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A year ago, I had never heard of Kelli Owen Now, I can honestly say she is my favorite female horror writer Is that a sexist thing to say God, I hope not, because it s the truth Don t get me wrong, there are a number of strong contenders for that title, but there is something about a Kelli Owen story that set s it apart from the rest of the field Remarkable prose and at the same time she can make you cringe without going over the edge All this from someone who used to hide her work, apparently as a result of some misguided fear of rejection.Six Days was Owen s first full length novel and was a part of the 1st signed, limited collection from Thunderstorm Books new line, Maelstrom, headed by Brian Keene.In the story, Jenny awakes thinking she s gone blind It s beyond dark The kind of dark where you can t see your hand in front of your face The author skillfully helps you to see, or actually to not see, the world through Jenny s eyes.As Jenny struggles to understand what s happened and how she may have come to be in this situation we are treated to dreams, memories and the like to help us learn about the captive What we learn through these snippets is that Jenny is not all sugar and spice, she has skeletons in her closet, but none of that matters right now What matters is escape and getting home to her 10 year old son, Alan What must he be thinking at this point Six Days is a wonderfully written novel, especially the flashback scene in the hospital room the day after the surprise party for Jen s best friend Beth Some of the best writing I ve read in quite some time I was drained when I finished the passage and actually had to take a break from reading for a bit Congratulations to the author.If you didn t get a chance to pick up this one in it s signed, limited edition release, there s good news It s now available in e book format from.com and if you happen to be a Prime Member you can get it for free as one of your monthly selections from the Kindle Owner s Lending Library.If you enjoy getting a bit unnerved while immersed in a good story You might want to check out Six Days Enjoy. Debut novels can be clunky things, full of good ideas let down by inexperienced execution The problems are predictable, and usually inevitable Somehow, perhaps by spending years writing and celebrating writing before committing to her own first novel, Owen has sidestepped most of this Where it remains in traces is in the occasional dialogue, which doesn t scan as naturalistically as speech does Fortunately, there s not a lot of dialogue to be going on with The story opens with the character Jenny s eyes, as she wakes in blackness, entombed somewhere cold and dark, with no memory of how she got there The novel functions as a thriller as she tries to escape, as a whodunnit as she flashes back over those who might have cause do to her harm, and as a character study as she recalls critical moments in her life that made her the woman she has become It s a gripping read, and my only complaint is that I felt cheated by the ending While it might be realistic, for me it wastes the strength of the woman who has been fleshed out over the previous pages Still, it s a powerful debut, and I m off to see if I can get hold of Owen s latest novella. This book is a very mixed bag.First, the good For the most part, the book is well written The prose is strong and neither flavorless nor wordy.I liked the basic story, and thought the parallels of Jenny exploring her dark imprisonment and her dark past was excellent I think the author does an excellent job of keeping things reasonable as far as what the character might know or not know without her vision.Unfortunately, the bad is pretty strong, too.First, this book badly needs an editor The author has problems with homophones, the most glaring had to be the main character working at a paper called the Harold There were also a few content issues, such as the time the character throws something out of her reach and then has it again 2 paragraphs later without explanation.The identity of the kidnapper is telegraphed heavily It was disappointing to realize who it as 2 3 of the way through the book, after only one real clue.I felt like the author severely underestimated the impact of dehydration on the character as well She spends six days in captivity, is given no liquids and only fed once By the time six days came, she should have been extraordinarily weak, possibly to the point of death, fainting easily, and hallucinating It s doubly disappointing that this problem would easily have been fixed there were multiple instances where she could have been fed and watered without giving away the identity of the captor. Eine Frau wacht in v lliger Dunkelheit auf und findet heraus, dass sie nicht die erste ist, die in jenem unterirdischen Verlies gefangen gehalten wird Sechs Tage, l nger scheint niemand berlebt zu haben Doch was passiert an Tag sieben Und wird sie es vorher schaffen zu fliehen Ich muss sagen, dass ich eine sehr ambivalente Meinung zur Geschichte habe Zum Einem haben wir hier eine fl ssig geschriebene, recht spannende Geschichte, die sich im Bereich Thriller einordnen l sst Die Protagonistin Jenny versucht einerseits