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Odli an po etak pri e, radnja sasvim zadovoljavaju a iako se javlja ose aj ve vi enog i onda bezvezan zavr etak Jednog sasvim obi nog dana dobar deo ljudi je, na prvi pogled ni im izazvano, potpuno podivljao Momentalno po inje borba za pre ivljavanje odre en broj ljudi koji deluje kao da je izgubio razum bez problema napada svoje prijatelje, lanove porodice pa i ku ne ljubimce i hladnokrvno ih ubijaju na najbrutalnije na ine U svom ovom haosu Klejton Ridel, Tom Mekort i Alis Maksvel se prepoznaju kao normalni i uspevaju da se sklone na sigurno Razmenjuju i utiske i zapa anja zaklju uju da je novonastalo ludilo povezano sa mobilnim telefonima sve ljude koje su videli da su pogubili razum su u tom trenutku razgovarali preko telefona.Alis je izgubila sve lanove svoje porodice dok Klej strahuje ta se de ava sa njegovim sinom i suprugom Kao grupa odlu uju da moraju da preduzmu ne to, pa makar to zna ilo ubijanje onih koji su zara eni telefonskim ludilom Od ovog trenutka situacija se samo pogor ava, jer pored neznanja ta se desilo sa njihovim najmilijima, pre iveli moraju da se nose sa daljom mutacijom telefonskih zombija.Od prve re enice pa do poslednjih pedesetak stranica itamo ne to stvarno sjajno pri a je dinami na od starta, uvla i nas momentalno i za divno udo, imaju i u vidu sklonost Kinga ka skribomaniji, pri a zapravo jako brzo te e Nema preduga kih digresija i nema vra anja kroz vreme i sli no Uvo enje novih likova u pri u u odre enim delovima je odli no tempirano, zaista je jedan ceo niz doga aja opisan na visokom nivou i prili no verodostojno to je meni mo da i najbitnije Ono to se de ava u poslednjih pedesetak stranica je za mene razo aravaju e Opet je po sredi jedan od zbrzanih krajeva i mislim da sam izgubila strpljenje i razumevanje to se toga ti e Ta nije, razumevanje samo donekle jer mogu da razumem razloge koji su rezultirali ovakvim raspletom, ali ne mogu vi e Tako e po inje da mi smeta nedore enost odre enih detalja koji su klju ni za razumevanje pri e, a koje King evidentno namerno izostavlja.Sa druge strane, ono to jeste doprinelo lo oj oceni jeste upravo moja prezasi enost Kingom Verujem da bi mnogi bez problema dali i najvi u ocenu jer bih je verovatno dala i ja da su okolnosti druga ije. Five stars for the first half One star for the last 200 pages, wherein King drags his ass like a dog infested with roundworms Cell is a five star read all the way up to the halfway mark You got crazies running around, nom nom nomming on tender bits, and a likable crew of misfits trying to stay alive Underneath it all, King is stoking the fires of 9 11, trying to keep the fear alive a full five years after the towers fell in a half ass attempt to scare you with real world issues The Phonies I do not type that word with a straight face speak in a garbled, almost arabic language Slap turbans on King s version of zombies and you have a strong argument for racist propaganda Did King do this on purpose Mayhap he did Mayhap he didn t Either way, MURICA There s this climax that takes place around midway through the book King shits the bed after that What action you do find on the downhill side of this novel is tired, rehashed bullshit from the first half of the book It s honestly like reading two different books King even repeats the big scene in the middle further down the road, but by then, the cool factor has disappeared You can t have barbecue every night, friends and neighbors It s fucking great on Friday, especially when beer s involved, butof a pain in the ass on Saturday because you re still hungover from the night before and that goddamn grill is making you sweat pure ethanol.This is either my second or third read through of Cell Can t remember, but it s certainly not my first Because of this, I let Campbell Scott read it to me He does a fine job at the narration, but the production quality is iffy at times Sounds levels are fucked He ll be really low one minute not whispering, just low and then he ll be loud not yelling, just loud Sometimes, the tone of his narration changes, as if he s started reading as another character I still don t think this is his fault I think it s the quality of the recording, which, in my honest opinion, is utter dogshit.Before we hit the Conspiracy Theory section of our program, I must say that I firmly believe King got in way over his head with this book There s a reason why The Stand is 1200 pages long and Cell is only 450 Maybe Cell started as a short story or a novella and it just kept on going, or maybe he always meant for it to end the way it did Either way, the final product makes it seem as if King just got tired of writing this particular book and stopped I can dig open endings, but to follow Clay on his hunt only to receive the ending we get here I don t know, man, that s kind of a dick move Oh well, it s Uncle Stevie Whatcha gon do, right Here there be spoilers for all of King s books Only click on view spoiler if you ve read through King s entire catalog I take no responsibility for your sadness and despair at having something spoiled because you can t take instruction, ya muppet view spoiler Obvious Tie Ins Charlie the Choo Choo the