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My friend Erin gave me this movie for Christmas when we were in high school At some point, I learned it was a novel first and I ve wanted to read it ever since Last spring, I ran across a copy at a thrift store and this month, my book club decided to read it together At first I wasn t sure what to think I ve watched the movie so many times that there wasn t much going on in the book that came as a surprise The plot and characters were simple and predictable The bad guys were deplorable and the good ones were angelic I put it aside to read other thingsThen, I picked it back up and flew through the second half In those pages, something happened I began to appreciate the depth of motives and thoughts that Alcott understood as she proved in the lines she gave to several of the characters It s been said that she was 17 when she wrote this It shows at times, but at other times, it reminds us that age truly is only a number The last chapter alone is beautiful It bumped it up to a four star book for me No spoilers, but there couldn t be a better ending I ll say thisIt s better than the ways Austen tied up both P P and Persuasion Get yourselfva copy of this little novel Read it, enjoy it, and tell your friends about it Oh, and THEN watch the movie April Mayish I love all of the Little Women books, so I was excited to read Louisa May Alcott s first novel The ONLY reason this book gets two stars is because it was written by a seventeen year old girl.I have never liked Jane Austen, and this was like the worst Jane Austen fanfic ever.Edith, our heroine, is the most beautiful, perfect, sweet, gentle, selfless character ever devised She has zero faults She even loves the people who hate her She cries silent, bright tears when her fragile emotions are hurt, but she never lets anyone see I was picturing her as a dark haired Cinderella I told my husband that she probably farts butterflies For god s sake, she sneaks off to cheer sick people She saved Amy from falling off a cliff, then sadly realizes she has to leave her scarf dangling from a tree because they have to get Amy back to the house Not because it s too dangerous to go get it, mind you, but that they don t have TIME Lord Percy also has no faults, to the point that Edith s other suitor is practically demonized for expressing his feelings Percy never intends really to tell Edith he loves her They both walk around in a selfless daze helping the poor and pretending not to like each other.Amy is a goofball A kind, sympathetic, loveable goofball.Lady Ida is as one dimensional as the rest, but even she feels guilty for hating such a kind, sweet creature as Edith.All of the incidental characters rave over how lovely and giving she is It made me want to vomit Midway through the book, I started to root for Lady Ida.And, of course, poor, rankless Edith turns out to be the unknown daughter, making her the heiress, but because she is so kind and gentle, she attempts to destroy all evidence of it so that the others will never know, so she can save them pain.Ugh.As I said, this book only gets two stars because Alcott wrote it as a teenager, and it was her first book Otherwise, it would be little better than Twilight. READ EPUB ☥ The Inheritance ♗ Here At Last Is The Book Jo Wrote Generations Of Fans Have Longed To Plumb That First Romance, Hinted At So Captivatingly On The Pages Of Little Women, Alcott S Autobiographical Classic Now After Nearly One Hundred Fifty Years Spent Among Archived Family Documents, Louisa May Alcott S Debut Novel Finally Reaches Its Eager PublicSet In An English Country Manor, The Story Follows The Turbulent Fortunes Of Edith Adelon, An Impoverished Italian Orphan Whose Loyalty And Beauty Win Her The Patronage Of Wealthy Friends Until A Jealous Rival Contrives To Rob Her Of Her Position In The Locket Around Her Neck, She Carries A Deep Secret About Her Natural Birthright But An Even Greater Truth Lies Hidden In Edith S Heart Her Deep Reverence For The Kind And Noble Lord Percy, The Only Friend Who Can Save Her From The Deceitful, Envious Machinations Of Lady IdaReminiscent Of Jane Austen In Its Charms, This Chaste But Stirringly Passionate Novel Affirms The Conquering Power Of Both Love And Courtesy For The Generations Who Grew Up Alongside Jo, Meg, Beth, And Amy, A Rich Literary Inheritance Is Restored At Last Throughly enjoyable This was my first Allcot and I was given it for Christmas by a wonderful friend and I am so glad she did The hero who was so kind and loving and caring The heroine was sweet and the whole story was delightful There were some very dislikable characters who had me shouting at the book and some bubbly characters who were great to read about There were a few events in the plot that were left hanging or that seemed to sort themselves out rather quickly but it didn t matter she was only 17 when she wrote this I would not be able to do anything half so good as this It is a sweet, lovely story written by seventeen year old girl Louisa May Alcott was a wise and observant writer from the beginning Her first novel isn t very subtle Mostly it is a love story and the story about how much a human needs another human to love It is rather easy to predict save one surprising event Nonetheless, I have had a nice time like I was listening a pretty, enjoyable melody The melody I was hearing for the first time although her familiarity have warmed my heart Perhaps, this book simply touches our purest needs, dreams and faith in a human being. From IMDb At the lush Evenswood estate in Concord, Massachusetts, Edith Adelon, a beautiful orphan, lives as the paid companion to the daughter of the wealthy Hamilton family, although they regard her as one of their own Years ago, Henry Hamilton saved Edith