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It is an excellent book The narrative is on a whole new level of fluidity, musicality and excellence The way Quan deals with the erotica, though, is too suggestive I ve always despised erotica and favoured pornography This is what I think if sex is as normal and natural as breaking fast, having brunch or a conversation with your mother, why suggest it instead of graphically showing it as you would a scene, for instance, of a boy eating cereal with milk But that s just me I cannot hold something so stupid against a book so wondrous and gorgeous and elegant as this My five stars and tip o the hat Hi Six Positions was my collection of gay erotica and sex writing, published through Green Candy Press Many of the stories appeared in the Best Gay Erotica series, as well as other anthologies in the USA, Canada and Europe If you grab a copy, I hope you enjoy it More information about the book and reviews up at my website at |DOWNLOAD EPUB ☦ Six Positions ♿ Written With A Poet S Sense Of Language And The Quirky Voice Of An Outsider Among Outsiders, Six Positions Takes The Reader On A Frank And Entertaining International Road Trip Of Clubs, Baths, And Sex Parties Subtly Exploring The Roots Of Fantasy, Insecurity, Stereotypes, And Attraction, Andy Quan Emerges As Plainly Comfortable With Himself, His Body, And His Identity As An Asian Man In The Notoriously Objectifying Gay Community This Level Of Comfort Shows In The Slyly Humorous Ways He Allows The Issue To Surface In These Narratives, Where Pickups Trawling For A Passive Geisha Often Get Than They Bargained For Whether Narrating The Course Of A Romantic Encounter Gone Bad, Detailing The Goings On At An Orgy, Or Smashing The Stereotype Of The Asian Boytoy, Six Positions Offers Fresh, Thoughtful, And Creative Considerations Of Gay Bodies And Acts, While Celebrating Determined And Unadulterated Sexual Desire