Dark Tower series The Dark Wanderer comic obvious nods to the Dark Tower universe, especially since they are graphic novels and this came out around the time MARVEL started working on their DT comics Conspiracy theory I believe this version of the King verse is another beam altogether from the beam of the Bear and Turtle The Stand happens on one beam, as witnessed in Wizard and Glass, and Cell on another This is how you can have two end of the world scenarios in one universe hide spoiler I suddenly realised half way through this book that it is really a zombie novel After a shower I felt better and rationalised that this was occupying my wouldn t normally read this slot in my book consumption sigh of relief I must admit that I did enjoy some of King s early novels, but this was so far fetched and ridiculous Am I really saying It wasn t The plot is simple Somehow, someone sends a pulse through the mobile phone system which wipes clean a person s mind and sends them back to basics and they become unreasoning killers Those that survive the bloodbath begin to flock together and develop a sort of telepathy Meanwhile those that didn t hear the pulse and survived the bloodbath also group together and a struggle for survival begins Sometimes books like this are good mindless fun and I do enjoy well written thrillers King does write well and is a natural storyteller but there is something insidious at the heart of this Basically and this is actually said in the book , when everything is stripped away from men and women what is left MURDER This, quite simply, is the Doctrine of The Fall not Mark E Smith s rather good Manchester band , as found in the Old Testament We are born in sin and are wicked at heart our first instincts being to kill rather than care for each other That is the problem with this book that premise Nature and nurture matter not we are hard wired to Murder In mydepressive moments I realise we have created an economic system which destroys the weak and poor rather well and we regularly elect governments that play and build on xenophobia and the evils of those who are different However, in my heart I believe we all have that spark that would rather care for others than destroy them That s the problem with this book. I don t know where to start I don t know what to say I own about 30 Stephen King books, I believe I have read them all Strange enough, it seems like just as I started getting into the King of Horror, his talent began to dwindle I think it was when I was in sixth grade that I started digging him and becoming a fan, and at about that same time he began to put out books that pretty much anyone with a brain will concede are not nearly the clean up hitters that his first works were Carrie, Pet Cemetery, Christine, Cujo, The Stand, The Shining..esteemed and awesome for the most part, only to be replaced with the likes of Gerald s Game, The Woman Who Loved Tom Gordon, Insomnia, and the Green F cking Mile There s something wrong in that, I was always under the belief that theexperience you have in your craft the better you will eventually get, unless you re an absolute nimrod Well, Mr King proves me dead fricking wrong, especially with the release of Cell, a novel I can t quite find a word for Disappointing No, I was expecting about as much Poor Too rich for this trash Feeble Getting warmer I want to put this to bed rather quickly, after all, Stephen King has writtenthan a few badass books and I d rather not dwell on the poor bastard s dwindling talents as he progresses in age and rocks out in his crappy band, Bookwyrm Ok, so his band isn t called Bookwyrm, but it ought to be it shows that in one second I came up with apowerful and awesome name than he ever could His band doesn t matter here, what matters is that King had the great idea of making a back to the basics horror novel, and what better subject matter than zombies Flucking zombies man Maybe Steve is the only one who hasn t realized it, but zombies have been beat to death no pun intended in recent media via horror films and video games Not to mention that the Zombie King, the venerable George Romero, has produced some rather slick zombie films in his Dead series recently, one example is Land of The Dead, which King liberally rips off with the idea of zombies evolving in this novel, although Romero isn t gay enough to consider having them evolve super powers including levitation, thought control, and telepathy Thank god King, however, is down with this wishy washy, flimsy shit, and it s not surprising that the novel starts to nosedive about the time the undead begin using their newfound powers Like all King novels that center around droves of mindless minions of evil, there is one badass leader zombie that seems to be running the show, and he s the only character that I can really even recall from the book, how f cking pitiful is that, especially since the only reason I can imagine the dude is because he s such a archetypical figure that this is his only real intent.The story plods along after all cell phones receive some sort of pulse which leads to the poor f cker on the phone becoming a zombie If I recall correctly, that s the only thing which turns people