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Every word written by Michaela Angemeer is so purposeful and full of life The book is a much needed reminder that it s okay to embrace your emotions and what makes you who you are She bravely and intentionally weaves together her own experiences while using the details to reach out to the reader, making it part of their experience as well It s a captivating, emotional read from beginning to end.I had such high expectations for this book and somehow she still exceeded every one of them Such an amazing writer and artist Looking forward to what comes next To put it briefly, the read was alright A lot of the poems felt cheesy and forced. Her debut book of poetry has great depth of emotion Her poetry is fabulous, so relatable, so precise, so human, a must read The grieving, the loss, the letting go of love then to heal from the heartaches of living in this brief space of time we have Truly touching words, I loved every page, I look forward to another book from her My faves are on pages 83,84,87,134 146. This is a bit of a different vibe from the author s Instagram posts which by the way was how I found out about her Accidentally Pleasantly in that it takes you into a deeper dive in between the crevices of her poetry There is a timeline and chronology of events There is a narrative to how her pieces came to be, and it is wonderful, eye opening, and most of all, relatable.Her wordplay is intricate as it is simple, a great balance of the two artistic moods.This poetry collection forces you to grapple on its symmetry to your own experience, be it in the past or now without drowning you with big words for the sake of aesthetics And that is how Michaela does it.And that is why you shouldn t skip this read.. `Download Book ⇳ When He Leaves You ☠ When He Leaves You Is A Collection Of Short Poetry And Prose, Biopsied With Tears And Red Wine It Dives Into Themes Of Love, Loss, A Connection To Water, And Never Forgetting What It Means To Be Alive Separated Into Six Sections Childhood, Him, Everything Is You, Over, Repairing, And Perspective, It Takes You On A Journey To Find A New Outlook