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!Free Ebook ☪ The Babydust Method: A Guide to Conceiving a Girl or a Boy (English Edition) ♷ What If You Could Choose The Sex Of Your Baby There Are Many Existing Sex Selection Methods Out There, But Parents Have Come To Find Out That These Methods Are Confusing And UnreliableKathryn Taylor Introduces A Natural Sex Selection Approach Known As The Babydust Method, Which Is Based On The Latest Scientific Evidence This Book Details The Science Behind The Method, And Explains How You Can Dramatically Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving The Sex Of Your ChoiceThis Book Reveals The Flaws In The Shettles Method, O , Egg Polarity, PH, And Acidic Alkaline Ion Diets, And Offers A Brand New Approach Involving A Combination Of Precise Timing And Frequency That Has Been Proven To Work Based On Several Published Clinical StudiesKathryn Taylor Has A Bachelor Of Science In Microbiology, Immunology, And Molecular Genetics From UCLA, And A Master Of Arts In Teaching From USC She Has Worked At Several Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Companies, And Is A Mother Of A Boy First And A Girl Second, Just Like She Planned I give this book 3 stars for effort and for knowledge Unfortunately after following the book closely, we just found out that we are pregnant with our 3rd girl Realistically, despite the authors claims to high percentages swayed, I will listen to a real doctor from now on which the author is not and know that your chances are 50 50 Some may have gotten lucky using this method but if you want a sure thing I now believe only IVF with PGS can deliver that If you think you might be disappointed by a certain gender which is likely why you are looking into swaying then you need to look elsewhere. I am SO grateful I found this amazing gender sway method before trying for our last baby After 3 boys we finally got our baby girl Our oldest daughter has prayed and begged and patiently waited for a sister for almost 10 years I read this book over and over and followed it to a T, as well as actively participated in the awesome Babydust Method Facebook group super helpful I tracked my cycle for 3 months, then on the 4th month swayed for our girl, and it WORKED We just found out the gender last week and we are all smiles and happy tears in this house If you are interested in natural gender swaying, this method is scientifically proven to have a 94% success rate I keep seeing all the other success stories on the facebook page that has thousands of members Be sure to read the book several times, use the Babydust Method LH Ovulation test strips, and follow the method to a T You will be so happy you did Thank you, thank you Babydust Method for helping us get this miracle for our family. I love the science behind this After 3 girls my husband and I wanted to try one time for a boy We would of been happy either way but we were definitely praying for a boy to close this chapter in our lives We followed the very simple instructions and 2 weeks ago we found out we are expecting our first son Highly recommend this book to couples. I purchased this book in the summer and after reading it a few times My husband and I decided to try it out I bought the LH strips needed to help me track my period for 3 months and nailed it the first time we tried On Jan 10, we had a gender reveal dinner and it was confimred the method worked for us After 3 healthy boys we are expecting our little girl in July I highly recommend buying the book it is very informative, easy to read and follow Baby Dust Method my family and I can not thank you enough for helping us make our dream come true Can not wait to hold Emily Rose in our arms Good Luck and baby dust to you all.