into zombies, the Pulse Now, I understand King is trying to make a point on society through the sheer number of zombies, but let s face it, the number of people this would effect is not that fucking catastrophic In Cell, it is, almost 75% of the world seems to either have been zombified, or is in immediate danger due to someone else s transformation into a zombie This sheer mathematical impossibility annoyed me throughout the course of the story Adding to my troubles, the main character, Clayton of all fuggin names , is hell bent on finding his family, he ll do anything just to see if they are alive or dead, blah blah blah I think another character was a homo and of course there was the ever present Crafty Child All dicking around while the zombies grewpowerful through their unnatural cerebral enhancements Boring. For some reason, I had seen quite a few bad reviews on Cell before I read it Not one to usually dislike a King novel, I did go into this one without the highest of expectations and ended up being very pleasantly surprised.The story centers around a mass event that turns anyone who happens to be on their cell phone at the time into a zombie Mass chaos ensues and a small group of survivors bands together and tries to figure out what is going on and how to stop it Some of the plot line does have some similarity to The Stand, but the characters are fairly unique, the dialog is good, and the action keeps rolling along at a fairly brisk pace I really liked this novel I knew that I probably would, but it was a nice surprise that it was as good as it was I am of the opinion that not everything that Stephen King writes is destined to be a classic, but the majority of his work is well above average and I feel that one day he will be given his long overdue kudos and be placed in the literary canon with the other greats of modern literature. ,, , What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherfuckers in the jungle Cell is an apocalyptic tale about mobile phones that wipe the user s brain, getting rid of any humanity and leaving behind only aggressive and destructive impulses The story focuses on the main character, Clay, who is on a mission to find his estranged wife and son Now living in a post apocalyptic world and unable to use mobile phones for fear of becoming crazed maniacs, Clay and his group must navigate their way in an attempt to find out what has happened to his family.Okay, so, I actually really enjoyed this book I loved the premise of it, and found it terrifying to even consider what it would be like if such an event occurred in real life I loved how it was the use of mobile phones that created these crazed zombies , especially because if something like this did happen, your first thought would be to call your loved ones to check they re okay So I kinda loved that detail, added an extra layer to the story I thought.The characters were so so Clay was fine, but I think I actually preferred Tom I also really liked Alice, so I wasn t overly happy with her storyline The zombies or phonies as they were called in the book were downright horrifying I really liked their behaviours and how they were used within the story The fact that they were only active during the day and then rebooted at night It felt like a unique portrayal of zombies.I thought the story moved at a great pace, especially at the beginning It was non stop terrifying The pace did slow down a bit, particularly towards the end, but I was still very much interested and eager to see how it all panned out But then that ending THAT GODDAMN ENDING Left me feeling so infuriated and angry I absolutely hate endings like thatI was so annoyed by it that I felt like deducting a star, but then maybe in hindsight I will look back and like the ending similar to how I feel about The Sopranos , so it can keep the star for now I thought it was a great read apart from the ending and very much underrated in the Stephen King universe If I ever meet Sai King I will slap him across the face for that endingbut then hug him and declare my undying love. Stephen King does zombies Wellkind of We ll get to that in a bit.But first, here s how I think this book came about Way back in aught 6 2006 , or just before because Cell was published in 06, but who knows with King, am I right But anyway, we ve come a long way since that time Everyone was getting cell phones and they were just about getting to every last person around I imagine him having this conversation with, let s say, his son, Joe Hill.Stephen Wow, cell phones have really gotten popular lately Everyone seems to have one Joe Yeah Dad, come on, get with the times already, man Stephen Well, at least we ll never get rid of these landlines right Both are VERY necessary useless joke probably not in King s character, just wanted to make fun of how we used to still had landlines when everyone was switching to cell phones But seriously, I am SO sick of people being on their cell phones all the time You can t even have an honest to goodness conversation with a person without someone bombarding you with a call Can t we just have real conversations with human beings any Instead, we talk to electronics and let them control everything