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!Read ☢ Nine Essential Things I've Learned About Life ♻ From The Beloved Author Of When Bad Things Happen To Good People, Deeply Moving And Illuminating Reflections On What It Means To Live A Good Life As A Congregational Rabbi For Half A Century And The Best Selling Author Of Twelve Books On Faith, Ethics, And How To Apply The Timeless Wisdom Of Religious Thought To Everyday Challenges, Rabbi Harold S Kushner Has Demonstrated Time And Again His Understanding Of The Human Spirit In This Compassionate New Work, His Most Personal Since When Bad Things Happen To Good People, Kushner Relates How His Time As A Twenty First Century Rabbi Has Shaped His Senses Of Religion And Morality He Elicits Nine Essential Lessons From The Sum Of His Teaching, Study, And Experience, Offering A Lifetimes Worth Of Spiritual Food For Thought, Pragmatic Advice, Inspiration For A Fulfilling Life, And Strength For Trying Times With Fresh, Vital Insight Into Belief There Is No Commandment In Judaism To Believe In God , Conscience The Garden Of Eden Story As Youve Never Heard It , And Mercy Forgiveness Is A Favor You Do Yourself, Not An Undeserved Gesture To The Person Who Hurt You , Grounded In Kushner S Brilliant Readings Of Scripture, History, And Popular Culture, Nine Essential Things Ive Learned About Life Is Compulsory Reading From One Of Modern Judaisms Foremost Sages Distilling The Wisdom Of An Extraordinary Career, This Profoundly Inspiring Yet Practical Guide To Well Being Is Truly The Capstone To Kushners Luminous Oeuvre Being a Muslim and born in a society as tribal as Pakistan, I believe I learned to accept many things as God s will but this book changed my thinking The world doesn t have to be like it is and it is our desire, wish and effort to make it a better place that belief is all about It is not if we believe in God, it is if we trust God and ourselves that together we make lives of people around us worth living. Well, this is the second book of Harold Kushner s that I ve read after recently reading Living a Life that Matters , which I though was really good This book took a lot of the wind out of my sails for Harold Kushner, though I found it tough to get through Almost any book I finish will get three stars from me I ll stop reading a book if it s not at least three star good This book was barely that for me I think the only reason I made it through was because I thought so highly of the book I read first If you want to read something by Harold Kushner, buy that book I wouldn t say I d give this book a strong recommendation Really bogged down, and I found it pretty disappointing by comparison I can t even think of a specific thing to comment on about this book When I got done I found myself thinking, how did I make it all the way through this book All that being said, there were some decent enough moments Just not enough, and most anything decent was in the first half of the book for me An excellent book about the truly important things in life Rabbi Kushner nails it exactly, especially if you are Christian He gets down to the roots of the Judeo Christian beliefs as they probably originated and discards the concepts that have been added over the last 2000 years that detract from the usual, exclusive interpretation. This is the first book that I ve read by Harold Kushner and I would love to read Any book that reminds me to trust in God is a winner This was an insightful and comforting read I would recommend it to anyone who is going through challenging times I imagine that all his books are this way.I highlighted so many quotes that I loved and there are so many gems in this book Here are just a few It isn t God s job to make sick people healthy That s the doctors job God s job is to make sick people brave, and in my experience, that s something God does really well Prayer, as I understand it, is not a matter of begging or bargaining It is the act of inviting God into our lives so that, with God s help, we will be strong enough to resist temptation and resilient enough not to be destroyed by life s unfairness God s role is not to make our lives easier, to make the hard things go away, or to do them for us God s role is to give us the vision to know what we need to do, to bless us with the qualities of soul that we will need in order to do them ourselves, no matter how hard they may be, and to accompany us on that journey The truth is, life is unfair, and we would do well to come to terms with that fact Boorish people are blessed with athletic or musical skills that qualify them to earn money in a year than many of us will earn in our lifetime Saintly people are struck down by disease before they can use their gifts to help others The task of religion is not to teach us to bow our heads and accept God s inscrutable will It is to help us find the resources to live meaningfully and to go on believing, even in a world where people often don t get what they deserve.