from an Italian orphanage at the request of his long deceased brother Now, Edith is his daughter Amy s prized friend and confidante As the Hamiltons await a trio of visitors for the annual Greens Cup horse race, Beatrice Hamilton asks for Edith s help in finding a suitable husband for a cousin, Ida Glenshaw, with one of two visiting eligible bachelors But when it becomes clear that both the young men have affection for Edith and not Ida, jealousy soon develops, leading to malicious conniving and brutal backstabbing.A movie was made based on this book and it is available at YouTube.Believed to be the author s first work, written in 1849. una bella favola, al pari delle pi famose e classiche Una storia piacevole e che allieta il cuore. There are two of Louisa May Alcott s novels that were published posthumously much to the delight of her modern readers Both were released to the public in the 1990s ages after Louisa s death As I had read one of those novels last June during the L.M.A reading challenge A Long Fatal Love Chase , I decided to read the other title The Inheritance for this year s challenge.This one is, after all, Louisa s very first novel While she didn t get it published, it is something we can relish in now Perhaps the writing style has some ameteur moments, but I must say that it seems rather well put together It s a bit like seeing tidbits of the infancy of Little Women and that being one of my favorite classic novels, this excites me It is such a sweet story, with some quality morals filtered in We have good vs evil We have little twinges of romance We have a decadently British setting, with some Italian flair thrown in Plus a cast of peculiar characters akin to ones that Dickens himself might create All this from an American 17 year old who lived back in the 19th century Louisa had an amazing imagination, even when she d hardly begun piecing together stories.Edith Adelon is one of my favorite new heroines I adore her pure and pleasant spirit, and her servant s heart I say the latter not in regard to her position held in the Hamilton household, but spiritually, emotionally, in her she conducts her decisions She thrives by pleasing others And she is a lovely girl that anyone should be happy to call on as a friend.Minimum age to enjoy 10 to Adult.I m so glad that The Inheritance was located by just the right people, even so much time after Miss Alcott s death, and shared for the world to enjoy It is a pleasure to read This book was read during the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge found on Edith Adelon is comfortably provided for by her beloved friends, the Hamiltons, who, though she was but a lowly Italian orphan when they discovered her, have treated her with kindness and generosity than she could have ever hoped to claim from them The two young Hamiltons, Amy and Arthur, treat her as a beloved sister, and Lady Hamilton, though not as warm as her children, expresses a degree of affection that she deems stately The only member of the household who dislikes Edith is Cousin Ida who, scheming and ambitious herself, detests Edith s gentle, artless kindness.When Lord Percy arrives, Ida s passive dislike for Edith develops into outright hatred A selfless, noble man himself, he is attracted to Edith s character and awards her with his interest despite Ida s constant attempts to capture him for herself When Frederick Arlington arrives and is also captivated by Edith, who finds his heavy handed attention oppressive, Ida s rage heats to a boiling point.Will Edith s character be destroyed by Ida s machinations And when the secret of Edith s birth becomes known, will she be accepted for who she is Discussion.Quite by accident, I managed to read The Inheritance the day after I finished William Golding s Lord of the Flies The contrast between the two could not have been striking One was a masterful exposition of the deep horrors of human nature, forged in fire and written with rapier skill The other is an effusion of sentimental melodrama, bred on cotton candy and carnations and written with the clumsy hand of an obvious amateur One examined the depth of human depravity while the other boasted characters whose only thoughts were those of angelic purity Reading the two back to back was like stepping out of an oven into a refrigerator Simply shocking.Louisa May Alcott wrote this novel when she was seventeen I think it likely that her young age combined with her lack of experience as a writer, love of melodrama, and transcendentalist ideals are responsible for the simplistic characters she created in The Inheritance Because that is the single adjective which describes every element of the story simplicity Simplicity in plot Simplicity in theme And strongest of all, simplicity in character.Edith is beautiful, dark haired, and pale faced, with an angel s calm and almost holy beauty,shebore within as holy and as pure a heart gentle, true, and tender Few could bear the burden of a lonely life as patiently as she pg 14 Her bright eyes often fill with tears at the kindness or meanness of others, and she inspires instant admiration in all who see her She is described as one who bore so meekly all the sorrows that must try a gentle heart and was so rich in pure and sinless feelings and so beautiful in all a woman s noblest gifts pg 90 Lord Percy is a selfless, melancholic nobleman who, careless of the wealth and honor that might be his prized far the purity and worth of noble human hearts, little noting whether they beat in high or low He chiefly occupies his time admiring Edith s unquenchable virtues and defending or pitying her when anyone is unkind to her Formerly disappointed in love upon discovering that his younger brother loved the same woman as he he nobly put away his own joy and strove to