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As very good mystery at heart and a page turner. I enjoyed the game Miranda had to decipher through books though I never would have been able to do that. A very good read. Characters unconvincing. Light reading which kept me entertained. There were characters to like, to dislike.Sometimes, I felt a little frustrated with literary references I didn't understand but it didn't destroy my enjoyment of the book. For anyone who likes riddles solving riddles, the book is fun. Excellent This is a book for everyone who loves bookswho loves the written word and the power of the written word. I sincerely hope there will always be bookshopswe need them and we need to support them and we need to ensure every community has a bookshop to bind it. This is a beautiful story of love and family lost and foundand the importance of good books leading the way to solutions for our problems. Books are the best medicine. This was a long book, which was good and bad, bad because you wanted to just keep reading and it gobbled up the hours! I loved the scavenger hunt and wondered where it would lead next.There were times it was a little lengthy in detail too, but I didn’t skip much.I loved the whole concept of the story, what I didn’t
like was the attitude of Miranda at times , who seems so outraged that life didn’t didn’t seem to go the way she wanted, and was angry because people had kept their promise to Uncle Billy.I also didn’t like the way when she sat down with her Mom who revealed more of the past, that it was written with Miranda telling the story when she was actually a baby then and wouldn’t have known. Would have been better if told by her Mother as if talking to her.But all in all it was in many ways captivating and well worth the read. “Understanding prepares us for the future.” (Quotation pos. 433)

When she was a child, Miranda Brooks loved it, when her Uncle Billy took her to his bookshop “Prospero Books”. The last time she saw him was on her twelfth birthday. After a serious argument with her mother, his sister, he just disappeared. After sixteen years, she gets a package with the book “The Tempest” inside. The same evening her mother tells her that Uncle Billy had died. He has left his bookshop to Miranda. She returns to Prospero Books, also to find out what had happened twelve years ago that had made Billy leave …

Theme and genre:
It is not only a story about reading, books (especially Shakespeare “The Tempest”) and the problems of independent bookstores, but about family and hidden secrets, lies and the importance to talk to one another.

Miranda is a history teacher when she inherits Prospero Books and hopes to save it and not to have to close it down. She is a quite pleasant main character, but during the story going on, she got just too stubborn about the family secrets. Especially her conduct towards her mother was just too much drama for me and not understandable for a grownup person. While Malcolm, the manager of the bookstore and the regular visitors of the store and included café are interesting and likeable.

Plot and writing:
The story is written in the first person, told by Miranda. There are some flashbacks included directly into to story, where necessary for better understanding. The family secret is slowly revealed during the plot and that makes the story interesting and gripping, even if the reader at a certain point might guess the truth. I definitely have enjoyed the parts about literature and books.

A finespun plot and gripping story about literature and family secrets buried in the past. Although not always happy with the main character, I really did enjoy the story that gives the reader some pleasant, entertaining reading hours. Easy read, yet captivating, with many emotional ups and downs. Trying to solve the mystery of one’s roots I found very intriguing. Afraid this bored me and I didn’t feel connected or concerned about any of the characters . Persevered until the end but not my favourite read . Shame as idea had potential. ^READ EPUB ✒ The Bookshop of Yesterdays ⇜ THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERBest Books Of SummerSelection By Philadelphia Inquirer And Library Journal"Part Mystery And Part Drama, Meyerson Uses A Complex Family Dynamic In The Bookshop Of Yesterdays To Spotlight The Importance Of Truth And Our Need For Forgiveness" Associated PressA Woman Inherits A Beloved Bookstore And Sets Forth On A Journey Of Selfdiscovery In This Poignant Debut About Family, Forgiveness And A Love Of ReadingMiranda Brooks Grew Up In The Stacks Of Her Eccentric Uncle Billy's Bookstore, Solving The Inventive Scavenger Hunts He Created Just For Her But On Miranda's Twelfth Birthday, Billy Has A Mysterious Fallingout With Her Mother And Suddenly Disappears From Miranda's Life She Doesn't Hear From Him Again Until Sixteen Years Later When She Receives Unexpected News: Billy Has Died And Left Her Prospero Books, Which Is Teetering On Bankruptcyand One Final Scavenger HuntWhen Miranda Returns Home To Los Angeles And To Prospero Booksnow As Its Ownershe Finds Clues That Billy Has Hidden For Her Inside Novels On The Store's Shelves, In Locked Drawers Of His Apartment Upstairs, In The Name Of The Store Itself Miranda Becomes Determined To Save Prospero Books And To Solve Billy's Last Scavenger Hunt She Soon Finds Herself Drawn Into A Journey Where She Meets People From Billy's Past, People Whose Stories Reveal A History That Miranda's Mother Has Kept Hiddenand The Terrible Secret That Tore Her Family ApartBighearted And Trenchantly Observant, The Bookshop Of Yesterdays Is A Lyrical Story Of Family, Love And The Healing Power Of Community It's A Love Letter To Reading And Bookstores, And A Testament To How Our Histories Shape Who We Become