feelings about the shit they read Fine Whatever But to hate this book because it has a cover that only vaguely touches upon the book and or doesn t fit the Hard Case Crime series I don t know I mean, the book does have a female reporter in it and it is a mystery Yeah, like I said, those people who hate on this book because of the aforementioned reasons well, their opinions smell of bullshit There are plenty of reasons to hate The Colorado Kid The cover and publisher are the least of them First off, it s a novella Charging people 5.99 for a novella is asking a bit much Even in King Land, where the rides costand the endings are sometimes lackluster experiences Asking six bucks for something that would make a great episode of The Twilight Zone is a dick move Did the production of this book necessitate the price More than likely But my point is this It shouldn t have been published by itself It should have been saved for a collection Same shit goes for Blockade Billy, which is two short stories coming in at 80 pages and published by Cemetery Dance for the fucking insane price of 14.99 Fun fact Both Blockade Billy and the short story that follows it, Mourning , will be featured in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams At least the coffee table book The Dark Man has pretty artwork one can goggle So here you have a good reason to hate The Colorado Kid the price We got ripped off Damn fine reason to get upset Moving on.The selling point here was crime fiction from Stephen King, which had, at this point, already been done I shall direct you to the short story The Fifth Quarter and the novella Umney s Last Case , just to name two It s not like this was new territory for King What fans were expecting was an actual crime drama, not a book of theories From the jump we re told that there are no answers Same shit happens in From a Buick 8, but at least The Colorado Kid isn t over 300 pages long Wait a second does that make the length and price worth it No, fucker, because, depending on the version of From a Buick 8 you buy, you re looking at double to triple the price tag of The Colorado Kid, so FUGOFF Where was I Oh yeah, expectations We knew King could write crime fiction when he wanted to, so we were excited What did we get Two old men sitting in a room telling a 22 year old woman a story about a guy that choked on a piece of chewed beef I hate to repeat myself but FUGOFF So the actual story is boring and never really goes anywhere AND we paid six bucks for this book But why stop there Let s mentionThe afterword Wait what The afterword Yes, the afterword Let s mention that King knew that people would hate this book To be fair and quote him accurately, he saysDepending on whether you liked or hated The Colorado KidI think for many people there ll be no middle ground on this one, and that s fine with me you have my friend Scott to blame. I included the entire quote, but I want you to focus in on the part within the parentheses I don t care that King doesn t mind that some people will hate it, but I do care that he knew some people would My overactive brain can math good so I will put two and two together Hard Case Crime called and asked King if he wanted to be a part of their newborn pulp throwbacks He said sure, but had nothing to give them He could have given them Blaze but that shit needed some modernizing, and well, fuck that noise He was a busy guy But wait what about that trunk story about the unexplained mystery Some people are going to fucking hate that shit but oh well, it s not like it s a novel novel, it sof an experiment and I have Cell coming out soon so YOLO, BITCHES So E here again instead of leaving this in a trunk where it wasn t hurting anybody, King decided to give it to Hard Case Crime because he liked the idea of what they were doing He didn t need the paycheck at this point in his career, but he wanted to be a part of something that was showcasing and paying tribute to his heroes He s a dork, a nerd, like most of us, and he wanted to be a part of something cool Do you blame him Yeah I kinda do Dear Stephen King, you could have done better In summation The Colorado Kid should have been at the end of Everything s Eventual Hard Case Crime should ve grown a sack or some ovaries, I don t discriminate and told King No We re not accepting this We don t want your leftovers and neither do your fans King would go on to at least in my eyes redeem himself by giving Hard Case Crime another novel by the name of Joyland I accept that as an adequate apology for The Colorado Kid, but this tiny ass book still grinds my gears.Final Judgment It should be hated for the right reasons. I re read this because I have recently started watching Haven on Netflix Haven is based, not on this book, but the place and characters IN the book I love the show The best part is how the writers and set decorators insert small references to King s work throughout the years Sometimes a small nugget of story from one of his novels is told, a scene plays on the screen right off his pages, Paul Sheldon and the Misery series are mentioned when a birthday gift is one of his books The list goes on and on The best part of the show is watching for these Easter Eggs I only wish I had watched it from the beginning as it aired because now I know there are message boards online where people compare what they noticed when an episode is over.Now, back to the book I have no problem with the idea of this story King is my favorite writer and I argue vehemently against his label of Horror Writer all the time It s his style I love The way he creates three dimensional humans with scribbles on a page People I feel I know and would recognize on the street He does so here with the two old newspapermen who relate the story and the young intern who listens I like them I want to readabout them There is certainly no horror to be found on these pages.I even understand the reason he gives us no answer to the mystery The old men explain that life has no plot, no through line, no story arc, etc I agree I also think that s why we love novels and movies and newspaper articles We NEED that through line to make up for its lack in our lives I was mesmerized by the men relaying the story of this man found dead on a beach in Maine, half a continent from where he began his day in Colorado I understand the law being unable to put the puzzle together I know this could happen in real life But this is a novel, DAMMIT I want that through line King plays with us