mit den Zust nden in v lliger Dunkelheit, ohne Nahrung und Wasser zurechtzukommen, andererseits blickt sie zur ck auf besondere Momente ihres Lebens, auf Schicksalsschl ge und in ihre eigenen Abgr nde Gerade in der ersten H lfte des Buches hatte ich hier das Gef hl, dass die Autorin ihre Protagonistin in einem Zwielicht darstellen wollte, wohingegen die zweite H lfte der Geschichte eine typische k mpfende Mutter beschreibt, die zur ck in ihre Familie m chte Einerseits ist dies mitunter ganz spannend, andererseits hatte ich hier das Gef hl, dass die Autorin ihre handelnde Person nicht wirklich gefunden hat Ich denke, man h tte hier einen Weg durchziehen sollen Jenny Schultz, wie die Protagonistin hei t, empfand ich als sehr naiv und dumm Nicht unbedingt klischeehaft, aber auch nicht gut ausgearbeitet Es gab Momente, die mich mitrei en konnten, die ich mochte, es gab aber auch durchaus Momente, wo ich nur mit dem Kopf gesch ttelt habe und das Handeln von Jenny nicht verstehen konnte.Kelli Owen hat es generell nicht geschafft das Martyrium in diesem dunklen Verlies plausibel zu beschreiben Hunger und Durst h tten eine viel gr ere Rolle spielen m ssen, seelischer Verfall ist kaum passiert Ich denke einfach, dass ein Mensch in einer solchen Situation komplett anders agieren und denken w rde, als Jenny es letztendlich getan hat Man f hlte sich so, als ob sie dort 6 Stunden eingesperrt war und nicht sechs Tage.Die R ckblicke in ihr Leben haben mir gut gefallen Auch hier ist nicht alles immer logisch gewesen, dennoch konnte mich die Geschichte an diesen Stellen abholen und begeistern Das Ende war f r mich zwar einerseits voraussehbar und absolut nicht berraschend, andererseits mochte ich den letzten Satz, mit welchem das Buch schlie t und die Message, die es damit ausdr ckt.Zum Schluss sei noch erw hnt, dass der Schreibstil zwar sehr fl ssig, leicht und schnell zu lesen war, f r mich aber deutlich zu weiblich ausfiel Dies ist jedoch, noch mehr als meine vorausgegangene Meinungs u erung, meine pers nliche Pr ferenz Ich mag typisch weibliche Schreibstile nicht, wo sich die Damen Sorgen um abgebrochene Fingern gel machen, wenn sie doch eigentlich gerade ums berleben k mpfen um es mal sehr berspitzt darzustellen, wobei dieser Umstand im Buch durchaus vorkam Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass Sechs Tage kein schlechter Thriller ist, aber durchaus noch einiges Luft nach oben l sst Es gibt spannende, mitrei ende Szenen, aber ich hab ebenso auch mal den Kopf gesch ttelt und geseufzt, da mir gewisse Passagen gar nicht lagen Ein ganz nettes Buch, nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger. This is a very gripping book It grabs your attention and won t let go Fortunately you don t want to let go either as you are carried through the story all the way to the equally gripping ending.Jenny Schultz wakes up trapped in a basement A pitch black basement No light to show her where she is or what is around her Instead she must feel her way around the room to find a door or an opening or even a weapon While she searches the room, Jenny must also look inside for the strength to continue and to survive She relives her life in an effort to determine who trapped her here and why Until she can find a way to escape.In my mind, the theme of the novel is survival, finding the strength and hope to fight to survive As Jenny is reliving her life, she keeps remembering the hard parts All the times where life was beating her up and where she was losing But then each of those memories always end with Jenny getting past the troubles and surviving Exactly what she is trying to do in the basement The details of the past are slowly revealed while giving us hope for the future I absolutely found myself hoping and caring for Jenny as she went through her struggles They were very real to me Well, being locked in a lightless basement with no memory of how I got there might be a bit harder to accept but the rest of her life provided reality It s what made her current situation that much dire And in this case, the story stays true all the way to the very end, making a great book even better Highly recommended. What s in YOUR darkness The first time I met Kelli Owen at the Horrorfind convention a few years ago, this is how she inscribed my copy of SIX DAYS These four words perfectly summarize the plight of Jenny Schultz, the protagonist and apparanent victim of a random kidnappingor was this whole thing planned out and perpetrated by someone Jenny knows, someone she trusts These are but a few of the questions Jenny faces as she finds herself trapped in a dark, dank basement where at least one other prisoner was kept for six days But what happens on the seventh day The brilliance and suspense of this novel is derived not from the present situation, but from specters of Jenny s past A bout of crippling depression An unexpected pregnancy A divorce A horrific car accident A mysterious new boyfriend with a clouded past As Jenny confronts these demons in her memory, trying desperately to figure out who would want her to endure the suffering and torture in the basement, with seemingly no hope of escape, time is running out.Call it psychological horror, call it a first rate thriller I ll just call