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"The person who gives first priority to the ears among the senses, who is primarily a hearing and listening individual, this person—we may logically conclude—will be much less aggressive than someone who perceives the world primarily and initially through the eyes. For that reason, the modern television culture is a breeding ground for aggressiveness. Day after day, in millions of middleclass living rooms, aggressions are being bred—with all the “nest warmth” that is necessary for breeding

Good grief.

Never does Berendt consider the perspective or even the existence of a deaf or hearingimpaired person. If sound IS life, what is the deaf person the walking dead?

the ruling eyepeople are trying to divert our weakened glance from the simple conclusive realization that arms lead to war

and he quotes:
"The eyes have become an Adolf Hitler"

Paranoid much?

I'm just going to go poke my eyeballs out with a tuning fork.

An interesting book until he starts his vulgar ranting about the evils of modern life. It cheapens the book and makes the author look just plain silly. Excuse me while I stumble back to my warm middleclass nest of aggression. In my cancerlike suburb.

P.S. "Epitome" is repeatedly spelled "Epitomy" in the book. I guess it works better as anaudio book. (See what I did there?) A mind blowing compendium of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Quantuum Mechanics,Maths, the physics of Sound and omnipresent Harmonic proportions.
Written by a musician practicing Buddhism, this book offers an experience as well as a powerful platform to revise our perception of Time and Space and Harmony.
The end is a lecture in details about the fusion of Jazz and Music from India and the spiritual aspects of that phenomena.

One of my favorites. It's a book I'm going to read over and over to get the most out of, but I can say this is one of them that allowed me to think about the world through sound, proportion, and unity as opposed to the conventional fragmented way we currently approach it.