because he knows he can get away with it He can tick me off by not giving me resolution fully confident I will still buy his next book the day it comes out and read and re read it over and over through the years Confident ass I say that with love, nothing but love I am only on the fourth episode of the second season on Haven I find it infinitely clever the premise they use for the show and my hope each time I begin a new episode will be that Audrey the main character comes across the answer to what really happened to the Colorado Kid It s a supernatural television show Don t tell me a full staff of writers can t figure out SOMETHING I will accept I m gullible I ll accept a lot Or a little Just give mesomething.October 2014 I ve caught up on Haven and now seem addicted to this story of The Colorado Kid This is my third reread in 6 months and this time I audio ed it felt almost like I was getting a fix I didn t just relish the story, I took notes, looked up obscure facts and researched things I would otherwise have no interest in Haven has explained James Cogan in the series, but my brain and heart think I can explain The Kid in the book I know I can I read in the Stephen King group here on GR that someone dislikes the show Haven because this book is a perfect unsolved and unsolvable mystery She feels Haven takes away that perfection and instead presents a little paranormal mystery that gets solved every week in 47 minutes I can understand her feelings, but love Haven for exactly the same reason she dislikes it.King wrote the perfect mystery novel Nothing paranormal, plenty unexplained, no answers, through line or plot The novel is actuallya character study of the two telling the story and the one they are telling it to, than it is a narrative Often in life we don t get answers Some things are simply unexplainable Ok, ok, but not in a King book In his books he shows us why anything can, and usually does, happen Even when it takes magic, evil or the paranormal to make it happen He convinces us it s possible and shows us how.Haven takes this perfectly unsolvable mystery, written by King, and turns it into what we expect from him They can exist together and at the same time In Haven the outside world is told that all the little unexplainable things that occur in the town limits are due to gas leaks, bad weather, road rage, you name it In reality, all paranormal hell is constantly breaking loose When you think about that, the story Vince and Dave are telling Stephie in the novel is exactly the sort of story Haven would tell an outsider As you read the novel you begin to feel that the old timers sharing this tale with Stephie is their way of accepting her and making her a true resident of the town What if they are just feeding her the company line 3.5 Stars No horror here, but still a worthwhile read in my book Stephen King states there will be no middle ground on this novelthat readers will either hate it or love it As for me, I really enjoyed it as well as discovering in the Afterward what motivated him to write what is depicted as a hard case crime mystery.I loved the two old geezersas Mr King calls themthat own the Weekly Islander Newspaper on Moose Lookit Island, and the way they quizzed and inspired their 22 year old summer intern, Stephanie.As for the case of THE COLORADO KID itself, I whizzed right through the telling eager to find out what happened to the mysterious dead man with no identification, andwas even fine with the ending.This one won t make my favorites shelf, but it held my attention, and I sure do love the book cover even thoughsheis not how I envisioned Stephanie. This was a reread for me having read a digital version years before When I rate stories I usually do so with only the authors previous work in mind, and with knowing what type of novel the writer set out to create The Colorado Kid is supposed to be a mystery that goes against the mystery formula, it s supposed to be about the frustration of an unsolved thing, and it achieves this to great affect Grounded, by the three central characters it as a enjoyable read to be read in one sitting. NO SPOILERS Full disclosure book abandoned at page 66 out of 184 pages Although I appreciate Stephen King s effort to write in a totally different style as part of the Hard Case Crime series, that s one of the major problems with this book This isn t really a Stephen King book, by which I mean, all that has earned King legions of fans over the decades, all that s distinctly King, isn t here I didn t need to read past page 66 to know that I sincerely hope readers new to King don t choose The Colorado Kid as their starting point.As for the plot, three characters two older men and one young woman discuss crimes, with the main topic being the mysterious 1980 case of the Colorado Kid Discuss is the operative word here this is a dialogue heavy story That s unfortunate, because the dialogue itself is irritating, with the men frequently calling their 22 year old female intern darlin , dear, and dearheart while dominating the conversation As for the actual discussing, that s passive storytelling, and it s simply boring The book is short and from what I understand has an unsatisfying ending, leading me to believe that King whipped this one up quickly without much investment I read 11 22 63 not long before this, and as his efforts go, this couldn t beopposite Where that is strong and complex, this is feeble I have no problem advising others to heed this book s 3.27 average rating and spend time reading something worthier. {DOWNLOAD PDF} Í The Colorado Kid õ On An Island Off The Coast Of Maine, A Man Is Found Dead There S No Identification On The Body Only The Dogged Work Of A Pair Of Local Newspapermen And A Graduate Student In Forensics Turns Up Any Clues But That S Just The Beginning Of The Mystery Because The They Learn About The Man And The Baffling Circumstances Of His Death, The Less They Understand Was It An Impossible Crime Or Something Stranger Still No One But Stephen King Could Tell This Story About The Darkness At The Heart Of The Unknown And Our Compulsion To Investigate The Unexplained With Echoes Of Dashiell Hammett S The Maltese Falcon And The Work Of Graham Greene, One Of The World S Great Storytellers Presents A Surprising Tale That Explores The Nature Of Mystery Itself A nice little story that sabout the characters and their lingo than the mystery itself Just don t read it expecting a payoff or a satisfactory conclusion, because you won t get any