it one of the best first novels I ve ever read, and I think you will too. A woman wakes up in a pitch black cavern with no memory of when or how she arrived She feels her way around her bleak surroundings in search of clues, escape, hope, but instead encounters an ominous omen Scratched into the wall she finds six hash marks six days to live Using senses other than sight, she is forced navigate this physical prison and the prison in her own mind in hopes of finding an escape before the seventh day arrives. Wie kam ich zu dem Buch Ich habe das Buch bei einer Buchverlosung gewonnen.Cover Das Gesicht der Frau und die d monischen H nde, die ihr den Mund zuhalten wirkt gruselig Auch ist es sehr d ster und ich konnte es gleich als Thriller erkennen.Inhalt Jenny wacht in einem Keller auf Es ist stockdunkel und sie wei weder wer sie hingebracht hat, noch warum sie hergebracht wurde Wie Kann sie entkommen Meine Meinung Allein als ich den Klappentext gelesen habe, habe ich mich schon in das Buch verliebt Leider ebbte das ganze schnell ab Das Buch ist durchzogen mit R ckblenden, die oft sehr langatmig und unbedeutend f r ihre aktuelle Situation waren Die R ckblenden berwogen die aktuelle Situation Ich finde man h tte mehr auf den Hunger, den Durst und generell das Gef hl eingehen k nnen, wenn man sich in einem abgeschlossenen lautlosen Raum befindet Gab es nicht aktuelle Studien, die belegen, dass man dann Pfeift ne h rt, da der Kopf Ger usche simuliert Die Situation im Keller h tte besser ausgearbeitet und in den Vordergrund ger ckt werden k nnen Das Ende war dann etwas besser geschrieben, leider konnte es den Rest des Buches nicht retten Jenny ist eine Person, die berm ig viele Schicksalsschl ge erlebt hat Sie nimmt die Situation in ihrem Gef ngnis berm ig gut auf und ger t so gut wie garnicht in Panik zumindest ist es nicht sp rbar Mit der Zeit flacht ihr Stolz und ihre Selbstsicherheit ein wenig ab, kommt aber schnell wieder Ihre Gef hle und Gedanken in den R ckblenden wurden besser ausgearbeitet als die in der Gegenwart Ich konnte mich leider nicht wirklich in sie hineinversetzen.Schreibstil Die Autorin hat Potential Situationen gut zu beschreiben Leider kam dies bei Sechs Tage nur bedingt r ber Das Hauptaugenmerk lag auf den R ckblenden, die sehr detailreich beschrieben wurden Leider wurde das Ganze dadurch langatmig und wenig spannend Die Gef hle und Gedanken in der Gef ngnis Situation wurden nur wenig beschrieben und somit konnte es mich wenig mitrei en Es kamen spannende Situationen, diese flachten aber gleich wieder ab Wenn das ganze Buch im Stil der letzten 2 Kapitel geschrieben gewesen w re, w re es besser gewesen Das Ende war spannend und mitrei end, der Schreibstil hier kam mir anders vor als der Rest des Buches Hier gab es Nervenkitzel, den es zuvor nicht gab.Pers nliche Gesamtbewertung Super Story, aus der leider nicht wirklich was gemacht wurde Die psychischen und physischen Belastungen w hrend der Gef ngnis Situation h tten besser recherchiert und ausgearbeitet werden m ssen Leider konnte mich das Buch nicht ganz berzeugen, auch wenn die Idee dahinter super war Wegen des guten Endes gibt s 2 von 5 Sternen, ich w rde das Buch wenn berhaupt Thriller Neulingen empfehlen, da es nur wenige Nervenkitzel Momente enth lt Das Buch enth lt gef hlt mehr Drama Bestandteile als Thriller Elemente {Download} ⚡ Six Days Ô Jenny Schultz Wakes Trapped In A Pitch Black Basement With No Recollection Of How She Got There With No Outside Stimuli, Jenny Naturally Turns Inward And Revisits Her Guilt Ridden Past, Desperate To Figure Out Which Wronged Person Would Be Angry Enough, Evil Enough, To Do This To Her She Must Survive Her Own Demons, And Then Time Itself When She Finds Remnants Of Previous Captives A Plate, A Tooth, A Bone Scratched Hashmarks In The Stone Walls Around Her, Leave Her To Wonder What Happens Next What Happens After Six Days Maelstrom Volume , Book Kelli Owen s debut is certainly an impressive one Some might feel details are overwritten here and there, but her consistency and restraint kept me hooked throughout The narrative uses the Lost television show s technique of constantly flashing back to fill in the holes and build a fully formed main character This was a smart choice and a much needed touch away from the oppressive darkness where most of the story takes place This psychological tale is fairly unique due to its minimalistic approach Without giving anything away, lets just say there are very few characters in the present day storyline, a refreshing change to what I ve read before.I really enjoyed Owen s decision to allow Jenny s character to make believable choices and not what you might expect from a horror movie bimbo or to serve a predetermined cliched plot point The choices and thought process she makes are what I imagine a real survivor might go through Totally believable and utterly convincing 99% of this novel is quite excellent, but I did have an issue with the incredibly abrupt ending I even went back three or four times to make sure I had not accidentally skipped a page or two The way the ending was written was just not consistent with the pacing and tone of the rest of the book But regardless, this strong debut will have me seeking out of Owen s work.