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I m a fan of Don Miguel Ruiz and have found his works to be fundamental in shifting my mentality and thought processes These cards add to that as a daily inspiration when words from the book don t come to me I like to pick a card each day to focus on, and it s become a great, healthy habit I look forward to. #Read Book ¹ Four Agreements Cards õ Based On Don Miguel Ruizs New York Times Bestselling Book, The Four Agreements, TheCards In This Deck Provide A Simple Yet Powerful Code Of Conduct For Attaining Personal Freedom And True Happiness There AreCards Corresponding To Each Of The Four AgreementsBe Impeccable With Your WordDont Take Anything PersonallyDont Make Assumptions AndAlways Do Your Best These Cards Will Help You Transform Your Life As You Recover The Awareness And Wisdom Of Your Authentic Self This tiny book contains very powerful messages As obscure as the Toltecs were, their philosophy is very relevant in our modern world in which we understand that acceptance of ourselves is a prerequisite to accepting others It is fundamental to all modern theories about how to react with others Care for yourself with loving arms, and you will love others. Should be required reading in junior high and high school It s not about how the book is written, it s about the message Clear Clean Truthful Useful Brilliant Simple Form a study group and have a good discussion about all four agreements and about how we trip ourselves It s so valuable. If you have read The Four Agreements and want to keep those principles close at hand, this is a great way to do it Simple and to the point cards with concepts and ideas from the book I put a couple on my bathroom mirror and change them up every so often I love that some of them speak to meloudly at times than others This way I can pick the messages I need the most at the time If you have not read the book, I would not recommend buying these Some of them wouldn t make sense without having read the book So read the book first and then buy these I love this little box I use it in my first grade classroom every day While the language is a bit over their head, we can paraphrase, and it gives us an opportunity to learnadvanced vocabulary And they enjoy looking at the art and discussing symbolism We have adopted the Four Agreements as part of our rules, and it is amazing the impact these simple lessons have on small children At the end of one year, a little girl wrote me a letter, telling me that what she would remember the most from first grade was that I taught her how to be a good friend I hope they remember the lessons when they leave my classroom