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`Read E-pub ë Sleep æ Proven Solutions For A Better Night S Sleep, From The Sleep Guru To Elite Athletes Rest For Success In Work, Sports, And Life One Third Of Our Lives That S , Hours A Year Is Spent Trying To Sleep The Time We Spend In Bed Shapes Our Moods, Motivation, Alertness, Decision Making Skills, Reaction Time, Creativityin Short, Our Ability To Perform, Whether At Work, At Home, Or At Play But Most Of Us Have Disturbed, Restless Nights, Relying On Over Stimulation From Caffeine And Sugar To Drag Us Through The Day The Old Eight Hour Rule Just Doesn T Work, And It S Time For A New Approach Endorsed By Leading Professionals In Sports And Business, Sleep Shares A New Program To Be Your Personal Best Nick Littlehales Is The Leading Sport Sleep Coach To Some Of The Biggest Names In The Sporting World, Including Record Breaking Cyclists For British Cycling And Team Sky, International Soccer Teams, NBA And NFL Players, And Olympic And Paralympic Athletes Here, He Shares His Proven Strategies For Anyone To Use You Ll Learn How To Map Your Unique Sleep Cycle, Optimize Your Environment For Recovery, And Cope With The Demands Of This Fast Paced, Tech Driven World Listen To Sleep And Rest Your Way To A Confident, Successful, And Happier You Shockingly vacuous book Always been interested in learning about and improving my sleep, I bought it after listening to Aubrey Marcus plug it on the Tim Ferriss podcast The author offers no real insight into sleep that one with an 8th grade education and a passing interest in man s most time consuming function doesn t already possess The title is misleading and even the text itself contradicts the notion that 8 hours a night is a myth in fact, this is about right for most people The author repeatedly tries to sell these sleep kits he s put together throughout the book.Let me save you the time in buying and reading this garbage All the tips in this book are obvious Dark cool room, limit screen time before bed, naps are ok, your sleep occurs in cycles of about 90 minutes, try to get enough cycles per week duh. If you re looking for simple, straightforward advice for getting better sleep, this book is for you.I don t agree with the critical review that this book is shockingly empty If you re looking for a book that provides a very technical look at sleep, there are other options This book gives you specific strategies for better sleep that elite athletes use Sure, an 8th grader might know that caffeine will give you energy, but plenty of adults misuse it and simple advice about using caffeine to your advantage like a professional cyclist could be a game changer If you re struggling with sleep, pick up this book and put the principles into practice While the author does sell a sleep kit and mentions it repeatedly, it s never presented as a must have rather as a way of having a consistent sleeping surface Much of the valuable advice is in the first half of the book, but it s a relatively quick read that should help you look at sleep in a different light pun intended. If you re interested in sleeping better and taking your physical and mental performance to the next level, look no further.Nick Littlehales has coached some of the best athletes on the planet on how they can use sleep as a tool to enhance their recovery and thus perform better than their peers.In this book, he details the exact strategies you can use to sleep efficiently and effectively so you can look, feel and perform at your best.Forget about the 8 hours a night Nick shares a new flexible way of sleeping that utilises Controlled Recovery Times meaning you can actually sleep less at night, yet still perform Thank you for this Nick