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An honest credible look at a major figure of 19th century lore the western frontier Many anecdotal remembrances of people who personally knew and relied upon this mountainman scout The legend comes alive through the eyes of those who rode beside him. Download ☹ Jim Bridger "The Grand Old Manof the Rockies" (1922) (English Edition) ♷ Jim Bridger May Be Most Famous For Being, As A Youth, One Of The Two Mountain Men Who Abandoned Famed Trapper Hugh Glass After He Had Been Mauled By A Grizzly Bear It Was Hugh S Thoughts Of Revenge For This Abandonment That Fueled His Recovery And Eventual Tracking Down Of The Young BridgerJames Bridger, Known As Jim Bridger , Was Among The Foremost Mountain Men, Trappers, Scouts And Guides Who Explored And Trapped The Western United States During The Decades Of , As Well As Mediating Between Native Tribes And Encroaching Whites From Inside The Book The Western Plains And Mountains Brought Forth Thousands Of Men Noted For Their Valor, Bravery, Daring, Sagacity, Woodcraft, Frontiersmanship And Skill In Guiding Wagon Trains And Military Expeditions Across The Trackless Prairie And Barren Desert And Through Snow Capped Mountain Fastnesses On The Way To The Land Of Gold Beyond The Setting Sun, Or In Trailing And Bringing To Bay The Savage Hordes That Sternly Fought The Advances Of Civilization But Among Those Dauntless Spirits There Was One Who Stood Head And Shoulders Above All Others As The Greatest Scout, Trapper And Guide, The Most Skilled Frontiersman, And The Quietest, Most Modest And Unassuming Prairie Man In All The West That Person Was James Bridger, Major Bridger, Or, As He Was Commonly And Familiarly Known, Old Jim Bridger, The Grand Old Man Of The Rockies No History Of The American Western Frontier Would Be Complete Without A Sketch Of The Life Of This Remarkable Man I have been in Fort Bridger a number if times and had heard of the man, and his name comes up in the many other historical books of the West I have read He is an icon of the West and thought I enjoyed the book my value of the man greatly decreased He had an abnormal dislike of the Indians, who had a great respect for him, and used his knowledge and friendship with the Indians to help destroy them Though he disliked the Indians so much he married three Indian women the first two died young So, the book, though worth reading, did not help the iconic image of Jim. I read this after being inspired to read several frontier mountain man books after seeing and reading the most recent THE REVENANT I didn t like how the recent book played down the story of Jim Bridger and made him merely a side kick to the tale He was surely a bigger player in the west.This book is the story that puts Jim out to the masses and made his legend known Maybe there is some false swagger added to his tale, but alas don t all of these mountain man books do that for their main character I enjoyed this book and recommend it to you and all who seek stories of the mountains and the men who lived their lives in them. I wanted to learn about Jim Bridger, one the West s great legends This short book gives the reader information about his life, experiences, etc in the West As with most Western legends, not a lot is known his daily life, but only general facts and overviews are known and are given in the book This book satisfied my desire to learn about Jim Bridger.