we do, sacrificing our humanity If only there was a way to put an end to this nonsenseI ve got it Cell starts out as your basic zombie book People are going about their normal business when suddenly lots of people start going crazy and attacking other people while a few people escape unscathed for a while until they get attacked.Well, Stephen King made a couple of changes to the normal zombie mythos I think we can call it mythos now Here, the zombies are created by a pulse that occurs through cell phones All the people using their cell phones at the time of the pulse as its known throughout the book are immediately changed into what is essentially a zombie Those without cell phones or not on them at the time are saved.It s not exactly clear whether they are or have to be dead or not, some are, but not all, but they all have the same traits, which are pretty zombie like They go crazy, they attack people including their own kind, and make survival the number one priority for those who weren t turned.They are known throughout the book not at zombies, but as phone crazies Boy did I hate that term after a while It s just so dumb It s also descriptively appropriate, but meh Call them walkers, call them phoners even, but phone crazies just bugged me to no end.In addition, the zombies only come out during the day and therefore leave the night to the survivors.Cell follows Clayton Riddell, a survivor of the pulse who happened to be in Boston at the time of the pulse He lives in you guessed it Maine but he s not a writer, he s a comic artist, completely different , which is where his family is located at the time of the pulse and provides the impetus for Clay and his group of survivors to head north.I did enjoy this book, but to talk about why I didn t enjoy it enough to even reach the 4 star threshold, I m gonna have to get into some spoilers These aren t huge, ruin the book spoilers, just possibly ruin a part of the first 200 pages quarter of the book You ve been warned Begin mild spoilersI could gointo Clay s group because they do play a large role in the novel, but I just don t have the time nor the energy at the moment Know they re there and they are some great characters.The reason I wasn t a huge fan of this particular zombie book is that King almost immediately kills the whole reason I read zombie books I read them for the constant suspense and scare that the people we ve grown close to are going to get eaten, turned, die, whatever.King introduces telepathy into the zombie mythos While it s an interesting and unique take, I realized toward the end that it pretty much killed this particular zombie novel for me.Because the zombie apocalypse occurred through the pulse, the phone crazies bleh are connected somehow, they can even communicate in a way telepathically It begins through large gatherings where they sleep during the night while getting essentially reprogrammed telepathically.While they are communicating telepathically, they begin to flock just like some types of animals birds in a v for instance While they flock, they don t attack humans It just stops.There sthat happens and they do begin to do some muchdevious things, but the survivors, and especially our little crew we follow, are essentially immune from the day to day zombie attack.Bigger Spoiler, for the novel I Am Legend as well While I m still within the spoiler section of my review, I also wanted to add that I totally thought he was going to go I Am Legend with the zombies, making the zombies the new society and the survivors the outcasts It seemed to be going there, but didn t in the end end spoilersI enjoyed this book, it had great characters as expected and a good enough story to keep me enjoying it It also had an interesting take on zombies that, while I applaud King for his creativity and boldness, kind of killed the zombie part of this zombie novel.3 out of 5 Stars Recommended with reservations 3.5 Stars..Ok, I do believe I m with the don t like the ending readers on this one, but oh what a beginning Clay is happy..he just sold his first graphic novel and can t wait to share the news with his estrangedbut lovedwife and 12 year old son and as it turns out, luckily, does not own a CELL phone While deciding to celebrate with an ice cream, all hell breaks loose on the streets of Boston, and afterward, crazies are everywhere, thousands of them, and travel by nightto get home to his sonturns out to be the only option.Overall, I did like this Stephen King sci fi thriller, but it does have its lulls and did end a bit too abruptly for my taste With reminders of Night of the Living Dead, and graphic gore, probably not for everyone, but for me, bring on the movie view spoilerhope we get to find out what happened to Tom s cat and the rest of the gang And remember Assume makes an ass out of you and mehide spoiler ^READ EPUB ☠ Cell ↷ WHERE WERE YOU ON OCTOBER ST AT PM Graphic Artist Clay Riddell Was In The Heart Of Boston On That Brilliant Autumn Afternoon When Hell Was Unleashed Before His Eyes Without Warning, Carnage And Chaos Reigned Ordinary People Fell Victim To The Basest, Most Animalistic DestructionAnd The Apocalypse Began With The Ring Of A Cell Phone Back Cover