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Libro fresco e romantico, veloce da leggere Mi ha conquistata dalla prima all ultima pagina 5 stelline Gina and Zahir meet one night and come together in a night of devastating passion In the morning Zahir declares his feelings for Gina and asks her to stay However Gina cannot stay due to fear and needing to get to her mother whom is in the hospital.Zahir is bitter and miserable when Gina leaves His parents married for love and he wanted to do that as well for he loves Gina When he tries to contact Gina, she tells him it is over, leaving him evenmiserable So much so, he sends the royal jewel away.The jewel is sent straight to Gina of course, not necessarily intentional on Zahirs part but intentionally on the jewels part Finally Gina realizes that she has made a huge mistake not being with Zahir and puts in the effort to change it.This book is about loving, hurting and healing. #DOWNLOAD KINDLE Ù One Desert Night Ò The Coveted Heart Of Courage Jewel When Passed To Each Sheikh In The House Of Kazeem Khan Is Said To Guarantee Love But Sheikh Zahir Rejects This Legend After The Bitterness He S Suffered, He Sees Emotion And Marriage As Two Very Separate Things And Orders The Jewel Be Sold It S Down To Historian Gina Collins To Handle The Rare Artifact Returning To The Desert Plains Of Kabuyadir, She Is Horrified To Realize Her Mysterious New Client Is The Man Who Gave Her One Earth Shattering Night Years AgoCould There Be Truth In The Legend After All Gina Zahir both meet and give into attraction and spent a night together,Gina is to leave in the morning her mother is in hospital,both still go ahead and they both feel the connection and Zahir realises he has fallen for Gina,Gina leaves and Zahir calls and pleads her to come to him but she refuses him and says no its over Zahir turns bitter cause he literally begged her but she so cruelly threw it back to his face and Zahir s parents married for love and were totally in love with each other then Zahir s father passes away,Zahir sees how his mother goes through pain and thinks its cause of love,Love only brings pain and hurt and then there s Gina who refuses and hurted him so badly so he has made his mind he will not fall in love again and risk his heart and emotions yet againAfter 3 years Zahir s sister loses her husband Azhar and she is in so much pain and she has lost her smile and willingness to live which again hardens his heart against love then Gina comes back into his life but he has decided to marry for convenience not for loveGina now feels she made a mistake by refusing Zahir and losing one n only chance to find love n happiness and now that she has seen Zahir back again she wants to try this second chance at happiness.From then Zahir Gina start their journey towards love and HEAOkay read Un romance r pido de leer. Love this book really good read Talk about love at first sight Zahir Gina that s true love. Starts when he finds her crying in courtyard because her mother has taken ill and she has to return home They spend one night together and she leaves After her mom dies she refuses to return to him so she can concentrate on her career because it is what her mom wanted Three years later she returns to study the jewel The coveted Heart of Courage jewel when passed to each sheikh in the House of Kazeem Khan is said to guarantee love But Sheikh Zahir rejects this legend After the bitterness he s suffered, he sees emotion and marriage as two very separate things and orders the jewel be sold It s down to historian Gina Collins to handle the rare artifact Returning to the desert plains of Kabuyadir, she is horrified to realize her mysterious new client is the man who gave her one earth shattering night years ago.Could there be truth in the legend after all. Miniseries One Night In Sheikh Zahir academic Gina spend a passionate night together but in the morning she leaves his country and goes back to England Zahir who is smitten with her, calls and begs her to come back to him but Gina rejects him Now 3 years later Gina is back in the desert and is shocked to realize her new client is the man who stole her heart that night She aches to make things right between them but how After Gina s abandonment Zahir has turned into a bitter man, afraid of trusting and falling in love again This was a nice read The H is a big softie once he falls hard for the h and it s just so sweet that he never got over her Heroine has lots of regrets and made a mistake in letting her man go but you could tell she loved her kindhearted Sheikh Heart warming, charming and romantic story. This was a very enjoyable read The author seemed to have a good understanding of the area of the world she was writing about That was a huge plus Zahir is a strong, imposing, fabulous man who falls in love with Gina, a doctor of ancient artefacts The thing I loved about him was that he knew right from the beginning that Gina was the one and wasn t afraid to express this to her Gina is a very likeable heroine She is vulnerable yet strong and highly intelligent Of course there is the conflict that can pull them apart and almost does and I looked forward to reading how it would all work out An enjoyable read.