win for his younger brother the heart he so tenderly loved himself um wot , he soon develops a most holy love for Edith, yet forbears from proposing to her lest he should wrong the friendship she so frankly gavehimifhecould pain her by vain offers of a love she never could return and by rank and riches that cannot buy a noble woman s heart pg 122 Also, His calm, pale face and serious eyes are far beautiful than mere comeliness and grace of form, for the pure, true heart within shines clearly out and gives quiet beauty to his face, such as few possess g 8 Added bonus, he is also tender as a woman Lady Ida, the only truly evil character, is beautiful, brilliant, proud, cold, and unmarried With a hilarious lack of self deception, she admits to Edith that she hates her because You Edith are young and lovely, and in spite of poverty and humble birth, you win respect and admiration from those above you When she perceives that Lord Percy and Frederick Arlington both admire Edith, she attempts to disparage Edith s character with a degree of clumsiness that would embarrass a half grown puppy Her disdainful dislike for Edith is so unskillfully displayed that everyone is able to see through her schemes and thus do not fall for them.Frederick Arlington is selfish, passionate, discontented and unreasonably attracted to Edith s selfless, meek, and unassuming character His selfish behavior consists of paying her unwanted attentions, bending admiring glances toward her blushing face, and declaring his love to her when she does not wish to hear it But even he feels the passion in his breast grow calm beneath the light of Lord Percy s sad, earnest eyes, and by the end of his story arc he feelsdeeply all the sorrow he had given and the tears his selfish passion caused Edith Uh huh Amy and Arthur are both amiable to a child like degree They, both beautiful and intelligent, are themselves happy and cannot imagine why anyone else would not be They look upon Edith as a sister, and the only times their anger is roused is when someone slights Edith.None of the characters undergo any kind of character development except Arlington he realizes he s annoying But, if you think about it, there was no way they could have grown could Edith progress beyond angelic calm and holy beauty Could Percy, of whom it is said few could lead so pure a life as he , really get any better The answer is no and so our characters, instead of overcoming interesting faults, instead must sadly languish under the faults of Lady Ida and Arlington.In fact, Alcott went so overboard in making Edith perfectly self sacrificial, that she actually made her contradictory In one scene, after Lady Ida has declared her hatred in response to Edith s plea for friendship, Edith responds, I have no other home but this and no friends to take me in or, much as I love Amy, I would leave her and trouble you no Edith said sadly pg 60 So, Edith just said she would leave Amy if another home was offered her right Right Fast forward eight pages to the moment that rich Lord Percy asks her to live as a companion with his aging mother and this is what we get Edith, while the bright tears lay upon her cheek, answered sadly, I am deeply grateful for this kindness, and were it not for Amy and the love and gratitude I owe her, I would gladly be to your mother as a faithful, loving child pg 68 In both situations Edith professed the most self sacrificial attitude available But in doing so, she contradicted herself with selflessness Agggggh Also difficult to comprehend is Lady Hamilton s attitude when money is stolen from her and Edith is accused of being the thief Lady Hamilton had previously stated that she regards Edith as a friend to whom I owe a debt that I never can repay and, as a small return for the precious life she saved, I shall do all I can to make her happy pg 58 , but when evidence provided by Lady Ida seems to indicate that that Edith is the thief, Lady Hamilton says, Yes, Edith, you have sinned past my forgiveness You have forfeited my love, my confidence, and my protection, for, in return for years of warm affection and most watchful care, you have repaid me by deceit and great ingratitude. pgs 150 151 When Edith protests that she did not steal the money, but cannot tell who she believes did steal it a bit of stupidity on her part, I grant , Lady Hamilton responds I can no longer give a home to one who thinks a promise given to screen guilt binding than the gratitude of years pg 157 But later, when a servant admits to stealing the money, Lady Hamilton expands, My poor boy, I do forgive you, led astray by others whom you trusted Tis an easy thing to sin Your youth and your repentance have won my pardon pg 164 So, let me get this straight When Ida, who everyone knows hates Edith, provides evidence against a beloved member of your household, you accept her testimony and prepare to evict the beloved member without mercy, but when an insignificant servant boy admits to the same crime, you graciously forgive and excuse him Good GRACIOUS.I may sound like I m coming down too hard on this story The truth is, it s harmless enough for young readers who want a bit of fairy tale fluff But it just doesn t have the vim to be considered classic literature.Conclusion Good for those interested in the works of Louisa May Alcott or for those looking for safe , sinless literature. In 1997, The Inheritance was made into a film and it s one of my favorites It s written by Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women.A 19th century woman Edith Adelon, companion to a blue blooded New England girl Miss Amy Hamilton, falls for an aristocrat, James Percy, but a jealous cousin to the family, a Ida Glenshaw, tries her best to destroy every chance poor Edith might have of winning James s heart